List of compositions by Arthur Bliss

List of compositions by Arthur Bliss

This is a list of compositions by Arthur Bliss.



*Olympians, The (1948)
*Beggar's Opera, The (1952)
*Tobias and the Angel (1960)


*Rout (a ballet in one scene) ( 1920?)
*Melee Fantastique (1921)
*Narcissus and Echo (1931)
*Checkmate (1937)
*Miracle of the Gorbals (1944)
*Adam Zero (1946)
*Lady of Shallot, The (1958)
*Diversions (based on Music for Strings) (1961?)
*Frontier (based on music from Quintet for Oboe and String Quartet) (1969?)
*Royal Offering, A (based on Colour Symphony) (1977)

Incidental Music

*As You Like It (1919)
*King Solomon (1924)
*Summer Day's Dream - violin and oboe (1949)


*Melee Fantastique (revision) (1921/1937/1965)
*Two Studies (1920)
*Colour Symphony, A (1921/1932)
*Pyonepsion (last movement of A Colour Symphony) (1922)
*Bliss: One Step (1923)
*Twone, the house of Felicity (1923)
*Polonaise (1925)
*Hymn to Apollo (1926/1965)
*Introduction and Allegro (1926/1937)
*Music for Strings (1935)
*March, The Phoenix - homage to France (1944)
*Memorial Concert (1946)
*Theme and Cadenza (from Memorial Concert) (1946)
*Processional (1953)
*Birthday Greeting for Her Majesty, A (1955)
*Meditation on a Theme by John Blow (1955)
*Edinburgh Overture (1956)
*Discourse for Orchestra (1957/1965)
*Ceremonial Prelude (1965)
*March in homage of a great man (1965)
*Metamorphic Variations (1972)
*Two Contrasts for String Orchestra (1972)


*Concerto for Piano, Strings Tenor and Percussion (1920/1923)
*Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra (1924)
*Concerto for Piano in Bb major (1938)
*Violin Concerto (1955)
*Cello Concerto (1970)

Vocal/Choral Orchestral

*Pastoral 'Lie strewn the white flocks' (1928)
*Morning Heroes (1930)
*Songs of Welcome (1954)
*Beatitudes, The (1961)
*Mary of Magdala (1962)
*Golden Cantata (1963)
*God save the Queen (1969)
*World is charges with the Grandeur of God, The (1969)
*Two Ballads (1971)

Chamber Music

*Trio for piano, clarinet and cello (1909)
*Quartet for piano, clarinet, cello and timpani (1910??)
*String Quartet in A major (1914)
*Piano Quartet in A minor (1915)
*Fugue for String Quartet (1916)
*Piano Quintet (1919)
*Conversations (1920)
*String Quartet (1923)
*Allegro (from incomplete string quartet) (1927)
*Quintet for oboe and strings (1927)
*Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet (1932)
*String Quartet No.1 Bb major (1941)
*String Quartet No.2 (1950)
*Toast to the Royal Household (1961)
*Play a penta (1971)
*Prelude for Brass, Percussion, Piccolo and Double Bassoon (1974?)



*May Zeeh (1910)
*Suite (1912)
*Intermezzo (1912)
*Valse Fantastiques (1913)
*Rout (two piano arrangement) (1920?)
*Bliss: One Step (1923)
*Masks (1924)
*Suite (1925)
*Toccata (1925)
*Two Interludes (1925)
*Rout Trot, The (1927)
*Study (1927)
*Karen's Piece (1940/1941)
*Piano Sonata (1952)
*Miniature Scherzo (1969)
*Fun and Games (three hands/two pianos) (1970)
*Triptych (1970)
*Wedding Suite, A (1974)


*Praeludium (1971)


*Intermezzo for Viola and Piano (1914?)
*Violin Sonata (incomplete) (1914)
*Two Pieces for Clarinet (1916)
*Andante Tranquillo e Legato (1926??)
*Viola Sonata (1933)
*Enid’s Blast (1968)
*Music for a Prince (1970)


Voice and Ensemble

*Madam Noy (1918)
*Rhapsody (1919)
*Rout (1920)
*Two Nursery Rhymes (1920)
*Tempest, The (1921)
*Women of Yu’eh (1923)
*Four Songs (1927)
*Serenade for Baritone and Orchestra (1929)
*Two Love Songs (from the Serenade) (1929)
*Enchantress, The (1951)
*Elegiac Sonnet (1954)
*Knot of Riddles, A (1963)
*Two Ballads (1971)
*Four song (1973)

Voice and Piano

*Tis time I think by Wenlock Town (1914)
*Hammers, The (1915)
*Tramps, The (1916)
*La Serva Padrona (Pergolesi) (1919)
*Three Romantic Songs (1921)
*Three Songs (1923/1972)
*Ballad of the Four Seasons, The (1923)
*Three Jolly Gentlemen (1923)
*When I was one and twenty (1923)
*Fallow deer at the lonely house, The (1924)
*At the Window (1925)
*Rich or Poor (1925)
*Child's prayer A (1926)
*Simples (1932)
*Seven American Poems (1940)
*Two American Poems (1940)
*Auvergnat (1943)
*Pack clouds away (incomplete) (1960s)
*Song of a man who has come through (incomplete) (1960s)
*Angels of the Mind (1969)
*Sailing or Flying (1970)
*Tulips (1970)


*When wilt thou save thy people? (1943??)
*Aubade for Coronation Morning (1953)
*Seek the Lord (1956)
*Birthday songs for a Royal child (1959)
*Stand up and bless the Lord (1960)
*Cradle Song for a newborn child (1963)
*O give thanks unto the Lord (1965)
*He is the Way (1967)
*River Music (1967)
*Sweet Day, so cool (1967)
*Three Songs for Girls and Boys (1967)
*Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? (1968)
*One, two, buckle my shoe (1968)
*Prayer to the infant Jesus, A (1968)
*Christ is Alive! Let Christians sing (1970)
*Ode for Sir William Walton (1972)
*Prayer of St Francis of Assisi (1972)
*Put thou thy trust in the Lord (1972)
*Mar Portugues (1973)
*Shield of Faith (1974)
*Sing, Mortals (1974)


*Pen Selwood – Hymn Tune (1967?)
*Santa Barbara – Hymn Tune (1967??)
*Mortlake – Hymn Tune (1971?)

Brass/Military Band

*Kenilworth (1936)
*First Guards (1956)
*Call to Adventure (1962)
*Belmont Variations, The (1963)
*Linburn Air (1965)
*Salute to Lehigh University (1968)


*Fanfare for a Political Address (1921)
*Fanfare for Heroes (1930)
*Dominion Greetings (1935)
*Three Jubilant and Three Solemn Fanfares (1935/1943)
*Fanfare for a Dignified Occasion (1938)
*Birthday Fanfare for Henry Wood (1944)
*Peace Fanfare for Children (1944)
*Salute to Painting, A (1953)
*Salute to the RAF, A (1956)
*Service of the Order of Bath (1956)
*Fanfare preceding the National Anthem (1960)
*Let the People Sing Two Fanfares (1960)
*Royal Fanfares and Interludes (1960)
*Salute to the Royal Society, a (1960)
*Greetings to a City (1961)
*Wedding of Princess Margaret, Music for (1961?)
*Gala Fanfare (1962)
*High Sheriff's Fanfare (1963)
*Fanfare, Homage to Shakespeare (1964)
*Fanfare for the Commonwealth Arts Festival (1965)
*Right of the Line, The (1965/1982 poth.)
*Fanfare: Prelude for Orchestra ‘Macclesfield’ (1966)
*Fanfare for the Lord Mayor of London (1967)
*Prince of Wales Investiture Music (1969)
*Birthday Greetings to the Croydon Symphony Orchestra (1971)
*Fanfare for a Coming of Age (1973)
*Fanfare for the National Fund for Crippling Diseases (1973)
*Wedding of Princess Anne, Music for (1973)
*Lancaster-prelude (1974)

Orchestral Arrangements

*Fire Dance (arr. Of work by Sinding)
*Set of Tunes and Dances (Purcell) (1921)
*Das alte jahr vergangen is (Bach) (1932)
*Three Bach Chorales from St John Passion (1960)

Music for media

Film Music

*Things to Come (1934)
*Conquest of the Air (1937)
*Caesar and Cleopatra (1944)
*Men of Two Worlds (1945)
*Presense au combat (1945)
*Christopher Columbus (1949)
*War in the Air (1954)
*Welcome the Queen (1954)
*Seven Waves Away (1956)

Music for Radio

*Your question answered (1944)
*Heritage of Britain (1950)

Music for Television

*ABC Television Signature and Interval Music (1956)
*An Age of Kings (1960)
*Royal Palace Music (1966)
*Spirit of the Age (1975)


*Elizabethan Suite (??)
*March and Valse des Fleurs (arr. Tchaikovsky) (1910??)
*Valses Melancoliques, Deuxième Preludes; Valse-Phantasie (1913??)
*The Festival of Flora (arr. Of Henry Purcell) (1927??)
*Theme from Processional Interlude (1969)

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