Sosiaalisesti rajoittuneet

Sosiaalisesti rajoittuneet

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title= Sosiaalisesti rajoittuneet

caption= C and Plus commenting their latest creation: 'Why? Of course our code is thread-safe!'
author= Ossi Mäntylahti, Jukka Piira and Pekka Piira
status= Six days per week
first= 2000-10-20
genre= IT, Work-related
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"Sosiaalisesti rajoittuneet" ("The Socially Challenged") is a Finnish webcomic written by Ossi Mäntylahti and Pekka Piira and drawn by Jukka Piira.

The comic is about a fictional software company and IT industry in general. The setting is somewhat similar to "Dilbert", but the style differs by concentrating more on actual nerd trivia and less on business stereotypes and zany interaction between characters. The comic was a pioneer of Finnish webcomicscite news | first=Tuomas | last=Karvonen | title= Nettisarjakuva naurattaa tuhannen stripin voimin | url= | work=ITviikko | date=2005-02-04 | accessdate=2007-01-22] and one of the few that are still regularly published.The "Sosiaalisesti Rajoittuneet" [ introductory page] (Finnish) (Last retrieved 19-1-2006)] Its site receives over 250,000 hits per monthThe "Sosiaalisesti Rajoittuneet" [ media info page] (Finnish) (Last retrieved 19-1-2006)] (in a language with 5.2 million speakers) and has been featured in Ilta-Sanomat"Ilta-Sanomat", daily print editions for April 2001] , Iltalehti Online and ITviikko."ITviikko", spring 2001 print editions] . Frequent visiting of the "Sosiaalisesti rajoittuneet" web site is regarded as a sign of a nerd behaviour "Ylikellotettu nörtti" hardcover book's list of "How to tell if one is are a true nerd". Published by Otava in January 2006. ISBN: ISBN 951-1-20736-9. Authors Tio and Marko Turunen] .


The more notable characters are:
* C and Plus are the main characters. They are typical computer nerds who know software developing, games and hardware programming inside and out, but have little or no interest in the 'real' world. Together they are C plus Plus, a pun on C++. Originally, both were single, but recently C has started dating Laura, a female computer game nerd who frequently beats him at games. Plus, on the other hand, is every now and then engaged with Ginger.
* Iipee (I.P.) is the company's errand girl. She is a fashionable modern woman with little interest for computers or 'nerdy stuff'. Her name originates from the Finnish pronunciation of TCP/IP's IP part and her burden is to always end up with nerds. Her current boyfriend is an avid Star Trekker. Iipee likes to date both men and women, a characteristic that the nerds like to call "dual-booting".
* eLisa is the company's director of marketing. She is an attractive young woman and frequently uses her "features" as an advantage to get her way in cruel world of IT.
* Pomo (The Boss) and VTJ (The Vice President) are representatives of the management. They seem to care only about money and treat employees as expendable.
* Blondisihteeri (The Blonde Secretary) is a typical, very cute and bubble-brained blonde, only male. Despite his utter lack of knowledge about tech, finance, or anything requiring actual thought, he has inexplicably good luck with the other sex.
* Kynäniska (The Pencilneck) is a completely hopeless nerd with no social life whatsoever. His only interests are computer gaming and leet culture. He often tries to pick up women, but usually fails miserably. Currently he's dating a young, sexy girl called Petra, who is a World of Warcraft addict.
* Petra is a 20 year old girl with a great body, who always plays World of Warcraft, and uses macros to do her works, giving her more time to been spent playing WoW. Petra is a violent woman with an extreme temper, which is a bad combination with her troll teeth prosthesis.


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