Air (disambiguation)

Air (disambiguation)

Air is that part of Earth's atmosphere that humans "breathe" and as such one of the four classical elements.

Air may also refer to:


* Air (music), French for "aria", various song-like vocal or instrumental compositions
** "Air on the G String", the most notable and famous version of these songs
* Air de cour, secular vocal music in France in the late Renaissance and early Baroque period


* "Air" (album), the debut album of the band Agua de Annique


* Air (band), a French electronic music duo
* Air (Japanese band), a Japanese band
* Air (jazz group), a jazz trio founded in 1971


* "Air" (novel), a novel by Geoff Ryman
* "Air" (comics), a comic book series published by the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics


* "Air" (1977 video game), an air combat based mainframe computer game
* "Air" (visual novel), a 2000 Japanese visual novel:*Air (film), an adaptation of the visual novel:*Air (anime), an anime adaption


* MacBook Air, an Apple laptop
* Air (roller coaster), a flying roller coaster at Alton Towers theme park in the United Kingdom
* A range of snowboarding tricks consisting of a jump without rotation
* Aïr Mountains, a massif in northern Niger
* Air conditioning, any form of cooling, heating, ventilation or disinfection that modifies the condition of air
* Air, a common colloquialism for a Broadcast
* Air Jordan, a popular brand of basketball shoes

AIR may refer to:

*Atmospheric Isotope Reservoir, a stable isotope standard to compare 15N/14N isotopes in permille (‰).
*Adobe Integrated Runtime, a cross-platform runtime environment for building rich Internet applications.
*AIR (nightclub), a 2000 capacity superclub located in Digbeth, Birmingham in the UK
*AIR (program), a program suite for medical image registration
*Associated Independent Recording (AIR), an audio recording facility based in London
*Air injection reactor, a very early automobile emissions control system
*Air-to-air rocket or air interception rocket, an unguided projectile fired from aircraft to engage other flying targets
*AIR, the New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol for AAR Corporation
*AIR, the National Rail code for Airbles railway station
*All India Radio, radio broadcast service in India
*All India Radio (band), an Australian electronic band
*"Annals of Improbable Research", a bi-monthly magazine devoted to scientific humour
*Australian Independent Recordings
*USSR aircraft series by Yakovlev, stands for Alexei Ivanovitch Rykov, one of the communist leaders
*A.I.R., a song from the Anthrax album, Spreading the Disease
*Art Is Resistance, an organization in the Year Zero ARG
* [ A-I-R] AERONAUTIC INNOVATION RÜHLE: Company in Germany designing and making high performance hang gliders, ultralights, and paragliders.

See also:
* Aire
* Ayr (disambiguation)
* Éire

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