Galileo (disambiguation)

Galileo (disambiguation)

Galileo can mean:


*Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), astronomer, philosopher, and physicist.


*"GALILEO", an Argentine company of the Sideco Group.
*Galileo CRS, an airline reservation system.
*Galileo Galilei International Airport, an airport located in Pisa, Italy.


*"Rocket Ship Galileo", a 1947 science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein.
*Galileo (magazine), a 1970s science fiction magazine.
*"Life of Galileo", or "Galileo", a play by Bertolt Brecht
*Galileo (film), an adaptation of Brecht's play.
*Galileo (song), a pop song by "Amy Grant".
*Galileo (song), a pop song by the "Indigo Girls".
*Galileo Galilei (opera), an opera by Philip Glass.
*Galileo extrem, a German documentary television series.
*Galileo (Japanese television drama), a Japanese drama based on nihongo|"Detective Galileo"|探偵ガリレオ|Tantei Garireo by nihongo|Keigo Higashino|東野 圭吾,|Higashino Keigo.
*Galileo (The West Wing), an episode of The West Wing.


*Galileo University is a centre of higher education in Guatemala.
*Galileo Academy of Science and Technology is a school in San Francisco, California.
*Georgia Library Learning Online (GALILEO), a virtual library operated by the University System of Georgia.

cience and technology

*Galileo (unit), a variant name of the gal, a CGS measure of acceleration.
*Galileo (satellite navigation), a European satellite navigation system, currently in development.
*Galileo (spacecraft), a space probe that visited Jupiter.


*Galileo (horse), a European champion thoroughbred racehorse.


*Galileo Galilei was an Archimede class submarine that served with both the Italian and the British navies during World War 2.
*SS Galileo Galilei, a cruise liner.

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