Bukhara (disambiguation)

Bukhara (disambiguation)

Bukhara can refer to:
* Bukhara, a city in Uzbekistan
** Bukhara Province of Uzbekistan, also known as 'Buxoro Province' or 'Buxoro Wiloyati'
** the Bukhara meteorite of 2001, which fell in Bukhara, Uzbekistan (see Meteorite falls)
* Bukhara, a former country in Central Asia centered on the city of Bukhara. Known at various times as:
** The Khanate of Bukhara (16th–18th centuries)
** The Emirate of Bukhara (1785–1920)
** The Bukharan People's Soviet Republic (1920–1924)
* "Bukhara magazine", an Iranian Persian-language magazine
* Buhara, a character from Hunter × Hunter
* Bukhara (restaurant) A restaurant in New Delhi, India

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*Bukharan Jews

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