Field punishment

Field punishment

Field punishment was a military punishment formerly used in the British Army and other armies of the British Empire. It could be awarded only to soldiers on active service during war. It was a common punishment during World War I but was abolished in 1923.

A commanding officer could award field punishment for up to 28 days, while a court martial could award it for up to 90 days, either as Field Punishment Number One or Field Punishment Number Two.

Field Punishment Number One, often abbreviated to "F.P. No. 1" or even just "No. 1", consisted of the convicted man being placed in fetters and handcuffs or similar restraints and attached to a fixed object, such as a gun wheel, for up to two hours per day. This was applied for up to three days out of four, up to 21 days total. This humiliating punishment was intensely disliked by the soldiers, who nicknamed it "crucifixion". It has been alleged that this punishment was sometimes applied within range of enemy fire.

Field Punishment Number Two was similar except the soldier was not attached to a fixed object. In both forms of field punishment, the soldier was also subject to hard labour and loss of pay.

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