Royal Canadian Mint tokens and medallions

Royal Canadian Mint tokens and medallions

Starting in 1997, the Royal Canadian Mint started to sell hockey medallions to the public. To commemorate the induction of Mario Lemieux in the Hockey Hall of Fame, a set was issued honouring all three inductees. One set was issued in Sterling Silver while another was issued in Nickel. The success of the release led to future issues.

As a way of commemorating the retirement of Wayne Gretzky, a medallion was issued with a mintage of over 50,000. The medallions were $9.95 each and they were packaged in a blue sleeve with the number 99 in red on the packaging.

Hockey medallions

Canada Post

Starting in 2000, a series of stamps was issued to commemorate the All-Star Game in Toronto. The success of the series led to future stamp releases. Starting in 2001, the stamps were issued in a special collectors set. The stamps were packaged in a hard plastic case, with a hockey puck and corresponding medallions. These medallions were struck by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Test tokens

Test token set 2004

In 2004, the Royal Canadian Mint produced a test token set as a way to commemorate Canada’s first 25 cent coloured coin. The token set contains one twenty-five cent coin, and six test tokens. The tokens for the one cent to the twenty five cents are multi-ply plated while the token for the one and two dollar coins are composed of nickel. The finish is brilliant relief on a brilliant background. [ The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, 60th Edition, 2006, p. 249, W. K. Cross, The Charlton Press, Toronto, ON, ISBN 0-88968-297-6. ]

1984 CNA annual convention

The 31st Canadian Numismatic Association annual convention was held in Hamilton, Ontario, from July 19 to July 22, 1984.

The obverse of the Convention Medal has a theme for the United Empire Loyalists. The artists rendition was taken from a statue erected by the City of Hamilton as a tribute to the settlers that came and made a very positive impact in the surrounding area. [The Charlton Standard Catalogue of the Canadian Numismatic Association’s Medals and Awards, p. 54, R. Brian Cornwell, The Charlton Press, Toronto, Ontario, ISBN 0-88968-100-7. ]

1991 CNA annual convention

The 38th Canadian Numismatic Association annual convention was held in Toronto, Ontario, from July 23 to July 28, 1985.

The obverse of the Convention Medal featured the skyline of Toronto. At the time, it was the most detailed object ever struck at the Royal Canadian Mint.The Charlton Standard Catalogue of the Canadian Numismatic Association’s Medals and Awards, p. 66, R. Brian Cornwell, The Charlton Press, Toronto, Ontario, ISBN 0-88968-100-7. ] Every line of its design was drawn by the Royal Canadian Mint’s chief engraver Ago Aarand, with assistance by Stan Witten. It took over a week of painstaking detail to complete the thousands of lines in the 8” diameter sketch.


[The CN Journal, The Official Publication of the Canadian Numismatic Association, Markham, Ontario, Vol. 53, No. 1, January-February 2008, pp. 26-27.]


The 10 oz Elvis Presley medal has no dollar denomination. Furthermore these medals have a serial number stamped on the outer edge.

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