Dryden High School

Dryden High School
Dryden High School
Freeville Rd
Dryden, New York, United States
Type Public
Motto Celebrate the love of lifelong learning
School district Dryden Central School District
Principal Karen Rachetta
Faculty 48
Enrollment 584
Color(s) Purple and White
Mascot Purple Lion

Dryden High School is located within the Dryden Central School District. This district is in New York State's southern tier in Tompkins County, encompasses an area of 110 square miles (280 km2) and serves a population of about 1900 students. The school is at 118 Freeville Rd. (Route 38) in the town of Dryden, NY. The school's mascot is a Purple Lion.



Karen Rachetta is principal of the school and Dale Sweet is vice principal. Ralph Boettger is the athletic director.


Dryden offers a comprehensive program with multi-level instruction in all academic areas. The school is accredited by the New York State Board of Regents. One Advanced placement course is offered, which is US History. Some dual-credit courses are also offered through the Tompkins Cortland Community College, located nearby, but none of the credits transfer to Cornell University or other leading schools.


Dryden High School offers many varsity sports. Most teams compete in the Interscholastic Athletic Competitions(I.A.C.). Varsity sports include: football, boys' and girls' basketball, boys' and girls' soccer, boys' and girls' track and field, boys' and girls' swimming and diving, girls' volleyball, boys' wrestling, boys' girls' indoor track and field and boys and girls lacrosse. The boys' varsity soccer team won the 2006 I.A.C. championship with an undefeated season. The football team is not very good.

Student Population

Dryden High School serves a population of about 500 of the district's 1900 students. The population is predominately caucasian, with a few minority groups represented in the student body. Most Dryden High School students go on to some form of college, many progressing to Tompkins-Cortland Community College which is about one mile (1.6 km) away from the school campus.


The Dryden High School building is connected to the Dryden Middle School. The combined buildings house many classrooms as well as multiple gymnasiums, cafeterias, computer laboratories, an auditorium and the school library.


The Dryden Central School District and Dryden High School utilize a computer network software made by Citrix which centrally houses programs. Computers in the school network access programs via this network's central server, and as such, computers do not generally have programs loaded onto them. This system has been criticized for complicating student access to programs. Supporters see the system as a way to cut down the costs of buying new computers as often.

In addition, the school uses the Websense program which filters out potentially offensive/disruptive websites on the internet. This has also caused many students and staff alike to criticize it for eliminating access potential educational websites.



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