Rocket (disambiguation)

Rocket (disambiguation)

Rocket refers to a vehicle, missile, or aircraft that creates thrust by expelling burned fuel as exhaust at a high rate.

It can also refer to a rocket engine.

Rocket may also refer to:

;In media:
*Rocket (comics), a DC Comics character
*"The Rocket" (Slippery Rock), a weekly newspaper published by the students of Slippery Rock University
*"The Rocket" (newspaper), a defunct weekly newspaper in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon
*"The Rocket" (film), a movie about the life of ice hockey's Maurice Richard
*, a video game by Sucker Punch Productions
*Rocket (Buscapé), the protagonist and narrator in the Brazilian film "City of God"
*"Rocket", the code-name of the game engine for Age of Empires III
*MP3 Rocket, a peer-to-peer based file sharing (P2P) client for the Java Platform
*Rocket, a character in Galactik Football

;In music and dance:
*Rocket (band), an American all-girl pop-punk band formed in 2005
*"Rocket" (album), an album by the band Primitive Radio Gods
*"Rocket" (Def Leppard song), a song by Def Leppard
*"Rocket" (The Smashing Pumpkins song), a song by The Smashing Pumpkins
*"Rockets", a song by Cat Power from her 1995 album "Dear Sir"
*Rocket Records, a record label
*The Rockettes, a dance company
*Rockit, a Herbie Hancock song
*The Rockit Hong Kong Music Festival

*Charles Rocket

People nicknamed "Rocket" include:
*Matt Bonner, a basketball player, a.k.a. the "Red Rocket"
*Pavel Bure, an ice hockey player, a.k.a. the "Russian Rocket"
*Roger Clemens, a baseball pitcher
*Owen Hart, a professional wrestler
*Raghib Ismail, a former professional American football player, in both the Canadian Football League and National Football League
*Rod Laver, Australian tennis player
*Ronnie O'Sullivan, a snooker player
*Rikki Rockett, stage name of the drummer for the rock band Poison
*Maurice Richard, a former ice hockey player whose nickname was "the Rocket"
*Henri Richard, a former ice hockey player (brother of Maurice), a.k.a. the "Pocket Rocket"
*Ryan Newman, a NASCAR driver who is referred as "The Rocket" when he qualifies on the pole.
*Robert Romano, a fictional general surgeon on the TV series ER.

*Eruca sativa, a leafy vegetable known in vernacular as a "rocket"
*London Rocket, a herbal plant in the family Brassicaceae

;In sports::"See also "People" above."
*Houston Rockets, an NBA team
*Kelowna Rockets, a Western Hockey League team
*P.E.I. Rocket, a Quebec Major Junior Hockey League team
*Toledo Rockets, the athletic teams of the University of Toledo

;In rail transport:
* Various passenger trains operated by the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad.
* Stephenson's Rocket, an early steam locomotive which won the Rainhill Trials.
* Rocket, a South Devon Railway Comet class steam locomotive.
*"Ride the Rocket" is a slogan for the Toronto Transit Commission.

*Rocket stove, variety of wood-burning stove
*Rocket (Beanie Baby), a Beanie Baby blue jay produced by Ty, Inc. in 1998
*Smarties (Ce De Candy), a sugar candy, known as Rockets outside the US

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