Half-life (disambiguation)

Half-life (disambiguation)

Half-life is a mathematical and scientific description of exponential decay.

Half-life may also refer to:
* Biological half-life, pertaining to organisms (also refers to "elimination half-life", a pharmacokinetic parameter in medicine)
** Effective half-life, the effective radioactive half-life in organisms after accounting for excretion.
* "Half-Life" (series), a video game series
** "Half-Life" (video game), a first-person shooter video game
** "Half-Life 2", its sequel
*Halflife (comics), the name of two different Marvel comic characters
*"Half Life" (album), the former name of an album by Eric West
*"Half Life" (3 album), album by the band 3
*"Halflife" (EP), an EP by Lacuna Coil
*"Half-Life E.P.", an EP by Local H
*"Halflife" (musical), a play by Forbes Allen
*"Half Life" (1977 play), a 1977 play by Julian Mitchell
*"Half Life" (2005 play), a 2005 play by John Mighton
*"Half-Life" (novel), a 2004 gay youth novel by Aaron Krach
*"Half Life" (novel), a 2006 novel by Shelley Jackson
*"Half Life" (1999 novel), a science fiction novel by Hal Clement
*Half Life (band), a hardcore punk rock band from Pittsburgh
* "Half Life" (1973 short story), a science fiction short story by Rachel Cosgrove Payes

Half-life may also refer to:
*A term used for posthumous consciousness in Philip K. Dick's novel "Ubik"

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