List of botanical gardens in Japan

List of botanical gardens in Japan

This list of botanical gardens in Japan is intended to include all significant botanical gardens and arboretums in Japan.

* Akatsuka Botanical Garden (Toyko)
* Amami Islands Botanical Garden
* Aoshima Subtropical Botanical Garden
* Aritaki Arboretum (Koshigaya)
* Atagawa Tropical & Alligator Garden (Kamo, Shizuoka)
* Botanical Gardens Faculty of Science Osaka City University
* Samuel Cocking Garden (Enoshima)
* Enoshima Tropical Plants Garden
* Fuji Bamboo Garden (Shizuoka-ken)
* Fukuoka Municipal Zoo and Botanical Garden
* Futagami Manyo Botanical Gardens (Takaoka, Toyama)
* Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands
* Handayama Botanical Garden (Okayama)
* Hattori Ryokuchi Arboretum (Osaka)
* Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens (Nagoya)
* Himeji City Tegarayama Botanical Garden
* Himi Seaside Botanical Garden (Himi, Toyama)
* Hiroshima Botanical Garden
* Hirugano Botanical Garden
* Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens
* Ibaraki Botanical Garden
* Ibusuki Experimental Botanical Garden (Kagoshima University)
* Ishikawa Forest Experiment Station
* Itabashi Botanical Garden (Toyko)
* Jindai Botanical Garden (Tokyo)
* Kagoshima Botanical Garden
* Kanagawa Prefectural Ofuna Botanical Garden
* Botanic Garden, Faculty of Science, Kanazawa University
* Botanical Garden of Kawaguchi-City
* Kemigawa Arboretum (Chiba)
* Kiseki No Hoshi Greenhouse
* Kitayama Botanical Garden
* Kobe City Forest Botanical Garden
* Kobe Municipal Arboretum
* Koishikawa Botanical Gardens (Tokyo)
* Kosobe Conservatory (Osaka)
* Kubota Palm Garden (Masaki)
* Kyoto Botanical Garden
* Makino Botanical Garden (Kōchi, Kōchi)
* Manyo Botanical Garden
* Manyo Botanical Garden, Nara
* Michinoku Mano-Manyo Botanical Garden (Kashima, Fukushima)
* Mito Municipal Botanical Park
* Miyajima Natural Botanical Garden
* Miyakojima City Tropical Plant Garden
* Mizunomori Water Botanical Garden (Kusatsu, Shiga)
* Nagai Botanical Garden (Osaka)
* Nagasaki Subtropical Botanical Garden
* Nambo Paradise Botanical Garden (Tateyama)
* Nigawa Botanical Garden
* Niigata Prefectural Botanical Garden
* Nikko Botanical Garden
* Nunobiki Herb Garden (Kobe)
* Omoro Botanical Garden
* Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden (Kobe)
* Sakuya Konohana Kan (Osaka)
* Sapporo Botanic Garden
* Sasebo Zoological Park and Botanical Garden
* Sawara Municipal Aquatic Botanical Garden
* Seinan Gakuin University Biblical Botanical Garden
* Shimokamo Tropical Botanical Gardens
* Shinrin Botanical Garden
* Southeast Botanical Gardens (Okinawa)
* Suma Rikyu Park (Kobe)
* Tajima Plateau Botanical Gardens
* Tama Forest Science Garden
* Tennoji Botanical Garden (Osaka)
* Botanical Garden of Tohoku University
* Tokyo University of Agriculture Botanical Garden (Atsugi, Kanagawa)
* Botanic Gardens of Toyama
* Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum
* Tsukuba Botanical Garden
* Wakayama Prefecture Botanical Park
* Yamashina Botanical Research Institute
* Yokohama Municipal Children's Botanical Garden
* Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome (Tokyo)

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