List of United States Navy enlisted warfare designations

List of United States Navy enlisted warfare designations

The United States Navy enlisted warfare designations represent the achievement of a qualification and entitles the member to wear the associated insignia. When awarded in accordance with appropriate guidelines, enlisted sailors are authorized to placed the designator in parentheses immediately after the member’s rate abbreviation, for example, MM1(SW) Smith, HM2(CAC) Jones. In cases of multiple designators, the designators are separated by a forward slash enclosed in parentheses, for example, MM1(SW/AW) Smith, HM2(FMF/CAC) Jones.

Aviation community

* (AW) - Aviation Warfare Specialist
* (CAC) - Marine Combat Aircrew [ MARADMIN 2000]
* (NAC) - Naval Aircrewman

Surface Warfare community

* (SW) - Surface Warfare Specialist

Undersea Warfare community

* (SS) - Submarine Warfare Specialist (or "Qualified in Submarines")
* (SU) - "In training for submarine qualifications"
* (SQ) - "Qualified in submarines, but not planned for future assignment to submarine duty."
* (SG) - "Qualified in submarines, but not in submarine source rating; not detailed by the submarine community."
* (SP) - "Previously assigned in submarines; assigned only to those personnel disqualified for submarine duty and serving in a submarine support billet; detailed by the submarine community, but not to be reassigned to submarine duty without prior approval of NAVPERSCOM."
* (IUSS) - Integrated Undersea Surveillance System Specialist

Marine Corps support community

* (CAC) - Marine Combat Aircrew
* (FMF) - Fleet Marine Force Warfare Specialist

= Parachutist community =

* (PJ) - Basic Parachutist or Navy and Marine Corps Parachutist
* (FPJ) - Free Fall Parachutist

= Diver community =

* (DV) - Diver - applies to personnel with Navy Enlisted Classifications: :: 5311 - Saturation Diver:: 5342 - Diver First Class :: 5343 - Diver Second Class:: 5345 - SCUBA Diver :: 5392 - Naval Special Warfare Medic:: HM-8403 - Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Independent Duty Corpsman:: HM-8427 - Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Corpsman:: HM-8493 - Medical Deep Sea Diving Technician:: HM-8494 - Deep Sea Diving Independent Duty Corpsman

* (MDV) - Master Diver - applies to personnel with Navy Enlisted Classifications::: 5341 - Master Diver :: 5346 - Master Saturation Diver
* (DSW) - Diving Salvage Warfare Specialist

Special Warfare community

* (SEAL) - Naval Special Warfare Specialist; a designator for Special Warfare Operator (SO) rating
* (SWCC) - Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen; a designator for Special Warfare Boat Operator (SB) rating
* (EWS) - Explosive Ordnance Disposal Warfare Specialist
* (EOD) - "no longer used; see (EWS)"

Expeditionary Warfare community

* (EXW) - Expeditionary Warfare Specialist

= Construction community =

* (SCW) - Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist


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