United Kingdom Awarding Bodies

United Kingdom Awarding Bodies

In the UK, in order for a qualification to be recognized as part of the National Qualifications Framework (QCF), and transferable between courses, institutions and occupations, it must be accredited through one of the United Kingdom Awarding Bodies that is regulated by the three government-appointed statutory education bodies.

These are the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) in England, the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations & Assessment (CCEA) in Northern Ireland, and the Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority(DELLS) in Wales .

There are 120 of these Awarding Bodies listed at the [http://www.accreditedqualifications.org.uk/awarding-body/awarding+body+directory.seo.aspx National Database of Accredited Qualifications] . Some specialize in specific subjects. Others specialize in types of qualifications, such as ‘A’ levels and NVQs (National Vocation Qualifications).

An Awarding Body does not always provide courses that lead to a qualification. Often an Awarding Body will provide an approval process for independent training providers who, if they meet the criteria, are able to award qualifications that are accredited by that Awarding Body.

A qualification from an Awarding Body is always clearly identified as being at one of 9 Levels. These begin with ‘Entry Level’ and then run from Level One through to Level Eight. They have approximate equivalences with Academic Qualifications. Level Five is commensurate with a Bachelors degree and Level Eight is equivalent to a Doctorate Degree.

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