Julian Henry

Julian Henry

Julian Henry (born 11 June, 1959 in England) is best known in the world of public relations in the UK where he is the founder of Henry's House, a marketing company that represents a range of clients and brands in the world of entertainment and business. [cite news
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Julian Henry is related to several figures in media and journalism.

He is the son of Brian Henry, an influential force in the early days of ITV. In 1956 Brian Henry became the Controller of Advertisements at Associated-Rediffusion Ltd, the London weekday TV broadcaster, and the largest and most important television company in the ITV network. He later joined the Daily Mail Associated Newspapers as Director of Marketing taking the newspaper from broadsheet to tabloid, and later became Director of Southern Television, a Fellow of Institute of Marketing, and Chairman of the Oxford Playhouse. He was author of the book "British Television Advertising: The first 30 years" (1986, London).

Julian Henry's mother is Elizabeth Henry, former journalist for Woman's Journal, child star of Wrights Coal Tar Soap (popular household soap in 1930's Britain) billboard campaigns and other advertising work. She appeared as a child regularly in the Daily Express and Sunday Express.

He is great nephew of Elizabeth Craig MBE FRSA, (celebrated Scottish author, journalist, cook). Elizabeth Craig was the best known Scottish cook of the 20th Century. She wrote over 40 cookery books, and contributed to many magazines and newspapers. She appeared on the famous 'over 90s' show on BBC TV Parkinson in 1978 aged 95 alongside Rt Honourable Manny Shinwell MP and the playright Ben Travis CBE.

Julian Henry is the great nephew of Arthur Mann, First World War and Second World War journalist and reporter for Washington Post, New York Times and North American radio broadcasting organisation Mutual Broadcasting Company. Mann was a contemporary of Edward Murrow, Richard Dimbleby and others. He broadcast weekly reports across America from Europe throughout the 2nd World War, and was a notable member of the Savage Club for over 30 years.

He is brother of UK advertising copywriter Susie Henry, D&AD Gold Award winner, creator of the slogan "We Won't Make A Drama Out Of A Crisis" and founder of advertising agency Waldron Allen Henry & Thompson.

Julian Henry lives in London and Oxford and has two children George (born 1997) and Harriet (born 1999).


A former music journalist, Julian Henry worked for renowned fashion publicist Lynne Franks for ten years in 1980s as she promoted the careers of Jean Paul Gaultier, Katherine Hamnett, Rifat Ozbek and other influential designers. Henry was caricatured in a sketch by comedians French & Saunders.

In 1987 Julian Henry met music manager Simon Fuller and began a working relationship that has lasted over 20 years to the current day. His first work for Fuller was for songwriter Cathy Dennis and Annie Lennox while at Lynne Franks PR. He remains one of Fuller closest advisors and has taken on a senior role at 19 Entertainment as global head of communication.

He became a director of Lynne Franks PR in 1991 and developed his own entertainment client roster away from fashion including Absolut Vodka, Coca-Cola, BBC Radio 1, HMV Music Stores, Yamaha, Sega, the pop singer Michael Jackson, The Spice Girls and various television shows including the BAFTA award winning C4 show Network 7. While at LFPR Julian Henry co-produced two TV shows with BBC TV's Kenton Allen 'Yamaha Band Explosion' (BBC) - a sponsored TV showcase for new talent - which featured early performances by Teenage Fanclub, Manic Street Preachers, Blur and Radiohead. He also worked with Allen on the Diet Coke Movie Awards (ITV). At this time he founded his own record label JSH Records and contributed articles to British music papers including NME, Melody Maker and Music Week. As an early champion of indie music and contributor to Underground Magazine Henry helped unearth several bands that went on to prominence including Liverpool group The La's who he introduced to Go Discs chief Andy McDonald.

In early 1990s his music group The Hit Parade became successful in Japan and USA. He toured Japan four times and started to release a series of CDs that were critically applauded but never commercially successful. Between 1996 and 1998, he was a member of the Spice Girls' management team. [cite web
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] In 1998 he launched his own PR company, Henry's House with Simon Fuller as a fellow director.cite news
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] While running Henry's House he publicised Tango, Big Brother, Coca-Cola, Absolut Vodka, Pop Idol and various TV shows and celebrities.

In 2007, Henry took on the role of Head of Communications at Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment where he oversees promotion of David and Victoria Beckham, American Idol TV show, the Spice Girls and others, as well as handling all corporate affairs issues for Simon Fuller. [cite web
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] He remains Chairman of Henry's House, he is a Trustee of The ICA and writes an occasional newspaper column for The Guardian. [cite news
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External links

* [http://www.henryshouse.com Henry's House official website]
* [http://www.myspace.com/thehitparade The Hit Parade myspace site]

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