Texas Wesleyan University

Texas Wesleyan University

Infobox University
name = Texas Wesleyan University
established = 1890
type = Private
president = Dr. Harold Jeffcoat
city = Fort Worth
state = Texas
country = USA
undergrad = 3,100
postgrad =
postgrad_label = graduate
faculty = 258
endowment = $32,225,000 [http://www.nacubo.org/documents/research/2006NES_Listing.pdf]
campus = Urban
mascot = Ram
free_label = Religious Affiliation
free = Methodist
website = [http://www.txwesleyan.edu/ www.txwesleyan.edu]

Texas Wesleyan University is a private college located in the southeast part of Fort Worth, Texas. The school is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and is located in Fort Worth's Polytechnic neighborhood. Its mascot is the ram. Its school colors are blue and gold.


The university opened in 1890. The college became a woman's university in 1914 but was forced to become coeducational in 1934 due to financial problems from the Great Depression.


*School of Business
*School of Education
*School of Arts and Sciences
* "School of Law"


* Kappa Alpha Order
* Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc.
* Lambda Kappa Kappa
* Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

* Alpha Xi Delta
* Gamma Phi Beta
* Gamma Sigma Sigma
* Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc.
* Sigma Kappa Lambda
* Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.


Texas Wesleyan University has been a member of the Red River Athletic Conference of the NAIA since the fall 2002. The member institutions are located in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma and include Bacone College, College of the Southwest, Houston Baptist University, Huston-Tillotson University, Jarvis Christian College, Langston University, Northwood University, Paul Quinn College, Southwestern Assemblies of God University, University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas College, Wiley College.

There are eight sports sponsored by the Department of Athletics, and one sport sponsored by the Department of Student Life. The men's sports with traditional season in parentheses are: Soccer (Fall), Basketball (Winter), Golf (Spring), and Baseball (Spring). The women's sports with traditional season in parentheses are: Soccer (Fall), Volleyball (Fall), Basketball (Winter), and Softball (Spring). Junior Varsity Baseball and Junior Varsity Basketball have also been added to increase the participation opportunities for students at Wesleyan. On March 24, 2006, Texas Wesleyan University won the NAIA National Championship in Division I Basketball on a last second shot by point guard Benjamin Hunt.

The sport sponsored by the Department of Student Life is Table Tennis. In spring 2006 it included two full-time coaches, a 4-person women's team and a 13-person men's team. Texas Wesleyan University is the 2004 and 2005 National Collegiate Table Tennis Association Collegiate Team Champion. The 2006 National Championships will be held April 8-10 in Fort Worth, Texas.


Texas Wesleyan University was founded by the Southern Methodist Episcopal Church in 1890. Under Bishop Joseph S. Key a committee sought out a campus location and eventually came to a conclusion for a site, which was east of Fort Worth, Texas. The land that the committee decided would be the future site of the school was donated by area pioneers near the Fort Worth area. Texas Wesleyan was originally named Polytechnic College, which meant “many arts and sciences.” The University held the first classes in September of 1891, while only enrolling 111 students at that time. In 1914 the University was known as Texas Woman’s College. This was where women of Southern Methodism would attend school, while the men went to a Southern Methodist school near Dallas. During the Depression the Woman’s College faced financial hardships and was forced to shut down and join the financially stable school in Dallas known as Texas Wesleyan Academy. Eventually after the merger, in 1934 the committee decided to combine into a new named University, which is Texas Wesleyan College. Texas Wesleyan is a liberal arts University and has been known for this since 1934. It wasn’t until 1970 that Texas Wesleyan added a graduate program.


Texas Wesleyan thrives on being able to accommodate all ages and people at the University by adding flexibility to student scheduling and accommodating non-traditional students who may hold a full time job during the day and want to attend classes at night. Texas Wesleyan provides programs for high school seniors to enroll at the University and receive dual high school and college credit for the classes they complete. Even though Texas Wesleyan is mainly associated with the United Methodist Church, people of all races and religions are welcomed on campus and throughout the Texas Wesleyan University facilities. University Mission

Texas Wesleyan has been based around a liberal arts education since 1890. The University strives to assist students to achieve the highest potential possible both as people and also in the communities around the country. Believing strongly in each individual student receiving personal attention in order to achieve the highest possible potential for that individual, Texas Wesleyan takes pride in giving students the chance to experience life excellence, become creative with oneself, develop and create relationships that can last a lifetime as well. The University focuses and strives to mold informed, responsible, and articulate citizens. (University Mission)Students Texas Wesleyan University is dedicated to helping freshmen students as well as transfer students transition into the lifestyle that Texas Wesleyan provides, by striving and committing itself to provide any needed assistance to students throughout their college career. International students are provided a place to grow and expand while studying at Texas Wesleyan. The faculty create an atmosphere which allows the students to pursue an area of study and become aware of the world and society around them.

International Students

Texas Wesleyan provides all the information for international students to apply for admissions as well as applying for support, and other options at Texas Wesleyan. By providing a 2 day orientation for incoming international students, Texas Wesleyan feels that this helps provide a comfortable feeling and assists in helping an unfamiliar student become familiar with the Texas Wesleyan lifestyle and living surroundings. The University offers multiple awards and scholarships to international students as well. Taking great pride in assisting and committing to the students at Texas Wesleyan they also provide a mandatory health insurance for these students. Texas Wesleyan provides incoming international students assistance while moving into the new lifestyle and adjusting. Monthly shopping trips are taken, which allows students to stock up on needed supplies as well as time away to enjoy their surroundings. Tutoring, multiple types of computer aid and also personal counseling for these students is provided to help make the adjustments to Texas Wesleyan smooth and help create a positive, enjoyable environment at the University for these students. Texas Wesleyan takes pride and aims to create a supportive and friendly environment for international students, which allows them to enjoy the American experience and continue to focus on their studies and not having to worry about making lifestyle adjustments on their own.

International Club

Texas Wesleyan’s International Club is open to all cultures and races that want to understand other cultures and experiences, but also creates relationships that a student may never have thought possible. The club routinely has field trips, monthly meetings, traveling to cultural ethnic places to experience different foods, dance, art, and other different cultural events. The club participates in International Week, where students present and experience music, food, and other aspect and items from international countries with other clubs at this event. International Club not only participates in these events such as International Week, but also provide a support group on campus for all students and act as a service group to all.


Texas Wesleyan not only promotes and commits to strong academics, but by providing extra curriculars such as athletics provides students to be open to more. Texas Wesleyan offers eight sports which include, soccer (men’s and women’s), basketball (men’s and women’s), golf (men), baseball, volleyball and softball. In order to increase student participation in extra curricular activities the University has added Junior Varsity baseball and basketball for students. The Athletic Director at Texas Wesleyan is Mr. Kevin Millikan. The staff within the athletic department consists of coaches, training staff, and maintenance staff as well. Student groups service the athletic department as well as the training staff and cheerleaders. Cheerleading at Texas Wesleyan is a recognized student club on campus and not only promotes and cheers at sporting events, but also appear at rallies and other events on campus. Texas Wesleyan is part of the Red River Conference of the NAIA (Athletics). Joining the conference in 2002 which also includes schools such as, Houston Baptist, Wiley College, Langston University and overall containing a total of twelve Universities and Colleges in the Red River Conference.

Business - Marketing

Texas Wesleyan University provides many choices for students to choose from when deciding upon a major of study, but at Texas Wesleyan University the business department is a common choice among students declarations of a major. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment within this field of study will accelerate increasingly within the next ten years (Business-marketing). Students can not only experience the classroom at Texas Wesleyan, but also apply and become involved in the internship program offered in the Business Department. The experience is a graded course for the student and gives the student opportunities to use both classroom and real world knowledge in the field and get an idea of their field of study in the work world. (Majors)

Education Texas Wesleyan University provides a very strong educational program along with business. In order to even be considered for admission into the Teacher Education Program a student must have successful completion of the class EDU 2300, which is recommended to be taken during a student’s sophomore year. Requirements and standards are expected and set in order for a student to enroll in EDU 2300. A student must possess a 2.5 grade point average and have successfully completed all of the THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment)(School of Education) in order to enroll in EDU 2300. Exceptions can be made for students, such as transfer students and some international students, but that decision is made and approved by the students academic advisor on campus. Texas Wesleyan requires students may not take an education, reading course before or after the EDU 2300 class has been completed. Students must wait for the application to pass through The Texas Higher Education Committee (School of Education) in order to be admitted into the teacher education programs at Texas Wesleyan University. Once a student as fulfilled the necessary requirements for admission into the teacher education program, only then may a student begin taking courses in education and reading, which are specified towards that specific field of study. (Educational Programs)

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