Shoe (Robot Chicken episode)

Shoe (Robot Chicken episode)

Infobox Television episode
Title = Shoe
Series = Robot Chicken
Season = 3
Episode = 45
Airdate = September 9 2007
Production = 5
Writer = Harp Pekin
Mike Fasolo
Doug Goldstein
Seth Green
Ben Schwartz
Tom Root
Matthew Senreich
Kevin Shinick
Director = Matthew Senreich
Guests =
Episode list = List of Robot Chicken episodes
Prev = Tapping a Hero
Next = Endless Breadsticks

Shoe is the 45th episode of "Robot Chicken".

List of Skits

Bedroom Dysfunction

Barbie's boyfriend Ken seems to have Erectile dysfunction, but really doesn't have a penis at all.

Ted and Jenna's Rampage

Ted Kennedy and Jenna Jameson meet in a bar. They see they have a problem. They are tired of Hollywood actors and actresses taking politicians and pornstars jobs, so they go on a killing spree, killing the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paris Hilton. Seth Green is seen watching the Academy Awards at home when their killing spree reached there. They are arrested, but escape from jail...before running themselves off a bridge.

Micro Machines Man's Life

The Micro Machines Man is shown advertising the line of cars and talking about his bitter divorce. Featuring John Moschitta, Jr., the same actor who performed as the Micro Machines Man and voiced the Transformer Blurr.

Bungie Snack

A man bungie jumps towards a river and is eaten by an alligator.

The Tortoise, The Hare and the Ugly

It seems the tortoise won more than the race...

Rescuing Zelda

After a 50 hour quest, Link rescues Princess Zelda and wants a decent reward. He is instead given 8 rupees.

traitjacket Escape

A mental hospital patient escapes his straitjacket and is applauded by the staff. The staff is then informed that he was a violent, schizophrenic, rapist with a touch of dementia and the strength of 8 men. But they're still impressed.

Mona Lisa's Smile

It is revealed that the reason that the Mona Lisa is depicted not fully smiling is because of the painter passing gas.

topping Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog learns the true ruthless nature of Green Hill's speed police department. Sonic runs through the landscape, but ends up getting impaled and injured by a spike strip, laid by two hidden Police officers.

The Lagoon Creature's Name

The Creature from the Black Lagoon decides to get politically correct, and says that he would like to be called "The Creature from the African-American Lagoon"

The Sectaurs' Final Mission

Dragon-fliers + Bug zapper = massive hilarity."Spidrax! Spinning web! I see what you did there, and I like it!"

Homeless Airlines

An airplane made of junk is shown, but it turns out that it is a homeless man describing how he will get home to Alaska

Hernia Check

A doctor tells his patient to turn his head and cough. He does, and the result is exactly what the doctor expected: he let a stranger grab his balls.

Million Dollar Direct TV Baby

DirectTV intercedes on the most touching scene of "Million Dollar Baby" to whore out their premium cable service.

The Humping Robot Goes Vegas

The Humping Robot is back, and he's teaching fellow gamblers that the best way to get a pay off, is to get the machine to...put out?

The Death of He-Man

Skeletor and the gang accidentally commit Eternia's 1st murder on He-Man, which, through a crazy train of events typical only of Robot Chicken, lead to Orko committing Eternia's 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th murders.


* Candace Bailey - Daughter, Jenna Jameson, Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, Woman
* Rachael Leigh Cook - Evil-Lyn, Princess Zelda
* Seth Green - Beast Man, Clint Eastwood, Crazy John, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Doctor, Ganondorf, Hare, Himself, Homeless Guy #1, Homeless Guy #2, Leonardo da Vinci, Lunatic, Man, Orderly, Orko, Policemen, Seth Green's Mother, Tortoise, Trap-Jaw, Zak
* Dan Milano - Link, Skeletor
* John Moschitta, Jr. - Micro Machines Man
* Patrick Pinney - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ted Kennedy
* Tom Root - Dargon, Doctor, He-Man
* Mindy Sterling - Stewardess, Woman

toop!d Monkey

The monkey breaks the zoo's cardinal rule by feeding the animals one of his hands.

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