Kalenjin languages

Kalenjin languages

The Kalenjin languages are a group of twelve related Southern Nilotic languages spoken in Kenya, eastern Uganda and northern Tanzania. The term Kalenjin comes from a Nandi expression meaning 'I say (to you)'. "Kalenjin" in this broad linguistic sense should not be confused with "Kalenjin" as a term for the common identity the Nandi-speaking peoples of Kenya assumed halfway the twentieth century; see Kalenjin and Kalenjin language.

The Kalenjin languages are generally distinguished into four sub-branches. There is less certainty regarding internal relationships within those four main branches. The following internal classification is based on the Ethnologue, 15th edition (2005):

* Elgon languages
** Kupsabiny (Uganda)
** Sabaot (Kenya)
* Nandi-Markweta languages
** Markweta languages
*** Endo language (Kenya)
*** Talai language (Kenya)
** Nandi languages
*** Aramanik language (Kenya)
*** Kalenjin language (Kenya)
**** (including Kipsigis, Nandi, Terik, and Keiyo dialects)
*** Kisankasa language (Tanzania)
*** Mediak language (Tanzania)
*** Mosiro language (Tanzania) (considered a subdivision of Akiek by Rottland (1982) and Sommer (1992))
*** Tugen language (Kenya)
* Okiek language (Kenya, Tanzania)
** "Kinare" dialect (extinct)
** "Sogoo" dialect (endangered)
** "Akiek" dialect (endangered)
* Pökoot language (Kenya)


* Rottland, Franz (1982) "Die Südnilotischen Sprachen: Beschreibung, Vergleichung und Rekonstruktion" (Kölner Beiträge zur Afrikanistik vol. 7). Berlin: Dietrich Reimer. "(See esp. map 1 on p. 31, and the 'Sprachbeschreibung' of the Kalenjin languages on pp. 69–143.)"

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* [http://www.kalenjin.net A Kalenjin website]
* [http://www.ethnologue.com/show_family.asp?subid=90120 Kalenjin branch] on the Ethnologue.
* [http://www.let.uu.nl/users/Joost.Zwarts/personal/Papers/Endo_phonology.pdf Endo phonology]

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