Members of the Western Australian Legislative Council, 2005–2009

Members of the Western Australian Legislative Council, 2005–2009

This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Council between 22 May 2005 and 21 May 2009:

Name Party Province Years in office
Shelley Archer Labor/Independent [3] Mining and Pastoral 2005–2009
Ken Baston Liberal Mining and Pastoral 2005–present
Matt Benson-Lidholm Labor South West 2005–present
Carolyn Burton[6] Labor North Metropolitan 2008–2009
George Cash Liberal North Metropolitan 1989–2009
Vince Catania[7] Labor Mining and Pastoral 2005–2009
Kim Chance Labor Agricultural 1992–2009
Peter Collier Liberal North Metropolitan 2005–present
Murray Criddle[4] National Agricultural 1993–2008
Ed Dermer Labor North Metropolitan 1996–present
Bruce Donaldson Liberal Agricultural 1993–2009
Kate Doust Labor South Metropolitan 2001–present
Wendy Duncan[4] National Agricultural 2008–present
Shelley Eaton[7] Labor Mining and Pastoral 2008–2009
Sue Ellery Labor South Metropolitan 2001–present
Brian Ellis[1] Liberal Agricultural 2007–present
Donna Faragher Liberal East Metropolitan 2005–present
Adele Farina Labor South West 2001–present
Anthony Fels Liberal/Independent[5] Agricultural 2005–2009
Jon Ford Labor Mining and Pastoral 2001–present
Graham Giffard[6] Labor North Metropolitan 2000–2008
Nick Griffiths Labor East Metropolitan 1993–2009
Nigel Hallett Liberal South West 2005–present
Ray Halligan Liberal North Metropolitan 1997–2009
Barry House Liberal South West 1987–present
Paul Llewellyn Greens South West 2005–2009
Robyn McSweeney Liberal South West 2001–present
Sheila Mills Labor South Metropolitan 2005–2009
Norman Moore Liberal Mining and Pastoral 1977–present
Helen Morton Liberal East Metropolitan 2005–present
Simon O'Brien Liberal South Metropolitan 1997–present
Batong Pham[2] Labor East Metropolitan 2007–2009
Louise Pratt[2] Labor East Metropolitan 2001–2007
Ljiljanna Ravlich Labor East Metropolitan 1997–present
Margaret Rowe[1] Liberal Agricultural 2005–2007
Barbara Scott Liberal South Metropolitan 1993–2009
Sally Talbot Labor South West 2005–present
Ken Travers Labor North Metropolitan 1997–present
Giz Watson Greens North Metropolitan 1997–present


1 Agricultural Liberal MLC Margaret Rowe resigned on 22 June 2007. Brian Ellis was elected in the resulting countback on 16 July 2007.
2 East Metropolitan Labor MLC Louise Pratt resigned on 29 October 2007 to run for the Australian Senate at the 2007 federal election. Batong Pham was elected in the resulting countback on 26 November.
3 Mining and Pastoral MLC Shelley Archer was elected as a Labor member, but resigned from the party on 15 November 2007 after Premier Alan Carpenter called for her expulsion from parliament over an ongoing corruption scandal. She served out her term as an Independent and, despite initial suggestions to the contrary, did not recontest.
4 Agricultural National MLC Murray Criddle resigned on 2 January 2008. Wendy Duncan was elected in the resulting countback on 29 January 2008.
5 Agricultural MLC Anthony Fels was elected as a Liberal member, but resigned from the party on 31 July 2008. He subsequently sat as an independent and recontested his seat unsuccessfully at the 2008 election as a Party candidate.
6 North Metropolitan Labor MLC Graham Giffard resigned on 11 August 2008 in order to contest the Assembly seat of Swan Hills in the election, where he was beaten by the Liberals' Frank Alban. Carolyn Burton was elected in the resulting countback on 12 September 2008.
7 Mining and Pastoral Labor MLC Vince Catania resigned on 12 August 2008 in order to contest the Assembly seat of North West in the election; he was elected. Shelley Eaton was elected in the resulting countback on 17 September 2008.
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