Restoration of the Monarchy

Restoration of the Monarchy

Restoration of the Monarchy can refer to multiple topics
* English Restoration - restoration of the Monarchy in England
* A fashion brand of that name by Eric Villency

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  • Restoration spectacular — The Restoration spectacular, or elaborately staged machine play , hit the London public stage in the late 17th century Restoration period, enthralling audiences with action, music, dance, moveable scenery, baroque illusionistic painting, gorgeous …   Wikipedia

  • The Country Wife — is a Restoration comedy written in 1675 by William Wycherley. A product of the tolerant early Restoration period, the play reflects an aristocratic and anti Puritan ideology, and was controversial for its sexual explicitness even in its own time …   Wikipedia

  • The House of the Four Winds — is a novel by John Buchan. It is the last of his three Dickson McCunn books. It is set in the fictitious Central European country of Evallonia around 1930 and concerns the overthrow of a corrupt republic and the restoration of the monarchy.… …   Wikipedia

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  • Restoration literature — English literature written after the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660 following the period of the Commonwealth. Some literary historians equate its era with the reign of Charles II (1660–85), while others add the reign of James II (1685–88).… …   Universalium

  • Monarchy of Ireland — A monarchical polity has existed in Ireland during three periods of its history, finally ending in 1801. The designation King of Ireland (Irish: Rí na hÉireann) and Queen (regnant) of Ireland was used during these periods. Since 1949, the only… …   Wikipedia

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  • restoration — noun 1 returning sth to its original condition ADJECTIVE ▪ complete, full ▪ extensive, major ▪ Many of the older paintings have undergone extensive restoration. ▪ partial …   Collocations dictionary

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