Stove (disambiguation)

Stove (disambiguation)

A stove is an appliance that heats or cooks or both.

Types of stove

* Air-tight stove
* Bamboo stove
* Beverage-can stove
* Biomass cook stove, a fuel efficient and environmentally aware cookstove.
* Buddy Burner
* Electric stove
* Franklin stove
* Gas stove
* Hobo stove
* Kang bed-stove
* Kitchen stove, (also known as "cooker", "cookstove" or "range") for food preparation.
* Pellet stove
* Portable stove
* Potbelly stove
* Rocket stove
* Sigri (stove)
* Wood-burning stove

tove manufacturers

* AGA cooker
* Chambers stove
* Favorite Stove
* Kalamazoo Stove Company
* Rayburn Range


*Stove, a village in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

ee also

* Guatemala Stove Project
* A stove may also be part of an open hearth furnace or industrial furnace.

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