List of minor One Piece characters

List of minor One Piece characters

The following is a list of minor characters in the manga and anime series "One Piece":


Aisa (アイサ) is a small girl and, since she was born, she could sense via "Mantra" whenever anyone dies or is severely wounded. Because of this, she hates it when people die and will try anything to stop it, even rushing into danger without any plans on what to do. Aisa is good friends with Laki, who despite popular beliefs , is not her sister, and tends to bring her gifts like bags of dirt, which are considered holy and are called Vearth in the sky. Aisa wants to be a strong fighter like everyone else but is afraid of Wiper, though she warms up to him eventually. She is voiced by Masami Suzuki in Japanese media and by Cherami Leigh in the Funimation English dub.

Basil Hawkins

nihongo|Basil Hawkins|バジル・ホーキンス|Baziru Hōkinsu is a high bounty pirate in the Sabaody Archipelago, with a bounty of 249,000,000 Beli, one of the Eleven Supernovas. He is the captain of the Hawkins Pirates. He is known as "The Magician". He uses tarot cards to determine battle outcome percentages, such as chance of death, escape, and so forth. When attacked, he can redirect the damage to voodoo dolls that are seemingly kept inside his body, resulting in another individual bearing the brunt of the damage. Whether this is a Devil Fruit ability or not is unknown. Using the technique "Devil-Conquering Phase" he can transform into a scarecrow-type figure. Since Kizaru was still able to attack him, this eliminates the chances that he has a Logia-type Devil Fruit.

Chief Judge Baskerville

Three-Headed Baskerville (3つ首のバスカビル "Mittsu-Kubi no Basukabiru") is the gigantic, three-headed Chief Justice (裁判長 "Saibanchō") on the island of Enies Lobby, in the service of the World Government and the Navy. He is Enies Lobby's only known (and probably only) judge (three judges) . He is a walking tribunal, and each of his three heads has a mind of its own: On the left and controllng the left hand is Left Baskerville, on the right and controlling the right hand is Right Baskerville, and in the middle is Center Baskerville, who prefers to call himself such things as "Center Freeway" and "Center Lone Mainline" instead of his actual name. In addition, each head has a distinct personality, and legal opinions to match: for example, Left Baskerville is in favor of punishing the Straw Hat Pirates because they are criminals, while Right Baskerville takes the opposite viewpoint and recommends letting them go. Center Baskerville, as his self-styled nicknames suggest, is a wild card: he consistently offers the "compromise" of execution, which is more extreme than either of the other two heads' viewpoints. This often leads to Left and Right Baskerville yelling at him and banging their heads against his own. Although being originally a judge they can also fight with a sword.

When they are chopped up by an attack from Paulie & Zambai, it revealed that Baskerville is actually three people. Center Baskerville is a man with very large legs but small arms, and Left and Right have very large arms but small legs. Left and Right actually sit on Center's thighs. Right's real name is Bas, Left's real name is Kerville, and Center calls himself Princess.

Eiichirō Oda seems to have drawn from a number of British sources as inspiration for Baskerville. The character's name comes from the famous Sherlock Holmes novel, "The Hound of the Baskervilles", by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Oda also paid homage to the novel by having Baskerville's elite subordinates direct packs of military canines. Baskerville himself appears to be based substantially on the Three-Headed Knight in the film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", which shares a general resemblance in costume and argues with itself in much the same manner as Baskerville does. Combined with the character's speech quirks and stereotypical British faces (particularly that of Right Baskerville), it seems abundantly clear that the idea for Baskerville was inspired by sources from the United Kingdom. Members of the Franky Family also made references to Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the entrance of the Underworld in Greek Mythology.

He is voiced by ??? in Japanese media and by ??? in the Funimation English dub.


Bellemere (ベルメール "Berumēru"; "belle-mère" is French for "stepmother" while both words separated would mean "beautiful mother") is Nami and Nojiko's adoptive mother, seen in a flashback during the Arlong arc. It is said that in her youth she was as rambunctious and mischievous as Nami was as a child. Bellemere raised the two girls after they found her near death after a fight between marines and pirates that left their home island in ruins.

When Arlong and his crew invade the island, Bellemere tries to fend them off but is quickly subdued. Required by Arlong to pay a fee for survival, Bellemere has only enough money to pay for herself or her two adopted daughters. Choosing to buy her daughters' freedom, she is killed by Arlong in front of Nami and Nojiko. Bellemere is hardly ever seen without a cigarette. She has the word "Mace," on her shirt. Both the word and the cigarette are edited out in the 4Kids dub. Also in the 4Kids version of the anime, she is detained for not paying her fee and is "locked away in a dungeon for the rest of her days". She is voiced by Noriko Hidaka in Japanese media, Veronica Taylor in the 4Kids English dub, and ??? in the Funimation English dub.


A member of Trafalgar's Law's crew who appears to be a talking bear. He appears to be a skillful fighter who uses his legs like Sanji. No one knows if he is a bear or if he is in a bear's costume. He is always seen with his captain, Trafalgar Law. He is also seen carrying Law's sword at the auction. He is one of the few people who didn't pass out from Rayleigh's "spiritual aura". He becomes depressed if anyone points out that he's a talking bear.


Braham (ブラハム, "Burahamu") is one of the Shandian warriors that fought to take back Upper Yard from Enel, and he loses to Zoro in the Survival Game, but manages to give him a hard time with his quick movements and ranged attacks and later recovers as the war ends. He uses guns that produce a bright flash so his opponents can't see the bullets come at them, though he seems to be fairly skilled at close combat, mainly involving the use of Skate-type Wavers to boost the speed of his kicks. He is voiced by Kenji Nomura in Japanese media and by Charles Baker in the Funimation English dub.

=Calgara= Calgara (カルガラ "Karugara", Kalgara in 4kids dub) was a hero of the Shandians, who befriended the explorer Montblanc Norland. A statue of him was erected after his death as an eternal reminder to the Shandians of his strength and courage. He is voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata in Japanese media and by Robert McCollum in the Funimation English dub.

Calico Yorki

The captain of the Rumbar pirates and Brook's former captain. His name was first introduced in "One Piece" data books as was his crew. He shook hands with Crocus at Reverse Mountain and asked him to watch over Laboon. His bounty increased to an unknown amount after defeating a Marine ship. He died of a disease that the Rumbar pirate ship's doctor said was an unknown virus that he obtained in a forest the ship docked at. His last words to Brook were to carry on the promise of returning to Laboon.


Camie (ケイミー "Keimii") is a mermaid that first appeared in the Hatchan's Sea-Floor Stroll mini-series. She is an aspiring fashion designer under the tutelage of her pet starfish Pappagg (パッパグ "Pappagu"). She first appears after being saved by Hatchan from inside the mouth of a big fish alongside with Pappagg. She soon becomes friends with Hatchan and is later rescued again by him after she is kidnapped by the Macro Gang, a group of fishman kidnappers and old friends of Hatchan. In the final part of the mini-series she was at the grand opening of his floating takoyaki restaurant. She is one of only two mermaids featured so far in the series, the other being Kokoro. Camie is unusually guileless, even for a mermaid: while Kokoro was able to foresee certain events and thus come to the Straw Hat Pirates' aid at several critical moments, Camie seems incapable of recognizing deceit or ulterior motives, falling into the same trap dozens of times without learning her lesson. She also has a tendency to freak out over the smallest things.

She recently met the Straw Hat Pirates when they arrived at the Red Line for the second time. There, she was revealed to be a Kissing gourami-mermaid. After leading the Straw Hats to save Hatchan from a combo of the Macro Pirates and the Flying Fish Riders, she had been assisting them on the Sabaody Archipelago. She was kidnapped and sold to an auction house in Grove 1, where Saint Charlos bought her for 500,000,000 Beli, but was stopped by Luffy and Hatchan. Her slave collar was safely removed by Silvers Rayleigh.

Capone "Gang" Bege

nihongo|Capone "Gang" Bege|カポネ・"ギャング"ベッジ|Kapone Gangu Bejji is a powerful pirate in the Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of 138,000,000 beli, and one of the Eleven Supernovas. When being confronted by a large amount of Marines, he is shown to have the power of a Devil Fruit, proving it by revealing that his body acts like a castle, containing tiny soldiers and weapons that grow to full size when they leave it. He is the captain of the Firetank Pirates.


Carne is a cook on the floating restaurant ship, "Baratie", and is good friends with Patty. Like most of the "Baratie"'s cooking staff, Carne prides himself on being a fighting chef; when the restaurant comes under attack by the Krieg armada, he and the other chefs take up arms to defend it. He fights with a large extended knife. He is voiced by Shinobu Satouchi in Japanese media, Sean Schemmel in the 4Kids English dub, and ??? in the Funimation English dub.


A young boy from Gosa village, he wanted to kill Arlong to avenge his father's death, but Nami paid him and told him to leave. He attacked Usopp, thinking that Usopp was a fish-man (due to Usopp's long nose), but Nojiko stopped him. He later called the Navy to come rescue the survivors from Gosa but they were defeated by Arlong's crew. He brings Nojiko to the scene to see the Navy fight Arlong, but it is all in vain. However, after the fall of Arlong Park, he decides to forget about avenging his father himself and celebrates with the rest of Cocoyashi Village. He is voiced by Rika Komatsu in Japanese media, Sean Schemmel in the 4Kids English dub, and ??? in the Funimation English dub.


Chaka (チャカ), also known as "Chaka the Jackal", is one of two head guards in the Arabasta kingdom that serve under Igaram, the other being Pell. He ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model Jackal (イヌイヌの実 モデル ジャッカル, Dog Dog Fruit: Model Jackal), a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a jackal or a human/jackal hybrid. He attacked Sir Crocodile outside of the Alubarna palace — first because Crocodile's utter lack of compassion angered him and to protect the country, and then in an attempt to protect Vivi and Koza, as well as buy them time to put an end to the battle — but Crocodile easily defeated him both times. He is voiced by Kihachirō Uemura in Japanese media, Scottie Ray in the 4Kids English dub, and Robert McCollum in the Funimation English dub.


Chimney (チムニー, "Chimunī") is the hyperactive granddaughter of Sea Train conductor Kokoro, and owner of the rabbit, Gonbe (a rabbit that thinks it's a cat). She takes a liking to the Straw Hat Pirates instantly when the crew meets her outside of Water Seven. Franky called her "shrimp". She also tends to notice things that others cannot, such as when she spotted Luffy wedged between two buildings (which is where he landed after Rob Lucci knocked him out of Galley-La Corporation Headquarters) or how she managed to find secret passageways in the Tower of Justice at Enies Lobby. She, along with Gonbe, later sneak aboard the prototype Sea Train, Rocketman, and accompany the Straw Hats, Franky Family, and Galley-La foremen to Enies Lobby. And later helped Luffy find the secret passageway that Spandam, Lucci and Robin took on the way to the Gate of Justice.

As Kokoro is revealed to be a mermaid, it is possible that Chimney, being her granddaughter, may have latent mermaid abilities of her own. Although Chimney doesn't seem to have any mermaid characteristics, she was able to save Luffy, who is 3 times her size, from drowning off screen while resisting what must have been an overwhelming current from the several whirlpools in the sea in front of the Gate of Justice. She is voiced by Chiwa Saitō in Japanese media and by ??? in the Funimation English dub.

=Victoria Cindry= nihongo|Victoria Cindry|ビクトリア・シンドリー|Bikutoria Shindorī is Dr. Hogback's servant. She hates plates, to the extent of serving food directly onto the table, and constantly expresses her wish for all of the world's plates to vanish. According to Hogback, she has a tragic past - her master proposed to her, that she could test his love for her. But then she crushed his ten valuable plates, and he rejected her, and thus she has a habit of throwing plates. Her zombie number is 400.Her history is later revealed to be a lie, and Hogback reveals her real story. Ten years ago Dr. Hogback proposed to Cindry, but she rejected him because she already had a fiance. Later she fell from stage and died in an accident. Dr. Hogback was devastated when he found out and later made a deal with Gecko Moria that he'd work for him if he could bring Cindry back to life. "One Piece manga" - chapter 448 - Cindry's past] The zombie Cindry is killed when Moria absorbs all of the shadows of the Thriller Bark zombies. She is voiced by Houko Kuwashima in Japanese media and by ??? in the Funimation English dub.


A professor and scholar from the Tree of Knowledge in Ohara, he helped Nico Robin become an official archaeologist. However, he forbade her from studying Ohara's Poneglyph, not wanting her to fall prey to the World Government like her mother Olvia did. Sadly, it was not to be as the World Government found out about Ohara's research and dispatched the CP9 to take care of them. Clover tried to persuade Robin to escape as the CP9 rounded the archaeologists up. The reason for this is that Clover spoke to the World Government regarding the scholar's findings in the Poneglyphs. He did not want Robin to know those results, for fear that she will also be targeted by the World Government.

Clover stated that before the World Government was formed, the Grand Line was ruled by an ancient kingdom, but it was wiped out by a group that would one day become the World Government. However, before Clover could reveal the name, he was shot and mortally wounded. The Buster Call was then initiated and Navy ships began to assault Ohara. Clover, along with Olvia and the other scholars, stayed behind to save as many books as they can from the Tree of Knowledge for future generations. Afterwards, he and the scholars all stayed in the tree as it burned down around them, and Ohara was destroyed.

His head resembles a three-leafed clover and even his hair and beard are slightly green. He is voiced by Kōichi Kitamura in Japanese media and by ??? in the Funimation English dub.


Conis (コニス, "Konisu") is the first person to greet the Straw Hats once they reach Skypiea. She is head strong, hopeful, and cares deeply for the well being of others. When first introduced she seems happy, friendly, and acts innocent. After meeting the Straw Hat Pirates she keeps all those things. As she becomes more and more courageous, she speaks her mind and is not being afraid of her people's "God" Enel as they struggle to fight him. She is very good at playing the harp as well as being able to use a Waver. Though she never fought, she carried a Burn Bazooka and knew how to use an array of dials. She is voiced by Rieko Takahashi in Japanese media and by Laura Bailey in the Funimation English dub.


Corgi (コーギ, "Kōgi") is a "regular" worker, being something of a commander amongst the Government Soldiers, as he is seen speaking to the CP9 agents of the security of the Sea Train. He constantly tries to get Iceburg to hand over the blueprint of the Pluton. However, he is denied and is seen leaving in a huff. He later appears accompanying the CP9 and watching Robin aboard the Puffing Tom, and was later knocked out by Sogeking (Usopp) during the rescue attempt.He is able to sniff out pirates. Although he sometimes wonders if his gift is right or not, he has never missed a pirate. He is voiced by Hisao Egawa in Japanese media and by ??? in the Funimation English dub.


Laboon's caretaker and overseer of the lighthouse that guides ships coming down from Reverse Mountain into the Grand Line. He has a house "inside" Laboon when he's not working the lighthouse. Crocus was on Roger's pirate crew as their doctor, used the time to search for the Rumbar Pirates (Brook's crew) and eventually conquered the Grand Line with Roger in the process. He also has a running gag where he does a glare to increase tension, often for no particular reason. Sanji has been known to feel overly uncomfortable under this glare. He is voiced by Gorō Naya in Japanese media, ??? in the 4Kids English dub, and ??? in the Funimation English dub.


Dalton used to be a guard who served under King Wapol, but was opposed to Wapol's treatment of his subjects and eventually inspired to rebel by Hiruluk. After seeing Hirluk's noble sacrifice, he turned against Wapol, but was subdued and thrown in prison, constantly mocked by Wapol and his henchmen, Chess and Kuromarimo. After Wapol abandoned his kingdom when Blackbeard invaded, Dalton took charge and kept the island from falling into disarray, soon gaining the trust of the people.

When Monkey D. Luffy and his crew came to Drum Island in search of a doctor to cure Nami of her illness during the mission to get Princess Nefertari Vivi to Arabasta Kingdom, they encountered Dalton and some men who thought they were here to rob the island. When asked about a doctor, the only one who could heal Nami was a witch named Dr. Kureha.

Even after Wapol returned and once again subdued him, the people and even the top 20 doctors continued to help out Dalton. He was later seriously wounded by Wapol because he defended the townsfolk from arrows launched by one of Wapol's bodyguards. And he in turn then, even almost going to extreme measures such as planning to blow up Wapol's castle. Luckily, Luffy defeated Wapol and knocked him off the island, after which the people of Drum elected Dalton as their new king and renamed the island, Sakura Kingdom (inspired from the special chemical created by Hilruk, which turned the snow pink).

He appears later in chapter 440, where he shows Doctor Kureha the new bounties of the Straw Hat Pirates. He doesn't live in the castle, preferring to live in the village.

He has eaten the Devil Fruit known as the Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Bison (ウシウシの実 モデル野牛(バイソン) Cow Cow Fruit, Model Bison) which gives him the ability to transform into a bison and into a half human/half bison form that resembles a minotaur. In the English anime the fruit is called the "Ox Ox Fruit" and the animal he turns to is an Ox. He is voiced by Kenichi Ono in Japanese media, Ted Lewis in the 4Kids English dub, and ??? in the Funimation English dub.

Dorry & Broggy

The two legendary giants who fight an endless (some would say pointless) battle on Little Garden, an island in the Grand Line. Each giant has a bounty of 100,000,000 beli. The two of them battle with incredible passion and drive, the rules of Giant combat dictating the fight must be fought to the death, though neither of them really remember why they started fighting in the first place (It was over a dispute on who had caught a larger prize on a hunting expedition, reflecting the rivalry between Zoro and Sanji that started on the island). They reappeared later, in the Baroque Works mini-arc, and are still fighting.

They have been fighting for over 100 years, according to Oda when they started they were 58 years old (apparently in human years it would be around 29) and therefore are at least 158 years old by the time Luffy and his crew met them. SBS questions: "One Piece Manga" - Vol.19 Chapter 168, Fan question: How old are Dorry and Broggy? ]

Dorry is voiced by Daisuke Gōri in Japanese media and by ??? in the Funimation English dub. Broggy is voiced by Tetsu Inada in Japanese media and by ??? in the Funimation English dub.

Eustass "Captain" Kidd

nihongo|Eustass "Captain" Kidd|ユースタス・"キャプテン"キッド|Yūsutasu Kyaputen Kiddo is a high bounty pirate on the Sabaody Archipelago and captain of the Kidd Pirates, and is one of the Eleven Supernovas. He has the highest active bounty of 315,000,000 Beli and third overall highest seen so far in the series. The reason for his bounty being so high is due to his harm to civilians during his travels as a pirate. He possesses a magnetic Devil Fruit power which allows him to repel and attract metallic objects. He has demonstrated ability to repel a cannonball being shot towards him and attract all metallic weapons like guns, cannons and swords around his vicinity and form a huge arm for a weapon. He may act cocky with his power but he still fears powerful people such as Bartholomew Kuma and Kizaru.


Eyelashes (マツゲ, "Matsuge") was the camel who accompanied the Strawhats during the Arabasta Arc. He only lets women such as Nami and Vivi ride him. In her admiration, Nami named him "Eyelashes". Refusing to let anyone else on, this prompted the rest of the crew to beat him up and label him as a pervert. He also disguised himself as Vivi by riding a Spot-Billed Duck and wearing a white cape. He was paired up with Sanji and got chased by Mr. 2. After the Arabasta Arc, Eyelashes was ordered to be given special treatment, as well as being allowed to join the Super Spot-Billed Duck Squad (even though he's a camel). He is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi in Japanese media, Jamie McGonnigal in the 4Kids English dub, and Mike McFarland in the Funimation English dub.


Gaimon (ガイモン) is a character that gets his body imprisoned in an empty treasure chest after he loses his grip while scaling a small cliff on the mysterious The Island of Rare Animals (Gold Island in the 4Kids dub) trying to find some treasure with his pirate crew. The crew leaves Gaimon stranded on the island. The treasure chest becomes his body and cannot be removed, however, he can still use his hands, head and feet. It takes 20 years for another person to find him.

After Gaimon shrinks when he gets stuck in the chest, he can no longer scale the cliff. He has to protect his treasures somehow, so he would use his gun and his spooky voice to drive away intruders. Monkey D. Luffy and the whole crew passes the trial and they begin to become friends. However, when Luffy finally gets to the top of the cliff, Gaimon realized that the treasure chests were empty too and he had been protecting a nonexistent "treasure" for 20 years. He was offered to join the crew of the Strawhats but he declined. Then, he considers the animals as his treasures, and vows to protect them. He is voiced by Tōru Ōhira in Japanese media, David Brimmer in the 4Kids English dub, and Jonathan C. Osborne in the Funimation English dub.

Gan Fall

Gan Fall (ガン・フォール, "Gan Fōru"), was the previous God of Skypiea. He strove to create peace between them and the Shandians, and was close to doing so. However, before it could be achieved, Enel attacked with his army, and soundly defeated Gan Fall and the Cyandians at the same time. Enel then took the position of God of Skypiea for himself. Despite being ousted from his position, as the Sky Knight, Gan Fall still continuously patrols the land helping out those in need. After Monkey D. Luffy defeated Enel, the people of Skypiea begged him take back his rightful position, which he did.

His pet bird Pierre has eaten a Devil Fruit known as the Uma Uma no Mi (ウマウマの実, Horse Horse Fruit) which enabled Pierre to turn into a pegasus or a full horse. Gan Fall uses Pierre and his Devil Fruit power to get around Skypiea. He fights with a lance and a Impact Dial in his gauntlet.

Gan Fall mentioned at the end of Skypiea Arc that he had previously met Gold Roger over 20 years ago in the past. He is one of a few characters that has noticed a similarity between Luffy and Roger. He is voiced by Jōji Yanami in Japanese media. Originally Randy Tallman was cast as the voice of Gan Fall for the Funimation dub of the show, but passed away and was recast by John Swasey soonafter. He was incorrectly listed as his voice in the credits of Episode 153. [ [] ]

* Seiyū: Osamu Ryūtani
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): Brad Jackson Genbou (ゲンボウ) is one of the Shandian warriors that fought to take back Upper Yard from Enel, using a cannonball-firing bazooka as weapon. He loses to Yama in the Survival Game, but later recovers as the war ends.


* Seiyuu: Kōzō Shioya
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment): Marc DiraisonThe sheriff and mayor of Cocoyashi Village, which is Nami's home town. He is like a father figure to Nami and Nojiko since they were kids and he knew their adoptive mother, Bellemere, quite well. He also kept the town together after Arlong took over the island, making sure everyone was safe and able to pay their tax. Genzo is covered in scares. And wears a pinwheel on his hat, because he used it to make Nami laugh when she was a baby.

* Seiyū: Kenichi Ono
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment): ?
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): ? "Gin the Demon Man" (鬼人のギン, "Kijin no Gin"), known as "Ghin" in the 4kids Dub, is Don Krieg's first mate. He is saved from starvation by Sanji. When Don Krieg's forces come to take over the Baratie, Gin is ordered to kill his savior, but refuses.


* Seiyuu: Akemi Okamura

Chimney's pet rabbit, who thinks he's a cat. He can be considered a cabbit, a hybrid of cat and rabbit common in anime. He also says strange words. He is normally shown mimicking Chimney, even trying to talk like her. He often speaks with a "gno, gno" sound.


Higuma is a mountain bandit, leader of a band of similar bandits. During Luffy's childhood, the band swept into the town where Luffy lived and demanded sake, only to find that the last of it had been purchased by Red-Haired Shanks and his crew. Higuma personally insulted him before storming out of the town. After a short series of events, Higuma had kidnapped Luffy and started to take him to sea. This was interrupted by a Sea King, who proceeded to eat Higuma. He had a bounty of 8,000,000 beli that he was very proud of having. He is voiced by Yukimasa Kishino in Japanese media, ??? in the 4Kids English dub, and Kyle Hebert in the Funimation English dub.

* Seiyuu: Taiki Matsuno nihongo|Hildon| ヒルドン|Hirudon is one of Dr. Hogback's servants. He was introduced in chapter 444, and anime episode 339. He takes Nami, Usopp and Chopper to the mysterious Dr. Hogback's mansion. He looks like a vampire and has the ability to fly with his bat wings ["One Piece" Manga - Chapter 445] . His zombie number is 21. Hildon is killed when Moria absorbs all the shadows of the Thriller Bark zombies.


Hina (ヒナ "Hina") has received the nickname "Hina the Black Cage" (黒檻のヒナ "Kuro-Ori no Hina") because of her Ori Ori no Mi (オリオリの実) ability, which allows her to form restraints on people by swiping her limbs through them. Hina has a tendency to speak in the third person. It is usual for young children in Japan to refer to themselves by using their own name. This is seen as "cute". For her part, however, she coldly spurns any advances made towards her. She joined the Navy at the same time as Smoker. She is 32 years old. SBS questions: "One Piece Manga" - Vol.27 - Chapter 248, Fan question: What are the profiles of Smoker and Hina?] She is voiced by Tomoko Naka in Japanese media, Caren Manuel in the 4Kids English dub, and ??? in the Funimation English dub.


nihongo|Hiruluk|ヒルルク|Hiruruku|from German "Chirurg" for “surgeon”, known as "Hililuk" in English Subs and ' and Hiriluk"' in the English manga and anime, was a quack doctor from Drum Island and Tony Tony Chopper's father figure. After Wapol declared any doctor not under his rule to be outlaws, he and Doctor Kureha were the only free doctors left. He apparently knew more about Pyrotechnics and Chemistry than Medicine; he had more potent explosives than medicine and would more often hurt than heal his patients.

In his early days, Hiruluk was a thief who was diagnosed with a fatal illness. What he believed cured him was the serene vision of a grove of cherry blossom trees. After being cured, he came to believe that there is no disease in the world that cannot be cured. He returned to Drum Island, the island he was born on, to help cure a dire sickness. Hiruluk's main dream was to cure the people of the island of their frozen hearts which had formed because of Wapol's selfishness; in order to do this, Hiruluk spent the last 30 years of his life trying to make cherry blossoms bloom in the snow-covered island. He is voiced by Shigeru Ushiyama in Japanese media, Marc Diraison in the 4Kids English dub, and Mark Stoddard in the Funimation English dub.


* Seiyū: Oikawa Izō, Daisuke Kishio (young Iceburg) Iceburg nihongo|Iceburg|アイスバーグ|Aisubāgu is the president of the Galley-La company and the mayor or Water 7. He is loved by the people of the city, especially by his workers. Those enjoy his company and often ask for his opinion and input on anything having to do with building ships.


Captain of the royal guards, he is Chaka and Pell's boss. He and Princess Vivi infiltrated Baroque Works and manage to become Frontier Agents in order to learn the organization's true boss and objectives. He was known as Mr. 8 by most of the Baroque Works before being exposed, and introduces himself as Igarappoi when he is first seen in Whiskey Peak. Igaram fights with a saxophone that shoots bullets when played, and he also has small guns hidden in his hair that fire when he pulls on his neck tie.

After he and Vivi were found out, he dressed up as Vivi to act as decoy while the Straw Hats helped Vivi get back to Arabasta. But Nico Robin (Miss All Sunday at the time) blew up his ship and he was presumed dead until the end of the Arabasta Arc, where he emerged alive and well in Nanohana (which appears to be what Robin intended).

He finally caught up with the rebellion carrying a witness, Kappa, who saw Mr. 2 Bon Clay remove his disguise as Cobra, the King of Arabasta, proof that the rebellion was started by Baroque Works and not by the faults of the king. He was again seen decoying as Vivi, during a speech to the people of Arabasta, so she could sneak away secretly to say goodbye to the Straw-Hats. Later in the Rainbow Mist Arc, he is seen placing "Rainbow Mist Volume X" on a shelf in Arabasta. He seems to have more than a necessary liking for wearing women's clothing, and has dressed as Vivi off his own bat more than once. This could just be because of his loyalty to Vivi.

He is married to Terracotta. Like many "One Piece" characters, Igaram has a unique speech pattern. When clearing his throat, he says "Mah, Mah, Maah!" like an opera singer. In the 4kids dub, it is changed to "ahem, ahem, ahem." However in the English Manga, it remains "Mah, Mah, Maah!" He is voiced by Keiichi Sonobe in Japanese media, David Wills in the 4Kids English dub, and ??? in the Funimation English dub.

Iron-Mask Duval

A tall yet skinny man that was once a boss of a small town's mafia until the day that Sanji's bounty poster was released, in which, Duval's face greatly resembles Sanji's poorly drawn bounty poster (however his eyebrow swirls in the wrong direction). As a result, Duval was chased by the Marines and bounty hunters even though he was not a pirate. He develops a grudge against Sanji for 'ruining his life'. He created the Flying Fish Riders as a means of finding him. To hide away his identity he dons a large armor and mask, giving him the appearance of a very large man. He wields a harpoon gun that fires numerous scorpion poison harpoons simultaneously. He rides his pet, Motobaro for transport. He has a large scar on his back from a Marine attack on him while he was escaping his old residence. After Sanji performs the Parage Shot on Duval, permanently altering his face, he becomes very vain and very grateful to Sanji. He is voiced by ??? in Japanese media and by ??? in the Funimation English dub.


* Seiyū: Naomi KusumiJerry (ジェリー, "Jerī") is the leader of CP6 and an extremely tall man, so much in fact, that he must bend himself twice to fit into the Sea Train. He comes from Karate Island in South Blue and claims to be a boxing champion.

Jewelry Bonney

nihongo|Jewelry Bonney|ジュエリー・ボニー|Juerii Bonii is a powerful and an extremely gluttonous pirate in the Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of 140,000,000 beli, and is one of the Eleven Supernovas. She loves to eat and is known as the "Big Eater". She is the captain of the Bonney Pirates. She saved Zoro (and potentially all the pirates in the Archipelago) by stopping him from killing a World Noble. She has the ability to alter anyone's age, including her own, such as turning people into old men or small children.


Jimbei was the leader of the Fishman Pirates, which split up after he became a Shichibukai. Arlong became captain of some of the former members of Jimbei's crew. His domain is the submerged paradise Fishman Island, located directly under the holy land Mariejois. Jimbei has not made an appearance in the story so far.

Johnny and Yosaku

Johnny and Yosaku are old friends and former bounty hunting partners of Roronoa Zoro. They first appear during the Baratie arc and stay in the story until the end of the Arlong arc, both times helping out the Straw Hats. They arrive on the scene after Usopp and Luffy unknowingly shoot at the tiny island they're on for target practice. The partners had to stop because Yosaku was suffering from scurvy, but Nami was able to diagnose and treat him. Zoro also borrowed their swords for his fight with Hatchan after his other swords were destroyed by Mihawk. They next appear when the story of their first meeting with Zoro is revealed in the filler episode 135. Johnny is voiced by Masaya Takatsuka in Japanese media, Dan Green in the 4Kids English dub, and ??? in the Funimation English dub. Yosaku is voiced by Yasuhiko Tokuyama in Japanese media, Wayne Grayson in the 4Kids English dub, and ??? in the Funimation English dub.


* Seiyuu: n/aKaidou is one of the Yonkou, who once fought on equal levels with Gecko Moria. He has yet to make a physical appearance.


* Seiyū: Keisuke
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): Scott Freeman Kamakiri (カマキリ) is one of the Shandian warriors fighting to take Upper Yard from Enel. He uses a spear and a Burn Blade as a weapons.


* Seiyuu: Junko Noda
* Voice Actor: Tom Wayland (4Kids), Monica Rial (FUNimation)

Kappa is a young Arabasta child who wanted to join the Rebellion against the king; however, Koza refused to let him join because he was so young. Kappa later fell upon the secret of Baroque Works and learned that the king was framed. Mr.1 and Miss Doublefinger attacked him to keep him quiet. Igaram later finds him, and Kappa soon tells all of Arabasta about what was really going on. It was his eyewitness that officially ended the war.


* Seiyuu: Hiroaki Hirata
* Voice Actor: (4Kids Entertainment) Michael Haigney, (FUNimation) Monica RialKaroo (カルー "Karū"), also spelled "Carue," is Vivi's pet spot-billed duck, a fast-footed riding bird. He has been by her side since their childhoods, and he is Vivi's truest friend, even sleeping in her bedroom alongside her. His name comes from the Japanese word "karugamo"," which means "spot-billed duck".


* Seiyuu: Mariko Kōda
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment): Tara Sands
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): Carrie SavageKaya (カヤ) is a rich girl who got an inheritance after her parents died. Kaya becomes sickly, and her caretaker Klahadore often tends to her.


nihongo|Killer|キラー|Kirā is a powerful pirate in the Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of 162,000,000 beli, and one of the Eleven Suppernovas. He is a member of the Kid Pirates. He is known as "The Massacre Man". He is shown to have a helmet over his entire head and wears Cowboy like clothing on the rest of his body. He has scythe style blades attached to his hands and uses them as lethal weapons.


Koza (コーザ, "Kōza" often romanized as Kohza) is Princess Vivi's childhood friend and childhood leader of the Suna Suna (Sand Sand) Clan. Later in adulthood after the various Baroque Works plans to undermine the King went underway, Koza eventually ended up leading the rebel forces against him. Though he led the assault on the Royal Capitol, he attempted to stop the rebellion once he realized what was really going on. Though gravely wounded in the battle, he recovered and helped his father Toto rebuild the city of Yuba. Koza was last seen at Ukkari Hot Spring, owned and operated by his uncle Goro, along with Eneru's ex-High Priest Gedatsu. He is voiced by Takeshi Kusao in Japanese media, Jonathan Todd Ross in the 4Kids English dub, and Todd Haberkorn in the Funimation English dub.


Kokoro (ココロ) is the main conductor of the Sea Train, Puffing Tom, at the station just outside of Water Seven. She has a granddaughter named Chimney, who accompanies her everywhere. Kokoro is a heavy drinker, and speaks with a mild speech impediment that gives her dialogue a distinctive ring.

Kokoro was once the "lovely" secretary of Tom, and a matronly figure to his two apprentices, Iceburg and Franky. It was she who revealed to the Straw Hat Pirates, Franky Family, and Galley-La Company foremen the existence of a prototype Sea Train, and she was also responsible for driving the prototype, called "Rocketman," as it sped on its way towards Enies Lobby. Her facial features make it look as if she is perpetually smiling regardless of her actual emotions. Her body shape, along with her strange smile, makes her look like a frog. She is, in fact, an icefish mermaid, though resembles more of a dugong in terms of appearance and shape. The fact that she is a mermaid and how she looks upsets Sanji greatly and to a certain extent even Nami, although she is not still not used to how mermaids should look. It has been hinted that she knows a great deal about Gold Roger and may have even known him personally.

Like some of the other characters of "One Piece", Kokoro has a unique laugh, she starts it with a "Nga" (i.e. Nga ga ga ga ga)

She is voiced by Ako Mayama in Japanese media and by ??? in the Funimation English dub.


Kuina (くいな) was the childhood friend of Roronoa Zoro. She was the daughter of the sword master of a dojo, the reason why Zoro developed the Santōryu technique, and why he treasures one of his swords, the "Wadō Ichimonji", more than his others. In the defunct 4Kids dub, the "Wadō Ichimonji" is just "Wado". When Zoro was young, he challenged Kuina's dojo to a match. If he won, he'd take their school sign. (In Japan, the sign signifies the dojo is to be respected). If he lost, he'd join the dojo. However, he had no experience in swordfighting whatsoever; Kuina defeated him with one blow.

After he joined the dojo, Zoro fought Kuina regularly, but found that in 2,001 fights he could never beat her. Despite this, Kuina, who'd been told by her father that she could not achieve her dream of becoming the world's best swordsman since she was female and would mature into the physically-weaker gender, soon became discouraged in her future as a swordfighter. After tearfully telling Zoro about her future's despondent outlook, he got angry, yelling that she wasn't weak, and training so hard to beat someone who would grow weaker than him made him look bad. He swore that the day he beat her, it would be because he trained hard, not because she grew weaker.

This makes Kuina feel better and she decides to continue chasing her dreams. Inspired, the two make a vow: that both would grow stronger, and one of them would eventually become the world's best swordmaster. However, the next day, Kuina fell down the stairs while trying to get a sharpening block (no doubt to resharpen her katana after her and Zoro's duel) and died at the tender age of 14 (in the defunct 4Kids dub, she was injured by the friends of a man she defeated, and could never fight again). Zoro asked her father for the honor of taking the "Wadō Ichimonji" with him, and with this Zoro promised to fulfil their shared dream of becoming the greatest swordsman to fruition in order to honor Kuina.

In the anime, her father has a conversation with Zoro after her death/injury in which he states that Kuina's rivalry with Zoro had motivated her to train harder than ever. Because of this, Kuina had begun breaking down the physical barriers that prevented a swordswoman from becoming the best. In this conversation, her father expresses regret at telling his daughter she couldn't be number one, implying that she would have become an incredible fighter had she not died.

The Naval officer Tashigi bears a strong resemblance to Kuina (in appearance, personality, and sword style), to the point where it makes Zoro extremely uncomfortable around her. Tashigi is also the exact age that Kuina would be, if alive. However, it is unknown if they have any greater connection than that. She is voiced by Machiko Toyoshima in Japanese media, Priscilla Everett in the 4Kids English dub, and Monica Rial in the Funimation English dub.

Doctor Kureha

Doctor Kureha is the sole remaining doctor on Drum Island. Because of her eccentric treatment of patients (whom she will readily injure if they do not follow her orders) she also displays abnormal fighting abilities and strength (punching through a brick wall several metres thick), along with her reclusive nature, she is often called a "witch." However, she is a legitimate practitioner of medicine, and has kept herself healthy and fit at nearly 140 years old SBS questions: "One Piece Manga" - Vol.17 Chapter 153, Fan question: How old is Dr. Kureha?] (a "young 99 and a half" in the 4Kids dub version).

She considers herself a beautiful virgin flower, dresses in a style more suited to women one-sixth her age, and cannot stand being called "old" or a "hag" (which usually ends up in her punching or kicking the offender across the room). Kureha seems to have a drinking habit, judging by the bottle of "umeshu" (bug juice in the 4Kids dub) she always keeps close at hand, though she may consider this part of the regimen that keeps up her (relative) youth. She also has a habit of "mishearing" people to be asking the secret to her youth. She seems to be somewhat anxious to tell it, though she never has a chance. People seem to be afraid to ask it. According to Oda, Kureha still has many years ahead of her.

Dr. Kureha had an odd relationship with Dr. Hiruluk, seeming to enjoy the camaraderie of a fellow "doctor", but dismissing most of his ideas as those of a quack. When she realized that Hiruluk was dying, she agreed (reluctantly) to his last request: to train Tony Tony Chopper in medicine. During the time since Hiruluk's death, she trained Chopper in everything she knew, and was fairly impressed by the young reindeer's skill (though she rarely, if ever, let on to this fact). Knowing that Chopper would do well to gain real-world experience, Kureha helped make up his mind (by forbidding him from it) to leave the island with the Straw Hat Pirates. Standing on the ramparts of Drum Castle, she gave her wayward student a tearful send-off of gigantic proportions, setting off the "cure" that Dr. Hiruluk envisioned for the island: pink "cherry blossom" snowflakes falling from the sky to warm the island's frosted heart.

She appears again in chapter 440, wherein she saw Chopper's wanted poster (50 beli), and hoped the number was a mistake. She doesn't seem to care that Dalton is now the king, and addresses him in her normal rude way.

She is played by Masako Nozawa in the original Japanese version, and by Maddie Blaustein in the 4Kids dub, who, incidentally, also played a character named Dr. K in another one of 4Kids' series, "". As a reference to this, Chopper's nickname for Kureha is "Dr. K" in the English dub, as opposed to the Japanese counterpart's nickname, "Doctorine". She is voiced by Masako Nozawa in Japanese media, Maddie Blaustein in the 4Kids English dub, and ??? in the Funimation English dub.


Laboon is an extremely large whale (of comparable or greater size than the monsters in Calm Belt), native to West Blue, whom the Straw Hat Pirates encounter immediately after entering Grand Line. Fifty years earlier, Laboon had been left at the bottom of Reverse Mountain by a group of pirates who had befriended him. Since his species travels in pods, he had forged a powerful bond of friendship with these pirates, and he patiently waited for them at Grand Line's entrance. His caretaker is a doctor named Crocus, who normally mans the Lighthouse that introduces travelers into Grand Line.

Crocus revealed to the Straw Hat Pirates that Laboon's friends effectively abandoned him by fleeing the Grand Line through the Calm Belt. (although this may not be true as Brook described his crew as being slaughtered in the Florian Triangle) The pirates were recently revealed to be the crew of Brook the skeleton, leaving him as Laboon's only crewmate left. The old doctor has cared for Laboon ever since his friends left him. Although Laboon knows the truth about his friends, he refuses to admit to himself that they are gone. Laboon has many scars on his head from slamming into Reverse Mountain, for he believes he can destroy the mountain and return to West Blue.

Monkey D. Luffy, in an effort to give Laboon a renewed sense of hope, picks a fight with the whale by jamming the "Going Merry"'s mast into his head. After the battle (which Luffy calls a draw), Luffy promises to Laboon that he will return to see him, under the guise of wanting a rematch. As a sign of this, Luffy paints the Strawhat Jolly Roger on Laboon's head, commenting that the insignia will wear away if Laboon hits Reverse Mountain further. The Straw hats depart, leaving behind two important friends.

Recently, the only known survivor of the pirates that had abandoned him fifty years ago has been revealed to be Brook, an undead skeleton the Straw Hats met shortly before they arrived on Thriller Bark. He has currently reclaimed his shadow, so that he can exit the Florian Triangle, and return to Laboon.

Originally, in the Japanese manga and anime, the appearance of Laboon is also the introduction of Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday, two Frontier Agents of Baroque Works who are responsible for bringing the Straw Hat Pirates to Whisky Peak (Misty Peak in the English dub). However, this brief encounter was deemed to be too controversial and violent by 4Kids for American audiences, so Laboon was passed off as an iceberg that was effectively destroyed by Monkey D. Luffy. (In the July 2006 English issue of "Shonen Jump", there is a page featuring upcoming "One Piece" cards; in this, he is called "Raboon," but his name remains "Laboon," in the manga itself.)

This missing "arc" was also originally how Nami came to have a Log Pose, though this was also written around in the English anime, claiming that Usopp's father had given him the Pose and that Zeff told Sanji about how the Grand Line works. On top of this, the mention of the island "Raftel" was said by Sanji, instead of Crocus. Lastly, as mentioned before, one of the pirates that abandoned Laboon is Brook, who is an important character in the Thriller Bark arc and is the sole reason for him to remain alive. Due to Funimation gaining the licensing rights to "One Piece", the Laboon arc may be shown on DVD, sometime next year.

* Seiyū: Michie Tomizawa
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): Lydia MacKay Laki (ラキ) is one of the Shandian warriors that fought to take back Upper Yard from Enel. She uses a gun as a weapon.


* Seiyuu: Aya Hisakawalarge-set female pirate, Lola is the captain of the Rolling Pirates. She is infamous for having attempted to propose marriage over four-thousand times to any male she comes across, only to be turned down time and again.

Three years prior to the start of the story, Lola and her crew were captured by the Moria Pirates on the island/ship of Thriller Bark and forced to have their shadows put inside the zombie servants of Shichibukai member Gecko Moria. (Lola's went inside the body of a warthog female with the same name and similar proposition problems) Without her shadow, Lola and her crew were forced to hide in Thriller Bark's forest where they foraged any released shadows, using them on themselves to survive in the daylight. However, Lola had a master plan: using Moria's shadows to power up a person who would assist them in freeing them from their situation. This turned out to be Monkey D. Luffy, who Lola implanted with one-hundred shadows to allow him to fight back against Moria and his ultimate zombie Oz.

After Oz's defeat, Lola and her crew appeared to finally be free from their curse. However, the revival of Moria combined with the rising sun presented a problem of being caught off guard. Choosing to stand for her fate, Lola stands in the midst of the rising sun, slowly burning up as she chose not to be scared any more of the threat of living without her shadow. Yet with the ultimate defeat of Moria by the Straw Hat pirates, Lola and all her crew finally regained their shadows in the end. Before the strawhats leave she gives Nami a Biblicard that will bring them to her mother. Nami seems to have a connection with Lola, due to the friendship she shared with Lola's zombie, as she was willing to share her treasure with her (Nami is generally stingy when it comes to her treasure).

=Peepley Lulu=
* Seiyū: Shinichiro Ohta nihongo|Peepley Lulu|ピープリー・ルル|Pīpurī Ruru fights with double-weapons, although what weapons he uses change at times; he has been seen fighting with swords, guns, and saws, though he tends to stick with swords later in the story. Lulu constantly has part of his hair sticking up. When he tries to push it down, it always pops up somewhere else, such as the other side of his head, his mustache, and other people's heads.


* Seiyuu: Makiko Ōmoto
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment):
*(FUNimation): Gwendolyn LauMakino is the bartender from the hometown of Monkey D. Luffy, Fuschia VillageShe's a very kind person, and was a close friend of Shanks, his crew, and Luffy. Makino appeared to be a very prominent figure in Fusha Village. She is sometimes shown with her mayor. She seems to have been a mother/big sister figure to Luffy when he was a boy. When Higuma was hurting Luffy, Makino ran to get the mayor. When the Shanks pirates left the town for the final time Makino was with Luffy when he watched them leave.

She typically appears when the village discuss Luffy's bounty going up, commenting that he looked happy the first time and later that Luffy had made some good friends when all of them got bounties. Discussing Luffy's new bounty after the Enies Lobby arc in chapter 440, her looks are changed from the earliest chapters. This may have to do with the general change in Oda's drawing style from smooth, angular and compact to loose, more dynamic and detailed.


A girl from West Blue of which Cindry's shadow belongs to. When she sees that she has her reflection (which also means her shadow) back, she becomes so shocked she drops the plates she's holding, though her master forgives her. Although Margarita hated plates when her shadow was placed in Cindry, she stated that she no longer feels that way, giving closure to Cindry's story.


* Seiyū: Aruno Tahara
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): Jeremy InmanKnown as the "Salvage King", Masira is the head of a simian salvage operation near Jaya Island. He is also the brother to Shōjō and a surrogate son of Montblanc Cricket. The bounty on his head is 23 million beli high.

Mayor Woop Slap

* Seiyuu: Shigeru Chiba
* Voice Actor (Funimation): Barry YandellThe mayor from Luffy's town. He was the first person to stick up for Luffy during his tussle with Higuma the Bear. He complained about Luffy's dream of becoming a pirate, saying that it would bring shame to the village; however, he later questioned whether it might be Luffy's "destiny". Though he seems to be disappointed in Luffy's choice to become a pirate he shows he stills cares for the boy.

The "One Piece BLUE" databook reveals that his real name is Woop Slap and that he knows when and how Luffy was born and Luffy's origins."One Piece BLUE: Grand Data File", chapter 2: Character Directory.] He is familiar with Garp and his family (including Dragon). In chapter 440, he reads about Luffy's bounty and mutters to himself whether Dadan knows.


* Seiyuu: Keiichi Sonobe
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): Jim JohnsonCaptain of the White Berets (a police force in Skypeia), he tried to arrest the Straw Hat Pirates when they first arrived in Skypeia. He appears to be very devoted to Enel, until it is revealed that Enel planned to destroy Skypeia with his Devil Fruit powers, McKinley then reveals that he only did everything Enel commanded in order to ensure the safety of the citizens of Sky Island. McKinley, along with the rest of the White Berets, then left Enel's side and chose to help Conis evacuate the Skypeian people.


* Seiyuu: Jin Domon
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): Jerry JewelMerry is Kaya's underbutler and caretaker, as well as the designer of the "Going Merry". [One Piece anime episode 13] His cleft lip and ram horns lend him an eccentric, ovine appearance.


* Seiyuu: Isshin ChibaThe captain and only named member of the Big Helmet Pirates. He was seen in a shipyard refusing to pay the Galley-La for repairing his ship. He started to cause trouble only to find himself and his crew knocked down by the Galley-La workers. He has a bounty of 36,000,000 beli. He appears later in the fillers working for the debt collectors (apparently without a ship he can't leave Water 7 anymore) but he is easily defeated by Zoro. Like all his crew members he is a swordsman.


Minatomo-san the carpenter is another "One Piece" SBS joke Oda invented to explain how the door Higuma the Bear kicked off its hinge was suddenly back in place as the bandit left the bar, after Higuma smashed a bottle of Sake over Shanks. SBS questions: "One Piece Manga" - Vol.7 Chapter 54, Fan question: How come the door was suddenly repaired? ] According to Oda, Minatomo is a carpenter who cannot go past a broken door without repairing it. Since the answer was given, Minatomo has made several appearances in the anime, normally seen either randomly standing next to people or repairing doors. One example would be during the Loguetown Arc when Carmen challenges Sanji and then disappears, Minatomo asks Sanji if he'll enter the contest which Sanji denies. Minatomo's appearances are similar in idea to Pandaman and Sam-San.

Monkey D. Dragon

* Seiyuu: Hidekatsu Shibata
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment): Dan GreenMonkey D. Dragon is the father of Monkey D. Luffy and is also the son of Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp. Known as the "Revolutionary Dragon", he is the world's most wanted criminal, and another one of the several characters given the middle initial "D". He has had his revolutionary ideas spread throughout the world and has taken several nations. He is also the only member of the D. family to look serious, partly due to his strange facial mark. Despite being an enemy to the World Government, he still keeps contact with his father.

Before the start of the series, Dragon left Luffy in Garp's care. Dragon first appears after a lightning bolt suddenly destroys the gallows where Luffy was to be executed by Buggy the Clown and then saves Luffy from being captured by Captain Smoker. When he saved Luffy from Smoker, a mighty gust of eerie wind swept through Loguetown. It is undetermined whether or not he was the cause behind the gust of wind or the lightning; however, the story leads to believe there is more to him than it seems. Recently, he has taken over an island in the South Blue and is about to head to the North Blue when he commented, after noticing Luffy's newest bounty, given to him after invading Enies Lobby, that father and son will meet sometime soon.

Montblanc Cricket

* Seiyū: Hajime Taniguchi
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): George ManleyMontblanc Cricket (モンブラン・クリケット, "Monburan Kuriketto") (known as Monbran Cricket in the FUNimation English dub, Mombran Cricket in 4Kids dub) is an inhabitant of Jaya Island, living in a small home behind the façade of a castle. Due to the story about his ancestor Montblanc Norland, he is looked down upon and has become bitter to the point that he hates his ancestor. To that end, he aims to prove that the city of gold existed by diving into the ocean day in, day out, searching for any proof of it. He is later joined by Masira and Shōjō, two fans of the fairy tale who would become his surrogate sons.

Montblanc Norland

* Seiyuu: Hōchū Ōtsuka
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): ? In the present day of the series, Montblanc Norland (モンブラン・ノーランド, "Monburan Nōrando") is falsely regarded in a North Blue fairy tale as a trickster and a liar who made up a story of a gold city on Jaya Island. In actually, he was an explorer and botanist. He led his king to Jaya, attempting to show him that city of gold. But when it wasn't there anymore, he was sentenced to death for deceiving his king. He stood by his story even up till his execution.


* Seiyuu:
* Voice Actor (FUNimation):Duval's pet bison. He is a gigantic animal with enough strength to easily destroy Duval's hut. Duval uses him both for a battle mount and for transportation. Morobaro becomes unconscious when Luffy faced him eye to eye, in a scene that foreshadows Luffy gaining the same power of 'presence' also displayed by Shanks and Rayleigh. Motobaro is able to swim with the aid of a scuba mask, which allows Duval to use him for travel on water; however, due to his size, he is incredibly slow in water.

Mozu and Kiwi

* Seiyū: Miki Fukui (Mozu, first voice), Aiko Hibi (Mozu, second voice), Yuka Shioyama (Kiwi)Mozu (モズ, "Mozu") and Kiwi (キウィ, "Kiwi"), also known as the "Square Sisters" (スクエアシスターズ, "Sukuea Shisutāzu") due to their square-like hairstyle. During one of Franky's Flashbacks, the girls were shown as lush party girls before meeting Franky for the first time. Instead of taking them to another pub, he invited them both to join him for a nice cola.

Nefertari Cobra

* Seiyuu: Iemasa Kayumi
* Voice Actor: David Zen Mansley (4Kids), Kyle Hebert (FUNimation)Nefertari Cobra (Nebra in the 4Kids version and romanized as Nefeltari in the Egnlish-language manga versions) is the king of Arabasta and father of Nefertari Vivi. He is wise and fair, and cares deeply for his kingdom and people, even though they are rebelling against him. He is first seen during Dalton's flashback of the World Government meeting held in Arabasta.

Nico Olvia

* Seiyuu: Yuriko YamaguchiNico Olvia (ニコ・オルビア "Niko Orubia") is the mother of Nico Robin. She is an archaeologist from the island of Ohara, who works with a team of scholars in the island's library in the outlawed study of Poneglyphs.


* Seiyuu: Wakana Yamazaki
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment): Tara SandsNojiko is the adoptive older sister of Nami (the two are not biologically related, but after losing their parents in the war, they were raised together by Bellemere). She plays a major part in the Arlong arc as she reveals Nami's past to the Straw Hats and helps rescue Luffy with the help of Genzo after Luffy is thrown into the ocean by Arlong with his feet stuck in a block of cement. Her right arm is covered in tattoos, which she got to help Nami not to feel ashamed of her tattoo of Arlong's pirate logo. After trying to stop Nami from attacking Captain Nezumi, a Naval officer who tries to take the money Nami raised for her deal with Arlong, Nojiko was shot by him in the back. However, she survived. In the manga, she gave her bracelet to Nami. She appears later again, and is glad that Nami looks happy in her wanted poster.


* Seiyuu: ?
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): Kyle Hebert [] Norla is a giant snake that lives with the Shandians in Jaya before and after it got knocked into the sky by the Knock Up Stream. At first she was nothing more than a little normal sized snake and named after Montblanc Norland in honor of the explorer.Fact|date=August 2008 After the Knock Up Stream incident and many years go by, Norla had grown to her gigantic size. The people of Skypeia call her the "King of the Sky," or "Master of the Sky".

Oimo and Kaashii

Oimo and Kaashii are two giants that guard the front gate of Enies Lobby. They had joined and worked for the Government for 50 years only because they thought that the leaders of their clan were being held captive in prison. Oimo and Kaashii were promised that by serving the World Government, their leaders Dorry and Broggy would be released.


* Seiyuu: Mahito Ōba
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): Grant James

Conis's father and a brilliant inventor from Skypiea who fixes the waver Nami rides. Pagaya was thought dead as Enel attacked him while he was helping an injured member of the Royal Guard, who had just revealed Enel's plans to destroy Skypeia. But he resurfaces later, alive and well. He helps the Straw Hat Pirates despite the fact that they were labeled as criminals for not paying their toll fee. He has a habit of apologizing for everything; even things that he isn't even responsible for, or things that warrant no apology whatsoever (introducing himself, accepting a drink, for being alive after being presumed dead, etc.).


* Seiyuu: Mahito Ōba"'Pandaman is a joke character created by the author, Eiichirō Oda, whose appearance is that of a muscle bound figure with a panda face for a head (whether this is a mask or his real face remains to be seen). He makes numerous background appearances throughout the series for the viewer to try and spot. SBS questions: "One Piece Manga" - Vol.6 Chapter 47, Fan question: Who is that guy in the background? ] .

Pandaman was originally created for the book "77 Mysteries of Kinnikuman". He originated from Tibet and age is unknown. He is 200 cm (6'6") tall, weighs 122kg (270 lbs), and has a Super Power Rating of 3,300,000. His mortal blow techniques: Bamboo Leaf Panda Drop and Giant Panda Deathlock. His Explanation: Abandoned in a bamboo thicket as an infant, Panda Man was raised by Giant Pandas. He is an Akuma Chōjin who resolved to become strong because when he told people he had seen Kaguya-Hime, they did not believe him and picked on him. (Kaguyahime was a princess who was found inside a bamboo stump, according to Japanese legends.)cite book
last = Yudetamago
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authorlink = Yudetamago
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According to Oda, Pandaman is a rich guy living on a certain island. SBS questions: "One Piece Manga" - Vol.22 Chapter 202, Fan question: Where does Pandaman live? ] He is often seen in the same panel as one of the Tomato Gang, a debt collector on the lookout for Pandaman, trying to collect the money Pandaman owes (which is why Pandaman is often seen running away on appearances). SBS questions: "One Piece Manga" - Vol.27 Chapter 249, Fan question: Who is that guy in the same panel as Pandaman? ]

Pandaman's bounty is revealed to be 3,333,000 beli during the Anime Filler Arc Ice Hunter on Episode 326, as Kanpaccino's hand blocks the entire number. This is the same amount as his Super Power Rating.


* Seiyuu: ?
* Voice Actor: ?Pappagg is Camie the mermaid's pet starfish. Interestingly Camie also refers to Pappagg as her master, as Pappagg is apparently a very talented fashion designer under whom Camie studies. He can speak in the human language because when he was young he believed he was a human child, but by the time he realized he was not a human he had already absorbed much of the language and culture of humans. This is a pun, because if Japanese, hito means human, and hitode means starfish. He also has a tendency to break into song spontaneously.


* Seiyuu: Tetsu Inada
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment): Robert O'Gorman (FUNimation) : Jeremy Inman Patty is one of the cooks of the "Baratie", who doesn't always see eye to eye with Sanji. He, along with Carne, contribute to helping defend the restaurant from Don Krieg. His kinder side shows when he tries to save Gin after he breathed in poison gas.

Like Franky, Patty physically resembles Popeye, though he has a much larger build thus looking like Popeye's rival Bluto. He has a very business-minded attitude towards customers: those who pay get good and friendly service & those that don't get the boot. However, he admits that maybe Sanji is sometimes right to feed the people he throws out. He tends to unknowingly insult his customers when he greets them.

According to SBS, Patty comes form the French word "Patisserie" (confectionery). Patty is also an Argentinian (Spanish derivate) word for Hamburger.

* Seiyū: Takahiro Yoshimizu
* Voice Actor: Andrew Chandler nihongo|Paulie| パウリー|Paurī Paulie's fighting style revolves entirely around using ropes and various knots in a style he calls "Rope Action". He also is the closest of the five to Iceburg and becomes very upset when he is insulted or harmed. After the events of Enies Lobby, Paulie is given the title of Vice-President of Galley-La."Where they are now" mini-story] Paulie is often chased by money-lenders. Whenever he does get money, instead of paying off his debts, he gambles it all away, getting himself even deeper in debt.Fact|date=July 2008 Paulie is against women wearing what he considers "scandalous clothing" in a "man's workplace".

* Seiyū: Hiroyuki Kawamoto
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment): Dan Green
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): J. Michael Tatum Don Krieg's second mate, also known as "Pearl the Iron Wall" and "Invincible Pearl" (鉄壁のパール, "Teppeki no Pāru") is a towering man. Pearl's ensemble includes wearing two iron plates covering his front and backside, as well as two smaller plates with large pearls embedded in them on his hands for blunt attacks.


* Seiyuu: Kenji Nojima
* Voice Actor: Marc Diraison (4Kids), Kevin M. Connolly (FUNimation)Pell (ペル "Peru") is one of the commanders of the Arabastan guard and the strongest fighter in Arabasta. He ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Falcon (トリトリの実 モデル隼(ファルコン) Bird Bird Fruit, Model Falcon, called the "Tweet Tweet Fruit" in the English anime) and thus can transform into a falcon, and has earned him the nickname "Peregrine Falcon Pell" due to his bird powers. Since the fruit is a Zoan type, he has 3 types of transformations meaning that he can turn into a falcon or a man/falcon hybrid, as well as maintain his natural human form.


Peterman is a huge man and leader of the kidnapping team "Hound Pets" on the Sabaody Islands. After getting information about Camie's mermaid identity from some bounty hunters, he kidnapped her and brought her to the human auction house on Grove 1. He is beaten by Duval and the Rosy Life Riders, and afterwards he and his men tell Duval is actually handsome under his mask.


* Seiyuu: Emi Uwagawa
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment): Lisa OrtizA little girl living in Shell Town who helps Zoro by offering him onigiri but he refuses and tells her to go away. Helmeppo then walks in and takes them for himself but then spits them out because the rice balls were sweetened with sugar. Helmeppo orders the naval marine standing behind him to throw her out but is caught by Monkey D. Luffy.

The reason Zoro was captured by the Marines was because he defended Rika and the villagers from Helmeppo and his wild dog.

Rika becomes friends with both Helmeppo and Koby during their stay in Shell Town, and becomes upset when the two leave with Vice-Admiral Garp.

She appears in the Filler/Special 6/episode 303 as a friend to Usopp's Pirates.


* Seiyuu: Yukari Hikida
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment):

The mother of Rika who lives and owns a restaurant in Shell Town. Zoro protected Rika and the other villagers from Helmeppo and his dog when they entered her restaurant. Her name was revealed in "One Piece BLUE: Grand Data File".


* Seiyuu: Noriko UemuraRoji was Nico Robin's arrogant and cruel aunt on the island of Ohara. Roji's husband was Nico Olvia's brother and was the only caretaker who was kind to Robin. When Olvia left to study history, her brother took Robin in, to Roji's dismay. Roji proved callous towards Robin and always threatened to hit her if she did not stop crying. However, Roji's husband intervened on Robin's behalf. Roji left stale bread and jam for Robin when she went out and gave her many chores. After Robin met Saul, she took all the jam and bread to give to him, making Roji scream in anger. She dies, presumably, when Ohara is completely obliterated by the Buster Call.

amurai Ryuuma

* Seiyuu: Yūichi Nagashima nihongo|Samurai Ryuuma|サムライ・リューマ|Samurai Ryūma is a deceased elite swordsman from the New World island "Wano Country", who Hogback said lived centuries ago. He is the vessel for Brooks shadow. He is well-known for slaying a dragon. Ryuma defeats Brook and prepares to slice off his afro, but is stopped by Roronoa Zoro, who defeats the swordsman and receives his sword as a result. Samurai Ryuuma is the name of a character from the story "Monsters", written by Eiichiro Oda prior to "One Piece". Oda has confirmed that the two characters are the same individual.


Sam-San (Full title: "Ordinary everyday person" Sam-San) is a random drunk that appears in "One Piece" on very rare occasions. The idea behind him is the same as Pandaman, only he is much rarer to see and normally less noticed. His first appearance was during the Arlong arc when everyone was celebrating Arlong's defeat. His story according to Oda was he was on his way home from his daughter's wedding, drunk, saw a party and decided to join in. SBS questions: "One Piece Manga" - Vol.14 Chapter 121, Fan question: Who is the guy in the Arlong arc running with the villagers after Arlong's defeat? ]

Sam appeared in the Loguetown arc in the anime, in which he was a judge for a cooking competition for East-Blue's best cook wherein Sanji participated and won.

He is next seen in the Arabasta arc in the manga. Oda went on to explain he was there because his second daughter was getting married. He also said his wife had left him when their eldest was 8 and he ended up raising all his daughters on his own. The second daughter was apparently the trouble maker and despite the trouble she gave him, when she got married he went out and got drunk because it saddened him to see that she was leaving. Somehow he ended up in Arabasta after having too many drinks. SBS questions: "One Piece Manga" - Vol.21 Chapter 191, Fan question: What was Sam-san doing in Arabasta? ] Sam-san has also been seen during the beginning of the "One Piece" movie: "Dead End Adventure".

Sam is one of Oda's jokes in the SBS corner, although if truth be known it was more likely just a less than serious answer Oda came up with to answer the question on why the same random drunk was in a two different panels in the manga. Sam-San has made few appearances in the Manga, he has however featured in the background of the "One Piece" anime on several occasions.

cratchmen Apoo

nihongo|Scratchmen Apoo|スクラッチメン・アプー|Sukuracchimen Apū is a powerful pirate in the Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of 198,000,000 beli, making him one of the Eleven Supernovas. He is the captain of the On Air Pirates. He is known as "The Roar of the Sea". His arms are unusually long and have two elbows. He is somewhat hard-headed as he says he wants to see the admiral, Kizaru, and says that there wont be a mass arrest (which there might be), and wants to stay and see him, he eventually gets his wish. He is modeled after many musical instruments. His teeth resemble a piano because of the black parts in the gaps, he wears headphones, his hair is shaped as guitar strings, the kanji on his shirt means "sound", and his fighting pose resembles a DJ. He also appears to have a Devil Fruit ability, that allows him to transform his body into musical instruments (like turning his arm into a clarinet), and attack with sound.


Shakuyaku, usually called Shakky, is a woman living on the Sabaody Islands. She is a business partner of Rayleigh's and owner of a bar on Grove 13. She used to be a pirate and she was often hunted by Monkey D. Garp, which implies she was possibly very wanted. However, she stopped this criminal life 40 years ago and started her bar. She believes that knowledge is power and reads the newspaper very often, and thus she knows a lot about both Luffy, Eustass Kidd and a lot of other pirates. Together with Rayleigh, she is an old friend of Hatchan's. She is shown to be very stingy, money and possession wise, though this seems to not be the case with those she consider friends, as she did not even react when Luffy and Brook started stealing food from her fridge.


* Seiyū: Isamu Tanonaka
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): Jonathan C. OsborneHe is the brother to Masira and a follower of Montblanc Cricket. He and Masira were both fans of the fairy tale concerning Cricket's ancestor, Montblanc Norland. He never cut his hair and resembles an orangutan. His head is worth 36 million beli.

kypiea's Priests


* Seiyū: Yasuhiro Takato
* Voice Actor: Jimmy Zoppi (4Kids Entertainment), Chris Cason (Funimation)

Satori of the Forest (森のサトリ, "Mori no Satori") is the first priest encountered by the Straw Hats, who fights using cloud spheres with effects, from explosions and shooting blades to singing birds and flowers and an Impact Dial, which absorbs the force of an attack and releases it back at the attacker.With Mantra, he can predict what his enemies are going to do before they do it. His ordeal has a 10% chance of survival.


* Seiyū: Shinichirou Ohta
* Voice Actor: Wayne Grayson (4Kids Entertainment), Kent Williams (Funimation)

"Skyrider" Shura (スカイライダー・シュラ, "Sukairaidā Shura") is the second priest. He tangles his enemies in nearly-invisible, but durable string and attacks with his burning lance. He rides Fuza, a firebreathing, flying monster bird. His ordeal has a 3% chance of survival.


* Seiyū: Masaya Takatsuka
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment): ? (heard in ), Bob Carter (FUNimation)

"Sky Boss" Gedatsu (空番長ゲダツ, "Kūbanchō Gedatsu", romanized as Gedatz in the English dub), is the third priest, who punishes criminals with the Ordeal of Swamp. "Gedatsu" (解脱) is the Japanese word for "Moksha", which in Hindu and Buddhist tradition is the liberation of the soul.

He can create dense clouds from his hands that his opponents drown in. He also has a Jet Dial attached to his arm, giving him a very fast and powerful punch, and Milky Dials in his shoes that allow him to fly. His ordeal has a 50% chance of survival.


* Seiyū: Eiji Takemoto
* Voice Actor: Scottie Ray (4Kids Entertainment), Troy Baker (Funimation)

"Skybreeder" Ohm (スカイブリーダー・オーム, "Sukaiburīdā Ōmu") the fourth priest is named for both the sacred syllable "Aum", and for the "ohm," a unit of electrical resistance, and a name that plays off of Enel's electric powers. He constantly laments about the life of his opponents and says he'll save them by killing them. In battle, he fights with traps, he shoots barbed wire, has a shape-shifting sword, and rides on Holy (ホーリー "Hōrī"), his huge, pale yellow dog, that he taught to box. His ordeal has a 0% chance of survival.

ilvers Rayleigh

nihongo|Silvers "Dark King" Rayleigh|シルバーズ・レイリー|Shirubāzu Reirii is a famous coating mechanic on the Sabaody Archipelago. He is the former second in command of the Roger Pirates and is known as "The Pirate King's Right Hand". He has known Hatchan for a long time as well as Shakuyaka. Like Shanks, Silvers has displayed a monstrous "spiritual aura". It can make weak people pass out, even using it as a sort of "gun." It can be directed as a burst of spirit at one specific person or can take out all the desired people he wants in an area. An example of which would be when every one in the Auction house fainted but the weak Camie and Pappagg remained conscious. He has a huge interest in gambling, but usually loses it all so he usually sells himself off as a slave and robs the owner afterwards. Rayleigh is very famous, as Sanji says that everyone has at least heard his name at least once in their life. To Nico Robin's fortune, Rayleigh knows of what happened during the Black Century, but doesn't tell her as she understood why. Usopp also wanted to know if the One Piece was on the last island of Raftel, but Luffy interrupted him saying that if he were to find out Luffy would quit being a pirate because the adventure would be too boring if he knew.

In the SBS of Vol. 49, a fan asked if the man that scolded Buggy and Shanks was the a captain commanding the ship under Roger or an officer like in Whitebeard's crew. Oda replied that he was the first mate and also told the anime crew to not call him captain when they adapted the scene. Though Oda revealed what position this man had in the SBS, he didn't reveal the man's name, Rayleigh, in his answer.


* Seiyū: Masaya OnosakaSpandine (スパンダイン, "Supandain") was the director of CP9 twenty years before the Straw Hat's adventure, and is the father of Spandam. Spandine is a cowardly and gloating character. He is the one, who put a seventy-nine million beli bounty on the eight-year-old Robin's head.

* Seiyū: Tetsu Inada nihongo|Tilestone| タイルストン|Tairusuton is a very large, strong man, who typically fights with either a large hammer or some sort of huge, hand-held cannon. He has a tattoo going from his chest near his shoulder to his arm with the kanji for "shipwright" (船大工, "funadaiku"). Tilestone yells everything he says, even if the situation calls for speaking quietly.


Tom was a long-horned pufferfish-type Fish-man, known as the most skilled shipwright in the world. Tom is responsible for building the "Oro Jackson", Gold Roger's ship, which got him into trouble with, and eventually sentenced to death by the World Government. He was also the holder of the blueprints for "Pluton", an ancient warship of power so great that its name survived the passage of time that blotted out most of the world's history. The possession of these blueprints led other factions of the Government to seek it. He is voiced by Yasuo Muramatsu in Japanese media and by ??? in the Funimation English dub.


* Seiyuu: Naoki TatsutaOne of the nomads that live on Long Ring Long Land, he was trapped on a pair of very tall stilts for ten years, causing him to be separated from the rest of the nomads. Tonjit's clothing, nomadic lifestyle, his horse, and his dwelling in a yurt seems to be based on the lifestyles of the nomadic peoples of Central Asia (specifically Mongolia).


* Seiyuu: Masaaki Tsukada
* Voice Actor: ? (4Kids), Jerry Russel (FUNimation)Toto, first introduced as an overweight man in the flashback to Vivi's childhood, is Koza's father, and the only man left living in the deserted city of Yuba. He constantly digs for water in order to possibly revive the town. Toto's strong will and trust in the king keep him going, despite lack of food and water, until rain finally falls throughout Arabasta.

Trafalgar Law

nihongo|Trafalgar Law|トラファルガー・ロー|Torafarugā Rō is a powerful pirate in the Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of 200,000,000 beli, making him one of the Eleven Supernovas. He is the captain of the Heart Pirates. He is known as "The Dark Doctor." Captain Kidd comments that Law has poor manners, which he replies to by giving Kidd the finger. In every one of his appearances, he is seen with a katana by his side, usually held by one of his pirates when not being held by himself. At the auction, he is seen sitting with a bear named Bepo, who is a part of his crew, though it should be noted that the bear head could be a helmet. He has been shown to have spatial Devil Fruit powers, enabling him to freely manipulate the placement of objects (Swapping a man's head with a cannonball, for instance by saying "Shambles") within a predetermined radius. He dubs the set radius as "ROOM."


nihongo|Urouge|ウルージ|Urūji is a powerful pirate in the Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of 108,000,000 beli, making him one of the Eleven Supernovas. He is the captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates. He is from the Sky Islands and is known as "The Mystery Monk". His expression is always a giant smile, and never changes it; even when he is nervous. He also appears to have the ability to grow in size, whether this is actually due to a devil fruit, or him just expanding his body's muscles, is currently unknown.

Usopp's Pirates

* Seiyuu: Haruhi Terada (Pepper), Noriko Yoshitake (Carrot), Makiko Ōmoto (Onion)
* Voice Actors (FUNimation): Laura Bailey (Pepper), Kate Oxley (Carrot), Cynthia Cranz (Onion)
* Voice Actors (4Kids Entertainment): Kevin Kolack (Pepper), Andrew Paull (Carrot), Pete Zarustica (Onion)Usopp's pirates comprise three village children who joined Usopp in telling lies and other assorted games. The names of the members are Ninjin (meaning "Carrot"), Tamanegi (meaning Onion), and Piman (meaning green pepper).


Professor Vegapunk is a scientist in the employ of the Navy. His contributions include discovering the use of seastone, which, aside from being used to weaken Devil Fruit users, is also employed to hide ships from Sea Kings by applying a layer to the shipbottom. Furthermore, he also researched Devil Fruits, and gained an understanding of how their powers mutate. He is also the one who has figured out the recently developed technqiue for making objects "eat" Devil Fruit as well. In a recent SBS, it was stated that the Straw Hats will most likely meet him in their travels later on. Bartholomew Kuma mentions that Vegapunk's genius is 500 years ahead of their time, and that he was the one to give him his cybernetic parts.He has a bodyguard, Sentomaru, who is also captain of the science unit.

* Seiyū: Masaki Aizawa (child Wyper: Reiko Kiuchi)
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment): Mike Pollock
* Voice Actor (FUNimation): J. Paul Slavens Wiper (ワイパー, "Waipā"), known in the edited FUNimation dub as "Wyler", is the leader of the Shandian warriors fighting to take Upper Yard back from Enel. He is a direct descendant of Calgara, inheriting his violent tendencies. Wiper is very rough around the edges and has always hated Skypieans.


* Seiyū: Yasuhiro TakatoWanze (ワンゼ, "Wanze") is the cook aboard the "Puffing Tom" and a member of CP7. He has a peculiar face resembling that of a snail. He fights using "Ramen Kenpo" - a technique involving putting flour into his mouth and making ramen come out of his nose.

X Drake

nihongo|X Drake|X・ドレーク|Diesu Dorēku is a powerful pirate in the Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of 222,000,000 beli, making him one of the Eleven Supernovas. He is the captain of the Drake Pirates. He is known as "The Red Flag". He is a former Rear Admiral though it is unknown why he left the Marines. His weapon of choice appears to be a sword and four-sided axe. As seen in Chapter 509, X Drake has an ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit.


* Seiyuu: Masaya TakatsukaA large sumo-wrestling frog, he was the pet of the legendary shipright Tom until Tom's execution.


* Seiyū: Kenta MiyakeOriginally a thug who operated in the back streets of Water 7, Zambai joined Franky after the latter beat him to a pulp for insulting his speedo. Zambai (ザンバイ, "Zanbai") fights with a bazooka and a pair of katanas, he was able to fight toe-to-toe against Baskerville (all three) before he, Galley-La and the rest of the Family were captured by the Marines.


* Seiyuu: Kōji Yada
* Voice Actor (4Kids Entertainment): Robert O'Gorman (FUNimation): Grant JamesZeff is a former pirate known as "Red-Leg" (Red-shoe in the 4Kids version, and volume 6 of One Piece) and the mentor of Sanji, with whom he shares the dream of finding "All Blue". He is head chef and owner of the floating restaurant "Baratie". Zeff never used his hands to hit someone; he uses only his kicks.


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