Cold gas thruster

Cold gas thruster

A cold gas thruster is a rocket engine/thruster that uses a (typically inert) gas as the reaction mass.

A cold gas thruster usually simply consists of a pressurized tank containing gas, a valve to control its release and a nozzle, and plumbing connecting them. A very simple example would be the use of a handheld CO2 or nitrogen gas fire extinguisher while sitting down in a rolling office chair; motion is achieved by pointing the nozzle in the direction opposite of the desired movement and activating the extinguisher.

Because the gas is usually unheated, speed at the throat is low and very low performance is achieved; in a vacuum with nitrogen gas a specific impulse of 68 seconds can be achieved.[1]

Cold gas thrusters are mostly useful for vernier engines, and are employed chiefly for simplicity and reliability.

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