Tukangbesi Islands

Tukangbesi Islands

Tukangbesi Islands is a group of islands off the coast of Sulawesi immediately west of Buton island in the Banda Sea region, and part of Sulawesi Tenggara. There is a Tukang Besi language. Separating Buton and the group is the Gulf of Kolowana Watabo.

Islands in the group:
* Wakatobi
** Northwest: Wangiwangi Island, Kambode, Kampenane, Timor
** North Central: Kaledupa, Hoga, Linea Island,
** South Central: Tomea, Talondano, Lineta, Binongko
* Eastern outliers: Moromaho, Cowocowo, Kentiole, Runduma, Anano
* Western atolls. Karang Kapota, Karang Kaledupa
* Eastern atolls: Karang Koromaha, Karang Kadupa
* Langkesi islands ("Kepulauan Langkesi") so the northeast.

The town of Papalia is on Binongko.

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