List of Georgetown University undergraduate alumni

List of Georgetown University undergraduate alumni

Law, government, and politics

Heads of State

*Samuel Lewis Navarro (C 1979) - Foreign Minister and 1st Vice President of Panama, son of Panamanian statesman Gabriel Lewis Galindo


*John Lee Carroll (C), D-Maryland, 1876-1880, great-grandson of Charles Carroll of Carrollton
*Peter Tali Coleman (C 1949, L 1951), Governor of American Samoa (the first Samoan appointed Governor, 1956-1961, and later the first elected Governor, 1977, 1980, 1989) (deceased)
*Francis A. Keating II (C 1966), R-Oklahoma (retired)
*James C. Shannon (C 1918), R-Connecticut (deceased)Fact|date=October 2007

Cabinet Members, White House Staff, Advisors

*Roger Altman (C 1969) - Deputy Treasury Secretary, 1993-1994
*Pat Buchanan (C 1961) - advisor to presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan; nationally syndicated political pundit; a regular on "The McLaughlin Group" TV program
*Ron Klain (C 1983) - Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to Vice President Gore, 1995-2000
*Meghan O'Sullivan (C 1991) - Special Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan, 2005-2007
*Jack Quinn (C 1971, L 1975) - White House Counsel to President Clinton, 1995-1996
*Charles Schultze (C 1948, G 1950) Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers in the Carter administration


*Timothy A. Chorba (C 1968) - United States Ambassador to Singapore, 1994-1998 Fact|date=November 2007
*Maurice Francis Egan (C 1879) - United States Ambassador to Denmark, 1907-1918 Fact|date=November 2007
*Richard T. McCormack (C 1963) - United States Ambassador to the Organization of American States, 1985-1989 Fact|date=November 2007
*Roberto R. Romulo (C 1960) - Ambassador of the Philippines to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Communites, 1989-1991; Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, 1992-1995 Fact|date=November 2007
*Francis Rooney (C 1975, L 1978) - United States Ambassador to the Holy See, 2005-present
*Thomas L. Siebert (C 1968, L 1972) - United States Ambassador to Sweden, 1994-1998
*Ivan Stancioff (C 1951, L 1956) - Bulgarian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, 1991-1993; Foreign Minister of Bulgaria, 1994-1999 Fact|date=November 2007


*Thomas L. Ambro (C 1972, L 1975) - Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, 2000-present
*John T. Buckley (C 1958) - Presiding Justice, Appellate Division, First Department, New York State Supreme Court, 2003-present Fact|date=October 2007
*D. Michael Fisher (C 1966, L 1969) - Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, 2003
*Thomas F. Hogan (C 1960, L 1966) - Chief Judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, 2001-present
*Hall S. Lusk (C 1904, L 1907) - Chief Justice, Oregon Supreme Court, 1949-1951
*Antonin Scalia (C 1957) - Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court, 1986-present
*Edward Douglass White (C 1863) - Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court, 1910-1921
*James R. Zazzali (C 1958, L 1962) - Chief Justice, New Jersey Supreme Court, 2006-

Members of the U.S. Senate

*John A. Barrasso (C 1974, M 1978), R-Wyoming
*Philip A. Hart (C 1934), D-Michigan - Hart Senate Office Building named in his honor. (deceased)
*Francis Kernan (C 1836), D-New York (deceased)
*Hall S. Lusk (C 1904, L 1907), D-Oregon (deceased)
*Lisa Murkowski (C 1980), R-Alaska

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives

*Claude I. Bakewell (C 1932), R-Missouri (deceased)
*Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. (C 1952), R-Virginia (retired)
*Matthew Denver (C 1892), D-Ohio (deceased)
*John Dingell (C 1949, L 1952), D-Michigan, current Dean (longest-serving Member) of the House of Representatives
*James P.B. Duffy (C 1901), D-New York (deceased)
*Henry A. Edmundson (C), D-Virginia (deceased)
*Charles J. Faulkner (C 1822), W-Virginia, D-Virginia, D-West Virginia (deceased)
*Milton W. Glenn (1903-1967), represented New Jersey's 2nd congressional district from 1957-1965. [ [ Milton Willits Glenn] , "Biographical Directory of the United States Congress". Accessed August 28, 2007.]
*Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (C 1993 G 1996, L 1997), D-South Dakota
*Lawrence J. Hogan (C 1949), R-Maryland (retired)
*Henry Hyde (C 1947), R-Illinois, former Chairman of the International Relations Committee; former Chairman of the Judiciary Committee (retired)
*Sydney Emanuel Mudd II (C 1906, L 1909), R-Maryland (deceased)
*Jerry J. O'Connell (C 1934), D-Montana (deceased)
*Patrick B. O'Sullivan (C 1909), D-Connecticut (deceased)


*Robert S. Bennett (C 1961, L 1964) - noted litigator
*Lisa Madigan (C 1988) - Attorney General of Illinois
*W. Michael Murphy, Jr. (C 1972) - New Jersey prosecutor
*William Shea (C 1929) - noted New York attorney and patriarch of the New York Mets; Shea Stadium named in his honor
*Brendan Sullivan (C 1964) (L1967) - noted litigator

Other alumni in politics

*Andrew Natsios (C 1971) - U.S. Special Envoy for Darfur, 2006-present; Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), 2001-2005
*Charles O. Rossotti (C 1962) - Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service, 1997-2002
*Robert Shrum (C 1965)- Democratic political consultant


*Charles Cawley (C 1962) - chairman and CEO, MBNA Bank of America (now Bank of America) (retired)
*Mary Callahan Erdoes (C 1989) - CEO, JPMorgan Private Bank, 2004-present
*Thomas W. Farley (C 1997) - president and CEO, New York Board of Trade, 2007-present
*James Greco (C 1980) - CEO, Bruegger's Enterprises
*Martin C. Halusa (C 1977) - CEO, Apax Partners Worldwide LLP
*Ted Leonsis (C 1977) - president and CEO, AOL Interactive Properties; majority owner, Washington Capitals hockey team; producer of the movie "Nanking"
*Philip Marineau (C 1968) - president and CEO, Levi Strauss & Co.
*David C. McCourt (C 1979) - chairman and CEO, Granahan McCourt Capital
*Robert Mosbacher, Jr. (C 1973) - president, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
*Morgan E. O'Brien (C 1966) - founder and chairman, Cyren Call Communications, 2005-present; co-founder and chairman, Nextel Communications Inc. (now Sprint Nextel Corp.), 1987-1995
*Patricia Russo (C 1972) - CEO, Alcatel-Lucent
*Barry Sullivan (C 1953) - chairman and CEO, First National Bank of Chicago, 1980-1992 (now part of JPMorgan Chase)
*Edmond D. Villani (C 1968) - general partner, Intana Capital Management; vice chairman, Deutsche Asset Management; president and CEO, Scudder Kemper Investments
*Vincent A. Wolfington (C 1962) - chairman, World Travel & Tourism Council; chairman emeritus, Carey International

Entertainment, Media & Culture

*Sara Albert (C 2005) - "America's Next Top Model" contestant Fact|date=October 2007
*Amerie (C 2000) - rhythm and blues singer
*Pearl Bailey (C 1985) - noted singer, actress, entertainer
*Mitch Bainwol (C 1981) - chairman and CEO, Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA),
*John Barrymore (C 1898) - actor
*Jason Bellini (C 1997) - journalist
*Mike Birbiglia (C 2000) - comedian
*Stuart Bloomberg (C 1972) - chairman, ABC Entertainment Fact|date=October 2007
*William Peter Blatty (C 1950) - author of "The Exorcist"
*Robert J. Collier (C 1894) - publisher of "Collier's Weekly" magazine (founded by his father); president, Aero Club of America; married a granddaughter of William Astor
*Bradley Cooper (C 1997) - actor
*William Corcoran (C 1813) - founder, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington's first art museum
*Kelly Flynn (C 1988) - executive producer, CNN Fact|date=October 2007
*John Guare (C 1960, H 1991) - author and playwright: "The House of Blue Leaves", "Six Degrees of Separation"; five Tony Awards
*Jack Hofsiss (C 1971) - director of theater, film and television; Tony Award for directing "The Elephant Man"
*Mary Jordan (C 1983) - "Washington Post" journalist, co-winner of 2003 Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting; currently co-bureau chief in London Fact|date=October 2007
*Malcolm Lee (C 1992) - director, "The Best Man" and "Undercover Brother"
*Mitchell Hurwitz (C 1985) - TV writer, creator of "Arrested Development"
*Tara McKelvey (C 1985) - editor, "The American Prospect"
*Deroy Murdoch (C 1986) - columnist, Scripps Howard News Service Fact|date=October 2007
*Jonathan Nolan (C 1998) - author of "Memento"
*Miles O'Brien (C 1981) - CNN technology and environmental correspondent
*Norah O'Donnell (C 1996), (G 2003) - MSNBC chief Washington correspondent; contributor to NBC's "Today"
*Guy Picciotto (C 1987) - guitarist for rock band Fugazi, former lead singer and guitarist for Rites of Spring
*Mark Jude Poirier (C 1991) - author, books include "Goats" and "Unsung Heroes of American Industry" Fact|date=October 2007
*Frank J. Prial (C 1951) - "New York Times" wine columnist, 1972-2005
*Maria Shriver (C 1977) - NBC-TV news commentator and wife of Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger
*Will Tanous (C 1992) - Warner Music Group executive, co-creator HBO's "Reverb"
*Jenny Toomey (C 1990) - indie rock musician and arts activist
*John Ziegler (C 1989) - talk show host, KFI-Los Angeles

cience and medicine

*Mark R. Dybul (C 1985, M 1992) - Global AIDS Coordinator, U.S. Department of State, 2006-present
*Mark S. Humayun (C 1984) - Professor of Ophthalmology and Associate Director of Research, Doheny Eye Institute, University of Southern California
*John J. Ring (C 1949; M 1953) - former President, American Medical Association
*Solomon Snyder (C 1959, M 1962) - Neuroscientist

Religion, social action, and education

*Robert L. Barchi (C 1968, G 1969) - 4th President, Thomas Jefferson University, 2004-present; Provost, University of Pennsylvania, 1999-2004
*John J. DeGioia (C 1979, G 1995) - 48th President, Georgetown University, 2001-present
*Thomas R. Fitzgerald, S.J. (C 1938-1939) - 6th President, Fairfield University, 1973-1979; 30th President, St. Louis University, 1979-1987
*David Goldwyn (C 1981) - Chairman of the Board, GlobalGiving Foundation, 2003-present
*Robert M. Hayes (C 1974) - Founder, Coalition for the Homeless
*Leo Higdon Jr. (C 1968) - 10th President, Connecticut College, 2006-present
*Garrett P. Kiely (C 1983) - Director of the University of Chicago Press, the nation's largest academic press, 2007-present
*Leo J. O'Donovan, S.J. (C 1956) - 47th President, Georgetown University, 1989-2001
*Scott R. Pilarz, S.J. (C 1981) - 24th President, The University of Scranton, 2003-present
*Most Rev.Thomas J. Rodi (C 1971) - Bishop, Diocese of Biloxi, Mississippi
*Charles Schultze (C 1948) - Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors in the Carter Administration
*Anthony Paul Kennedy Shriver (C 1988) - President, Best Buddies International
*Stacey Davis Stewart (C 1985) - President and CEO, Fannie Mae Foundation, 1999-present Fact|date=November 2007
*Barry Sullivan (C 1953) - Chairman of the Board of Trustees, University of Chicago, 1989-1992
*Rev. John Whitney, S.J. (C 1980) - Provincial, Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus


*Ruben Boumtje Boumtje (C 2001) - professional basketball player
*Alex Buzbee (C 2007) - defensive end with the Washington Redskins
* Robert H. Castellini (C 1963) - CEO, Cincinnati Reds Fact|date=October 2007
*Craig Esherick (C 1978) - former head basketball coach at Georgetown
*Patrick Ewing (C 1985) - former professional basketball player
*Eric "Sleepy" Floyd (C 1982) - former professional basketball player
*Jeff Green (C, attended 2004-2007) professional basketball player, Seattle Supersonics
*Othella Harrington (C 1996) - professional basketball player, Chicago Bulls
*Allen Iverson (C, attended 1995 to 1996) - professional basketball player, Denver Nuggets
*Frank McCourt, Jr. (C 1975) - owner and chairman, Los Angeles Dodgers Fact|date=October 2007
*Alonzo Mourning (C 1992) - professional basketball player, Miami Heat
*Eamonn O'Reilly (C 1966) - former American record holder in the Marathon Fact|date=October 2007
*Don Reid (C 1995) - former professional basketball player
*Mike Sweetney (C, attended 2001 to 2003) - professional basketball player, Chicago Bulls
*Paul Tagliabue (C 1962) - commissioner, National Football League, 1989-2006
*Michael Vespoli (C 1968) - U.S. Olympic rower, 1974 world rowing champion, U.S. Olympic rowing coach
*Jahidi White (C 1998) - professional basketball player, Charlotte Bobcats
*Jerome Williams (C 1996) - professional basketball player, New York Knicks
*Reggie Williams (C 1987) - former professional basketball player
*David Wingate (C 1986) - former professional basketball player


*Richard Mudd (C 1921, G 1922, M 1936) grandson of Samuel Mudd, who was imprisoned for aiding John Wilkes Booth
*Prince Agustin de Iturbide y Green (C B.Phil.) - grandson of Agustin de Iturbide, the first emperor of Mexico; became adopted son of Emperor Maximilian and Empress Carlota of Mexico; in exile (as Augustin III) he taught Spanish and French at Georgetown for many years (d. 1925).Fact|date=October 2007

Briefly attended

*Gerome Ragni (C) - Co-author of the 1960's rock musical "Hair"


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