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location_city = Bella Vista, New South Wales
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key_people = Michael Luscombe, CEO
Steve Greentree, General Manager Freestanding Liquor
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industry = Retail
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parent = Woolworths Limited
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BWS (Beer Wine Spirits) is an Australian retail chain of liquor stores owned by Woolworths Limited.

BWS began operations in June 2001 as a local neighborhood bottleshop. BWS is a division of Woolworths Freestanding Liquor Division which also includes the Dan Murphy's brand. The Freestanding Liquor Division of Woolworths is distinguished from Woolworths Liquor and Safeway Liquor stores (Victoria), in that it stands alone from Supermarkets. The first BWS was opened in Cabramatta, New South Wales, the site of a Woolworths owned Mac's Liquor Store.

Currently BWS has nearly 600 stores Australia wide, a majority including the ALH Group sites.

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