Elimination can refer to several things:
*When referencing the word in a Reality TV show, it means to vote one off, also known as voting off, consisting of they are out of the game or contest.
*In chemistry, an elimination reaction is a one- or two-step organic reaction in which two functional groups combine to form a larger organic product with a new bond such as an ester, amide, or ether. There is also a small product; e.g., water or an acid.
*In pharmacology, elimination (or clearance) refers to all the processes that remove a drug or other foreign agent from the body. These include excretion and metabolism.
*In biology elimination refers to the removal of undigested or unchanged materials from the body. It is different from excretion because excreted materials are metabolic wastes and by-products. Cellulose or dietary fibre is an example of material that is eliminated but not excreted.
*In epidemiology elimination refers to the destruction of an infectious disease and its causal organism from a region of the world. It is used in contrast to eradication, which is the complete destruction of an infectious disease (or at least its wild form) from anywhere in the world.
*In logic, elimination refers to the rule of inference known as the disjunctive syllogism.
*Single elimination and double elimination are styles of tournament competition.
* Elimination! is a 1974 arcade game by Atari Inc. subsidiary Key Games.
*Elimination is a variant of the "lifestyle-invading" game Assassin, played with clothes-pins.
*Eliminator is ZZ Top's 8th studio album, released in 1983.
*Elimination is Jughead's Revenge's 3rd studio album, released in 1994.
*Elimination is the second song from Overkill's album The Years of Decay
*Elimination is a trash metal band from Ipswich, United Kingdom.
* In mathematics, eliminating a variable from a system of relations means obtaining a system of the same kind that has the same solutions over the remaining variables. Depending on the kind of system, various elimination techniques exist:
**Gaussian elimination is a matrix operation, that produces "reduced row echelon form", with steps of elimination over linear equalities;
**Fourier-Motzkin elimination for systems of linear inequalities.

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