Official Multiculturalism Act

Official Multiculturalism Act

The "Act for the Preservation and Enhancement of Multiculturalism in Canada" was passed in 1985, with minor organizational amendments since that time (Multiculturalism & Citizenship Canada, 1991). Its stated objectives are to:

a) recognize and promote the understanding that multiculturalism reflects the cultural and racial diversity of Canadian society and acknowledges the freedom of all members of Canadian society to preserve, enhance and share their cultural heritage;

b) recognize and promote the understanding that multiculturalism is a fundamental characteristic of the Canadian heritage and identity and that it provides an invaluable resource in the shaping of Canada's future;

c) promote the full and equitable participation of individuals and communities of all origins in the continuing evolution and shaping of all aspects of Canadian society and assist them in the elimination of any barrier to such participation;

d) recognize the existence of communities whose members share a common origin and their historic contribution to Canadian society, and enhance their development;

e) ensure that all individuals receive equal treatment and equal protection under the law, while respecting and valuing their diversity;

f) encourage and assist the social, cultural, economic and political institutions of Canada to be respectful and inclusive of Canada's multicultural character;

g) promote the understanding and creativity that arise from the interaction between individuals and communities of different origins;

h) foster the recognition and appreciation of the diverse cultures of Canadian society and promote the reflection and the evolving expressions of those cultures;

i) preserve and enhance the use of languages other than English and French, while strengthening the status and use of the official languages of Canada; and

j) advance multiculturalism throughout Canada in harmony with the national commitment to the official languages of Canada. (Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada, 1990, pp. 13-15).

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