Anton Ghon

Anton Ghon

Anton Ghon (January 1, 1866 - April 23, 1936) was an Austrian pathologist who was a native of Villach. In 1890 he earned his medical degree in Graz, and afterwards spent several years at the pathological institute in Vienna, where he worked with Anton Weichselbaum (1845-1920). In 1910 he became a professor of pathological anatomy at the German University in Prague.

Ghon was a specialist in the field of bacteriology, and is remembered for his work with meningitis and tuberculosis. His name his lent to Ghon focus, which is a primary infection associated with tuberculosis, as well as Ghon's complex, when the aforementioned infection involves surrounding lymph nodes. His best known written work is a 1912 treatise of childhood tuberculosis called "Der primäre Lungenherd bei der Tuberkulose der Kinder".
* Publications about Anton Ghon:
* "Ghon, but not forgotten, (Anton Ghon and his complex)"; WB Ober (1983).


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