Round turn and two half-hitches

Round turn and two half-hitches

name=Round turn and two half-hitches

names= Round turn and a half-hitch, Two round turns and two half-hitches, etc.
type= hitch
related= Two half-hitches
uses= Secure the end of a rope to a fixed object.
abok_number= #1720, #1721, #1784, #1834, #1835, #1836, #1883, #1884, #1910

The round turn and two half hitches is a hitch used to secure the end of a rope to a fixed object such as a post. Its main advantages are that you can tie and untie the knot under load, and when tied around a post it is unlikely to slip down.

The name comes from a categorisation of the knot: a round turn wraps the rope around an object (this might seem like two wraps, but it is one complete encirclement of the object), and two half hitches, which are the two little half-knots used to secure the end. Someone tying this knot too enthusiastically might end up with a knot called "three turns and four half-hitches" for example, which would be a perfectly valid name also.

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