Borovo, Bulgaria

Borovo, Bulgaria

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Borovo ( _bg. Борово) is a town in Northern Bulgaria. The name Borovo comes from the bulgarian word ‘Bor’ which means ‘pine’ ( _bg. Бор). It is located in Rousse oblast and is close to Byala. Around 5,500 people live in Borovo’s six villages and another 3,000 in the town of Borovo. The municipality has a temperate climate, with warm summers and cold winters. Unique objects from a Thracian silver treasure (known as the Borovo Treasure) and a Thracian tomb of c. 4 BC have been discovered on the town's territory. There are evidences of the presence of an old Roman road discovered between the villages of Batin and Gorno Ablanovo near Borovo.
Bulgarian Hristo Markov, who became an Olympic champion in triple jump in 1988, was born in Borovo. Borovo is home to the football/soccer club Vihur ( _bg. Вихър) (Hurricane), which competes yearly in the Rousse region. The club is over 50 years old.The traditional work of the municipality has centered on the textile industry - there are several big factories manufacuring socks, tights and textile wear.

Business in the area

In this part of Bulgaria are concentrated many clothing factories. These enterprises provide for a considerable number of jobs and form a large part of the local economy. The average salary of those working in the municipality is between 180 – 250 lev a month (or around $120 - $170 /mo.). The major exporters are the firms Elkon (to Belgium), Tri-Co (Finland and Denmark) one of the largest sock producers in Bulgaria, distributes domestically and for export (180 employees) which currently is working with partners from Israel, TIM Bulgaria [ ] that manufacures fine stockings and pantyhoses for Europe and Americas and Spiral Ltd. that produces fashion, sporting and textile wear. Other factories in the region are:Cherven 2000, a producer of machines for use in mills (60 employees), Elkon - extension cords and other electronic appliances (50 employees), Stefan Stefanov – KONTEKS - men’s dress shirts for export and domestic use (23 employees), Plamen Penchev - men’s dress shirts for export and domestic use (20 employees)


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