Gus-Khrustalny ( _ru. Гусь-Хруста́льный) is a town in Vladimir Oblast, Russia, located on the Gus River (a tributary of the Oka River) km to mi|63 south of Vladimir. Population: ru-census2002|67121|; su-census1989|76360|; 65,000 (1970); 40,000 (1939); 17,900 (1926).

The name of the town may be translated as "crystal goose", for it is known as one of the oldest centers of glass industry in Russia and stands on the Gus (Goose) River. There are reasons to believe that its name is not derived from "goose" directly, but rather from the common Slavic term "goose" (in the respective languages) for a large (up to several gallons) bottle.

Gus-Khrustalny was founded in the mid-18th century with the construction of a crystal plant. It was granted town status in 1931.


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