Dairat Labguer massacre

Dairat Labguer massacre
Algerian massacres in 1997
Massacres in which over 50 people were killed:
Thalit massacre 3 - 4 April
Haouch Khemisti massacre 21 April
Dairat Labguer massacre 16 June
Si-Zerrouk massacre 27 July
Oued El-Had and Mezouara massacre 3 August
Souhane massacre 20 - 21 August
Beni-Ali massacre 26 August
Rais massacre 29 August
Beni-Messous massacre 5 - 6 September
Guelb El-Kebir massacre 19 September
Bentalha massacre 22 September
Sid El-Antri massacre 23 - 24 December
Wilaya of Relizane massacres 30 December
1996 - [Edit] - 1998

The Dairat Labguer massacre took place on June 16, 1997 - less than two weeks after parliamentary elections - in the hamlet of Dairat Labguer (also (mis)spelled Dairat Labguar, Dairat Lebguar, Daïat Labguer, Daïret Lebguer, Dairet Lebguer) near M'sila, 300 km southeast of Algiers. About 50 people were killed by some 30 guerrillas, who also kidnapped women, killed the livestock, and stole jewels. Five days earlier, another 17 had been killed at a village some 5 km away. The massacre was attributed to Islamist groups such as the GIA.

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