BiH Croats 1991

BiH Croats 1991

1991 Croats in BiH were mostly concentreted in the following areas;
*areas which were part of Banovina Croatia 1939-1941(with addition of Jajce), which were also mostly the areas which were latter part of Croatian Cantons by Vance Owen peace plan
*border area southwestern of Bihać which were not part of Bosnia and Herzegovina until 1945.
other western Bosnian areas around Croatian border;
*Uništa (Croatian village near Bosansko Grahovo)
*few villages near Bosanska Gradiška
few inner enclaves which were not part of Banovina Croatia
*in central Bosnia;
**enclave of Žepče-Komušina-Novi Šeher
**enclave of Vareš-Kraljeva Sutjeska
**Usora enclave
*in western Bosnia;
**Ljubija (near Prijedor)
**areas northern of Banja Luka
*in the villages around Zenica
*in the villages around Tuzla
in the big cities;
*ZenicaMost of the inner enclaves were cut into many municipallities in which Croats hadn't had majority (Vareš is obvious exception) and not all municipallities on the areas of Banovina Croatia were not ethnically homogenous due to the ethnic and administrative changes in 1953-1961 and 1961-1991 (period of second Yugoslavia).

During the municipal elections of 1990 in majority of municipalities with large percentage of Croats HDZ won majority of Croat voices (only exception is again Vareš) and during the next year it proclaims Croatian Community of Herzeg Bosnia on the areas which belonged to Banovina Croatia and additional central Bosnian enclaves, but which excluded Croatian enclaves in Western Bosnia and areas around Tuzla and Zenica.

Banovina Croatia in 1939

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