Aria (disambiguation)

Aria (disambiguation)

An aria is a self contained expressive melody for one voice usually with orchestral accompaniment.

Aria may also refer to:

* Aria, Navarre, a municipality in the autonomous community of Navarre, Spain
* A settlement in the List of settlements in the Argolis prefecture of Greece
* a tribe of the Scythians
* Aria (satrapy) is the old Latin name for Ariana/Aryana, the area around Herat, in northwest Afghanistan
* Herat, Afghanistan, classically called the Aria
* A locality in the North Island of New Zealand
* "Aria", a subgenus in "Sorbus"
* The ARIA Resort & Casino, under construction in the Las Vegas Strip

*Aria Giovanni, nude model
*Oscar Arias, President of Costa Rica
*Alex Arias, a former MLB infielder

In music:
*Aria (band), a Russian heavy metal band
*Aria C Jalali!, a San Francisco based singer and his band
*Café del Mar Aria, an operatic ambient/dance music project of Paul Schwartz
*ARIA, a Japanese pop artist signed to the Rhythm Zone label
*"Aria", a song by Delerium
*"Aria", a song by Mauro Picotto
*"Aria Galactica", an unreleased album by The Kovenant
*"Aria (album)", an album by Asia
*"Aria", a song by Greek composer Yanni

In computing:
*Aria (software), a free download manager for Unix-like operating systems
*ARIA (cipher), a Korean standard block cipher
*WAI-ARIA, Web Accessibility Initiative for Accessible Rich Internet Applications. A specification that defines how to make more advanced features of dynamic content and rich internet applications accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.

In comics:
*"Aria" (comic) is an American comic by Brian Holguin and Jay Anacleto.
*"Aria" (Belgian comic) is a Belgian comic by Michel Weyland.
*"Aria" (manga) is a Japanese manga and anime created by Kozue Amano.

In popular culture:
*"Aria" (film), a 1987 film collaboration from 10 directors
*Aria, the name of a character from the Japanese video game and anime series "Sister Princess"
*"", the name of a role-playing game created by Last Unicorn Games
*Aria (Beanie Baby), a Beanie Baby cat

*Aeroflot Russian International Airlines, the biggest airline in Russia.
*Aria (airline), an airline based in Mulhouse, France
*Aria Air, an airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
*Aria Nightclub, an afterhours nightclub located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
*Aria (guitar company), a manufacturer of guitars

ARIA may be an acronym for:
*Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft (or Apollo Range Instrumentation Aircraft), a modified C-135 Stratolifter cargo aircraft that provided tracking and telemetry information to support the US space program in the late 1960s and early 1970s
*Alliance for the Rebirth of an Independent America
*Australian Recording Industry Association, a trade group representing the Australian recording industry. It oversees the collection, administration and distribution of music licenses and royalties
**ARIA Charts
*Australian Reward Investment Alliance, a superannuation trustee for Australian Government employees.
*American Risk and Insurance Association

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