Powder Injection Moulding International

Powder Injection Moulding International

"Powder Injection Moulding International" is a magazine and scientific journal dedicated to the metal injection moulding, ceramic injection moulding and hardmetal (cemented carbide) injection moulding industries. The umbrella name given to these three industries is powder injection moulding (PIM). "Powder Injection Moulding International" magazine is published by Inovar Communications Limited, which also publishes the "International Powder Metallurgy Directory".

The powder injection moulding process

The powder injection moulding process involves combining fine metal, ceramic or carbide powders with a binder which allow the material, know as a feedstock, to be injected into a mould using standard plastic injection molding machines. The binder is then removed by solvent and thermal processes and the resultant part is sintered at temperatures great enough to bind the particles but not melt the metal, ceramic or carbide material.

ectors served

"Powder Injection Moulding International" (PIM International) is used by the following sectors:
* PIM production equipment suppliers (injection moulding machines, furnaces)
* PIM materials suppliers (metal, ceramic and carbide powder and feedstock suppliers)
* Researchers
* Design engineers in end-user sectors (medical equipment and implant manufacturers, dental brace and implant manufacturers, electronic device manufacturers, firearms manufacturers, the automotive industry and the aerospace industry, to name but a few).


"Powder Injection Moulding International" features commissioned reports on PIM industry developments, end-user sectors and regional activity. It also features technical papers on metal injection moulding, ceramic injection moulding and carbide injection moulding along with industry news.


ISSN 1753-1497

Publication details

Full title: Powder Injection Moulding International
Abbreviated title: PIM International
Language: English

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* [http://www.pim-international.com/ Powder Injection Moulding International Official website]

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