Katun River

Katun River

:"For the steel inverted roller coaster, see Katun (roller coaster); for the village in Slovakia see Katúň.Infobox River
river_name = Katun River

caption = The Katun River in Tungur village
origin = Belukha Mountain
mouth = Ob River
basin_countries = Russia
length = 688 km
elevation =
discharge = 626 m³/s
watershed = 60 900 km²

The Katun River ( _ru. Катунь) is a river in the Altai Republic and the Altai Krai of Russia. It forms the Ob River as it joins the Biya River some 19 km southwest of Biysk. The Katun River is 688 km long, the area of its drainage basin is 60,900 km². It originates in the Katun glaciers on the southern slope of the Belukha Mountain. The river freezes up in the late November - early December and breaks up in the early or mid-April. The Katun River has a few tributaries: Argut River, Chuya River, Koksa River and Sema River. The river is navigable.

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