Gopher may refer to:

* Gopher (animal), including:
** True gopher, i.e. pocket gopher or member of Geomyidae, native to North America
** Richardson's Ground Squirrel, a species of "Spermophilus"
** Ground squirrel, in a loose general sense, Sciuridae
** The Gopher tortoise, "Gopher Tortoise/Gopherus polyphemus"

* Media characters
** Gopher, a character in the Disney version of Winnie the Pooh.
** Character played in "Wonderland" by Michael Pitt
** The Gopher, character in Disney's The Lion King
** "Gophers!", a 1990 UK puppet sit-com starring the voice of Lou Hirsch
** Gordon the Gopher, a puppet gopher appearing on children's TV in the UK.
** The ship's purser on The Love Boat
** A character in the movie, Caddyshack
** Goldy Gopher the mascot of the University of Minnesota

* Member of various groups, including:
** Golden Gophers, University of Minnesota sports teams
** Gopher Gang, early 20th-century New York
** CF Pachuca, a Mexican soccer team whose Spanish nickname means "gophers"

* Minnesota, the "Gopher State."
* Gopher protocol, for the distributed hypertext protocol. Named in honor of, and developed at, the University of Minnesota.
* Gopher wood, of unclear meaning, is mentioned in the Bible as the building material for Noah's ark.
* A "gopher ball" is one of many nicknames for a home run in baseball.
* A Gofer ("go-fer" " [go-for, to fetch] ), or errand-runner
* 9K35 Strela-10 (NATO reporting name: "SA-13 "Gopher"), Soviet anti-air vehicle

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