Goodbye and Good Luck

Goodbye and Good Luck

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Caption = Sara Sidle kisses Gil Grissom goodbye
Season = 8
Episode = 7
Airdate = November 15, 2007
Writer = Sarah Goldfinger
Allen MacDonald
Naren Shankar
Director = Kenneth Fink
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Goodbye and Good Luck is the seventh episode of the of the American crime drama "", which aired on CBS November 15, 2007. [ [ MSNtv - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Episode Info - Goodbye and Good Luck] Retrieved on November 17, 2007]

The plot revolves around one apparent suicide, which ends up being a murder involving two former murder suspects. The episode turns around Jorja Fox's character Sara Sidle and her psychological burnout, which peaks when she meets once again with the Wests and consequently cause her departure from Las Vegas at the end of the episode, leaving the CSI team with a goodbye letter.


The lands the case of a young girl, Kira, pushed from her dorm window. When a connection to an old case comes up, Sara grabs the chance to put away the man she believes is a killer: Marlon West. His sister Hannah publicly confessed to a prior murder, but secretly told Sara that her brother Marlon was the real culprit. Now Sara wants to put the guy, a student at the university, away for good. But 14-year-old Hannah is on the scene too, a student at the graduate school where her brother attends college. Sara is certain Hannah is manipulating the situation. Sara is already feeling the blues during the case after an earlier domestic violence case where a husband beat up his wife and then threatened and tried to attack her again in front of Sara and new CSI Ronnie Lake. Sara is frozen by the scene but Ronnie springs into action to subdue and arrest the husband. While Sara tells an idealistic Ronnie they can't help people like the wife, who don't want to help themselves, Ronnie endures on the case and later tells Sara she got the wife to press charges and leave her abusive husband.

A broken tooth from the scene ties Marlon to Kira, since it appears that Kira punched him and embedded a tooth in her hand. But she slept with another young man that night, and they were both high on GHB. It turns out that their sexual lubricant was spiked, and Marlon's fingerprint was on the tube. Everything leads to Marlon, but Sara is convinced that Hannah is the guilty one. She believes Hannah wanted to get rid of Kira to have her brother all to herself. Marlon confesses to Sara that he had Hannah help him spike the lubricant, but he wouldn't have hurt Kira. Sara believes him. They try to get Hannah to confess to Marlon privately, but she knows immediately that he's wearing a wire. Not long after, seeing no end in sight, Marlon hangs himself in his jail cell. Sara confronts Hannah and concludes that Hannah wanted to keep Marlon all to herself, and putting him in prison was her way of doing that. Sara then tells Hannah that her plan backfired and tells her about Marlon's suicide. Hannah is devastated, but Sara finds no pleasure in seeing the girl suffer.

Sara says she has ghosts that need to be buried, and she could not bury them in Las Vegas. At the lab, she kisses Grissom goodbye and places her vest in Ronnie's locker. Before she goes, she leaves Grissom a letter that explains her decision, closing it with the words, "Know that you are my one and only. I will miss you with every beat of my heart. Our life together was the only home I've ever really had. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love you. I always will. Goodbye."


The West siblings, Marlon and Hannah, return. They were last seen in "The Unusual Suspect," played by the same actors, Douglas Smith and Juliette Goglia, respectively.

At various times during the rest of the season, Grissom receives phone calls from an unnamed person, who is inferred to be Sara, since he immediately relaxes and smiles each time.

Production notes

It had been rumored since the finale, "Living Doll", which ended with a cliff hanger, that Jorja Fox would be leaving "CSI" on the eighth season's premiere, "Dead Doll", because of Sara Sidle's apparent imminent death. [ "CSI's Sara Sidles Off into the Sunset"] , TV Guide.]

Cultural references

*Catherine makes reference to, and quotes a line from, the 2006 documentary film concerning suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge, "The Bridge".

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