K (disambiguation)

K (disambiguation)

K is the eleventh letter of the Latin alphabet.

K may also refer to:

* An International Telecommunications Union prefix for the United States along with AA-AL, N & W. U.S. broadcast stations primarily use the initial call letter K for stations west of the Mississippi River.
* Chrysler K platform, 1981-1995 car design used by Chrysler
* K (programming language), an array processing language developed by Arthur Whitney and commercialized by Kx Systems
* K (cider), a British draft cider manufactured and distributed by the Gaymer Cider Company of Bath, England
* K band, radio frequency from 12 to 93 GHz
* Low-K, the dielectric constant in semiconductors, electronics, and physics
* K-theory, a topic in branches of topology and algebra
* K–12 education, a designation for the sum of primary and secondary education, used mainly in North America
* Vitamin K, a group of vitamins that are needed to promote blood coagulation
* K-factor, several unrelated terms in physics, engineering, telecommunications and chess
* K also refers to Indian Philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti
* In internet slang 'k' is an abbreviation for OK, which is, in itself, an abbreviation for okay.

In fiction and literature

* K', also known as "K Dash" or "K Prime", a "King of Fighters" character
* K, the title of a 1915 novel by Mary Roberts Rinehart.
* K, the protagonist of "The Castle" (novel)
* K, a character in the manga and anime "Gravitation" (manga)
* K, the main character in the TV series "Robotto Keiji" ("Robot Detective").
* K, Todd and Riley's adoptive superspy mother on the Disney program "The Replacements" (TV series)
* K, the character played by Tommy Lee Jones in "Men in Black" (film) and "Men in Black 2".
* K, a constructed language invented by Robert Dessaix
* Joseph K., the protagonist of Kafka's 1925 novel, "The Trial"

In music

* "K" (album), 1996 album by Kula Shaker
* K Records, independent record company based in Olympia, Washington
* "K" (The Tutts single), 2006 song by The Tutts
* K (singer) (b. 1983), a Korean singer who works in Japan as a J-pop singer

In politics

* K, the "Keskustapuolue", the Centre Party (Finland)
* K, the politics and followers of President of Argentina Néstor Kirchner (b. 1950)

As a symbol or abbreviation

* K, 1000
* k, symbol of the kilo- prefix in the SI and other systems of unit that denotes multiples of 1000
* k, kilobyte (more correctly kB) meaning 1024 bytes
* K, potassium (from its Latin name "kalium")
* K, amino acid, one-letter designation for the amino acid lysine
* K, kelvin, the SI unit of thermodynamic temperature
* "k", the spring constant, a constant relating deformation (strain) and force applied (stress) to a material body
* "k" or "k"sub|B, the Boltzmann constant, the physical constant relating energy and temperature at the particle level
* "k", angular wavenumber of a wave
* K or Kt, carat, a measurement of gold
* K, ketamine, a street abbreviation for a recreational drug
* K, the Cretaceous geological period
* K, Kyocera' s mobile phones in Japan
* K, a strikeout in baseball scoring
* K, a contract in legal shorthand
* k, a voiceless velar plosive in the International Phonetic Alphabet
* "K", equilibrium constant (also "K"sub|c and "K"sub|p)
* kappa or "K", relative static permittivity (dielectric constant)

ee also

* K class
* KT


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