Palti son of Laish

Palti son of Laish

Palti (or Paltiel), son of Laish, who was from Gallim, was the husband of Michal, Saul's daughter. [Bibleverse|1|Samuel|25:44|] . Michal was originally David's wife, but Saul gave her to Palti after she helped David escape from Saul. Later when David became king of Israel, he demanded the return of Michal from Pali. [Bibleverse|2|Samuel|3:15|] . Palti "followed her weeping as far as Bahurim. But Abner said to him 'Go Back!'. And he turned back."" [Bibleverse|2|Samuel|3:16|] .

According to the Talmud, Palti never consummated his marriage with Michal, but kept a sword between them while in bed to separate them. The Talmud therefore explains his weeping as sorrow over the loss of a good deed, and not as weeping for the loss of Michal herself:

Is it not written (II Samuel 3.16), "He went weeping?" —This was for losing the good deed [of self-restraint] . Hence [he followed her] to [the town called] Bahurim (literally, "youths"), implying that they both had remained like unmarried youths and not tasted the pleasure of marital relations. [Sanhedrin 19b]


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