Frank Morton (chemical engineer)

Frank Morton (chemical engineer)

Frank Morton MScTech, PhD, AMCT, DSc, FRIC, (died 1999) was one of the first lecturers in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham when it was formed in 1946.


Morton became a Professor in 1951. In 1956 he became the first head of the newly-formed Department of Chemical Engineering at Manchester College of Science and Technology ["Transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers", volume 34, (1956) page 3.] (later UMIST, now the University of Manchester), UK. The Pilot Plant is now named the Morton Laboratory.

In 1961 he instituted a sports competition between the departments of Chemical Engineering at UMIST and Birmingham, his former department. This has now expanded to include all chemical engineering departments in the UK and is an annual event, known as the Frank Morton Sports Day.

He was President of the Institution of Chemical Engineers in 1963-1964. His presidential address was entitled "Chemical Engineering Manpower - a critical survey" ["Transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers", volume 42, (1964) pages 183-189.]

In view of his particular interest in, and contributions to, the education of chemical engineers, in 2001 the Institution of Chemical Engineers awarded the first [ Frank Morton Medal] "for excellence in chemical engineering education".

His research publications were in the field of mass transfer in distillation and liquid-liquid contact columns.



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