Sherwan (Abbottabad)

Sherwan (Abbottabad)

Sherwan is a Union Council of Abbottabad District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan, it is located 35km west of the city of Abbottabad. Sherwan is located in a beautiful valley which is surrounded by large, forested mountains on three sides. These forests host a number of wild animals, such as jackals, wolves, pigs, porcupines and occasionally tigers. Sherwan is divided into two parts Sherwan Khurd (small) and Sherwan Kalan (wide). Sherwan Kalan covers a much larger area than Sherwan Khurd. In the North-East of Sherwan Union Council there is another town called Patheel. On the south of the valley there is a stream called Mangal, home to a number of fish such as Trout, Salmons (Maley), Eels and soles etc.

The population of Sherwan is over 15,000. The local language is Hindko while Urdu is understood universally. The main ethnic groups or tribes of this area are the Tanolis and the Awans.

Locals grow seasonal crops such as Maize (makai) and Wheat (gandum). By having plenty of water and soil rich with nutrients Sherwan is rich in fruits such as cherry, orange, apple, plum and apricot.

The literacy rate of Sherwan is high compared to other villages of NWFP

Notable places

* Governament College For Boys Sherwan
* Governament College for Girls Sherwan
* Police Station Sherwan

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