Constant (disambiguation)

Constant (disambiguation)

A constant is something that does not change, over time or otherwise: a fixed value. In most fields of discourse the term is an antonym of "variable", but in mathematical parlance a mathematical variable may sometimes also be called a constant. __TOC__More particularly, the term constant has several uses:

In physics and chemistry

* Physical constant, a physical quantity that is generally believed to be both universal in nature and constant in time, such as "c", the speed of light, or "h", the Planck constant
* Mathematical constant, a real number with unique mathematical properties
* Cosmological constant, usually denoted by Λ, a parameter modifying the original equations of the theory of general relativity, introduced by Einstein and important for determining the ultimate fate of the universe as predicted by the theory
* Time constant, usually denoted by τ, a value characterizing the frequency response of a first-order, linear time-invariant system
* Reaction rate constant, often denoted "k" or λ, a value characterizing the speed of a chemical reaction

For people

* Constant (given name), a given name
* Constant (surname), a surname
* Constans, a Roman Emperor who ruled from 337 to 350


* USS "Constant"
* The Constant, an episode of Lost

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