List of Fairy Tail members

List of Fairy Tail members

The fictional members of the guild Fairy Tail are the main characters of the manga "Fairy Tail". While one of the strongest mage guilds in the country, Fairy Tail is disliked by the Magic Council because they often cause a lot of unnecessary trouble during their missions. The guild has many members, but the series only focuses on certain mages. Mirajane, while talking to Lucy, explains that everyone in Fairy Tail carries the wounds of a sad past. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 002 Page 38-39, Mirajane talking to Lucy about Fairy Tail members.]

Fairy Tail has five top members: Makarov, the leader of the mage guild; Gildartz, the presumed second strongest of Fairy Tail; Erza Scarlet, Luxus Dreher and Mist Gun. They are the only ones allowed to access the second floor of the Fairy Tail guild, where the S-class missions, the most dangerous and highest paid, are posted. After the Tower of Paradise was destroyed, the guild went under a new rule dealing with S-class missions. In order to do them, you must have a S-Class mage in the team. (Erza Scarlet's team will be able to take some. The Garuna Island Arc does not count since Natsu stole the S-class missions.)

The Fairy Tail guild is located in Magnolia Town, in the land of Fiore (Italian word for "flower"), alongside other places and towns where the action takes place. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Vol. 4 Omake: Map of Fiore.]

Natsu also said that the guild specialty was property destruction.

Lucy Heartphilia

Lucy Heartphilia (ルーシイ・ハートフィリア "Rūshi Hatofiria") is a 17 year-old mage and the main female character of Fairy Tail. Lucy is named after The Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". She is the newest member of Fairy Tail guild, joining at the start of the main story line. Lucy's member stamp is located on the back of her right hand. Her measurements are B:88 W:59 H:88.

At the beginning of the series, Lucy is an independent novice mage searching for a mage guild to join, particularly interested in Fairy Tail, which she claims as the strongest mage guild. Though she tells Happy she considered joining Fairy Tail's rival guild, Phantom Lord, due to their similar outrageous nature and personality, she is content with her decision of joining Fairy Tail. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 047 Page 10, Lucy talks to Plue about her earlier aspirations to join Phantom Lord.] After being rescued by Natsu from the slave ship, she is invited to join the guild. Once joining Fairy Tail, Lucy becomes a member of Natsu's team.

Lucy is one of the saner and more stable members of Fairy Tail, having common sense that other members of the guild seem to lack. She consistently points out Natsu's and others' idiocy. Lucy is also very confident in her appearance and sexiness, exuding a certain amount of vanity. Despite this superficial attitude, Lucy is passionate for literature and is in the process of writing her own novel about her adventures with Fairy Tail. She is a member of the Heartphilia family, one of the richest and most influential conglomerate families in the country of FioreFact|date=June 2008. However, due to her estranged relationship with her father and the death of her mother, she left home to follow her own path.

It should also be noted that she was the only other person who had ever shut Gray and Natsu up without beating them up first. Natsu and Gray seem a little scared of her when she's under the weather, even if Lucy's magic is not as strong as theirs and can't force them into submission like Erza.

Lucy practices Stellar Spirit magic, a skill which allows her to summon spirits from another world using Keys of the Gates. Her Stellar Spirits have varying levels of power, with different ones suited for different tasks. For example, Aquarius can control water, while Taurus has enormous strength. Along with her keys, she also carries a whip, which she is proficient with. Lucy explains to Natsu that Stellar Spirit mages have the potential to obtain extremely rare Gold Keys, which open the gates of the "Ecliptic Zodiac", and common, store-bought Silver keys. Each gold key has the Zodiac symbol of the one it is used to summon on it. According to Lucy, while there are large number of silver keys, there are only 12 gold keys. Thus far in the series, Lucy has obtained 6 Gold Keys and 4 Silver Keys. She also summoned all of her Gold keys (5 of them at the time) and Plue at once, although it only lasted a few seconds, it showed her to be very powerful. Loke's previous owner was a very powerful mage, yet she could not summon more than one at a time.

Gold Keys
*"Aquarius": Aquarius, or "The Water-Bearer," is a long-haired mermaid with three piercings on each side of her tail. She is selfish, has a boyfriend, and dislikes Lucy, often attacking both Lucy and Lucy's enemies. She uses her jar to launch huge water waves.
*"Taurus": Taurus, or "The Bull," is a minotaur with a white and black splotched coat and a nose ring. He wears a speedo, gloves, bandages wrapped around his forearms, knee-high boots, a collar, and a strap around his chest to hold his weapon: a giant, two bladed axe. He is a pervert and constantly compliments Lucy's breasts.
*"Cancer": Cancer, or "The Crab," is as a slick hair stylist with sunglasses, wielding pairs of scissors and crab-claw shaped hair. He has six large crab-legs that come out of his back. When he is first summoned, Happy believes that Cancer would end all of his sentences with "kani" (crab), but in reality, Cancer ends all of his sentences with "ebi" (shrimp). Supposedly he often acts as Lucy's barber.
*"Virgo": Virgo, or "The Virgin," is a maid with shackles and chains around her wrists. Her ability is to tunnel underground. She takes on the female appearance depending on the master's preference. She was originally contracted by Duke of Evaroo and was a giant, overweight maid. When ownership of her key switched to Lucy, her appearance changed into a slim, beautiful maid. She refers to Lucy as "Princess".
*"Sagittarius": Sagittarius, or "The Centaur," is a man wearing a horse costume, with human hands coming from inside the hooves which allows him to hold his bow. Lucy obtained the Sagittarius Gold Key after successfully ridding the curse plaguing Garuna Island.
*"Leo": Leo, or "The Lion" is Lucy's latest spirit who Lucy discovered was in fact Loke, a fellow member of Fairy Tail. Loke was banished from the Spirit World for inadvertently causing the death of his last master, but when Lucy confronted the Spirit King and after an impassioned defense, Loke was allowed to return to the Spirit World and Lucy gained his key, with Loke promising to be her 'strength'. Oddly enough, Loke is the only one of the Zodiac that doesn't have animal characteristics anymore. In the past, he had hair resembling a short lion's mane with spikes similar to feline ears.

Silver Keys
*"Crux": Appears as a large stone-made cross with arms, legs and face. He also has cross-shaped nose and moustache. He specializes in searching for information on different spirit and their masters. He is described as "The Southern Cross"
*"Horologium": Horologium, or "The Clock," is a large grandfather clock with arms, legs, and a face (on the clockface). There is a large enough area within it for Lucy to hide, which she usually abuses and uses as shelter or as a mode of transportation. Once inside, Horologium speaks for her, ending every sentences with "my Mistress says".
*"Lyra": Lyra, or "The Lyre," first appears in chapter 28 and she wears a bonnet, a dress, and has wings on her back. She sings about emotions and often likes to take requests. She appears to be knowledgeable about magic spells as she tells the group about the moon's magic, moon drip, and how it can overcome any magic spell.
* "Nikola the Canis Minor": "Nikola," renamed Plue by Lucy, is apparently the same Plue from the manga-ka's previous work. He doesn't have any special ability, aside from magic cancellation, and serves more as a pet for Lucy. Natsu apparently has the ability to understand him.

Natsu Dragonil

Natsu Dragonil (ナツ ドラグニル "Natsu Doraguniru") is the main male character of the series and is a member of the Fairy Tail guild. His name, Natsu (夏) means "summer" in Japanese. His member's stamp is on his right shoulder.

Natsu has a carefree and reckless nature and constantly friendly bickers with other members of the guild. He has a particularly close, and competitive, relationships with fellow members, Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet. He suffers from motion sickness from all modes of transportation, including trains, boats, carriages, mobile guild halls, and even people carrying him on their back. Along with his partner, Happy, a magical cat, he is first introduced in the manga as searching for his missing foster father.

His rose colored hair, scale-skin scarf and fire magic earned him the nickname "Salamander", one which he shares with his foster father, Igneel. His strength and reputation as one of the strongest fire mages has made him one of the more prominent members of Fairy Tail. Erza states that Natsu's true power is in a slumber state and has yet to awaken. With self-belief, Natsu will one day become stronger than Erza and she has taken a sort of 'mentor' role to make sure that Natsu develops into a good, responsible mage. It has been shown that Natsu's power exponentially increases in conjunction with his emotions, evident from his fight with Eligor. During his fight against Gerard, Natsu consumed pure Aetherion in place of flames. As a result, Natsu received a immense surge of power that awakened his full Dragon-Slayer abilities. As a result of this awakening, Natsu's skin became scaly like a dragon and he was surrounded by flames. His speed and strength were so great that not even Gerard's Meteor powers could stand up to him but as one could expect, he was utterly exhausted afterward.

It is unknown what became of Natsu's biological parents. Igneel, the fire dragon, discovered Natsu in the forest and raised Natsu as his own child, teaching Natsu how to write, speak and the powerful and ancient magic style, "Dragon Slayer", a style said to be developed to intercept dragons. He has the ability to eat all types of fire, with the exception of his own. Natsu learns from Zarti that his magic is considered "Lost Magic" due to its destructive force. Igneel's reasons for teaching this magic style is unknown. However, at a young age on July 7 in year 777, seven years prior to the main story line, Igneel disappeared, leading Natsu to arrive at Fairy Tail. Thus far he has only met one other "Dragon Slayer" user who, like him, learned it from a dragon.

Despite his reckless and seemingly carefree nature, Natsu shows great wit in battle, quick to identify his opponents' weaknesses, and forming simple yet effective strategies to block the plans of his enemies. His dedication to his teammates and his guild is insanely strong, preventing the deaths and self-sacrifices of several members, including Macau and Gray. During the battle against rival guild, Phantom Lord, he was instrumental not only in destroying the Jupiter Cannon, but in bringing down one of Phantom Lord's Elemental 4, and the Guild's second strongest - Iron Dragon Gazille - a feat that was coupled with destroying the Phantom Lord building altogether.

Natsu and Gray have constant fights, ranging from pillow fights to the more commmon fist fights to magic ones. Natsu also seems to be a sore loser, never admitting defeat, especially to Gray. Whenever Gray and him have trouble deciding who won, they call on Lucy, who is for the most part, able to calm them down by threatening them with Ezra. Despite their animosity for each other, Natsu and Gray are as close as brothers, not afraid to punch the other when they think they need to calm down and clear their heads. Natsu also seems very devoted to Ezra, charging into a meeting hall where she was being charged for the Lullaby incident in a half-baked attempt to 'prove her innocence'. Despite the obvious friction between himself and Gray (and his fear of Ezra's strength when she gets upset with him), the three of them has a uniquely close bond.

Although his age is unknown, he appears to be around Lucy's age (17) or Gray's (18).
Siegrain has hinted of certain plans for Natsu, but the nature of those plans remains a mystery.


Happy (ハッピー "Happī") is a cat with some magical power, which may be the reason for his ability to speak. He can temporarily grow wings on his back and fly, and is capable of carrying only one person in this form. Happy apparently can fly at incredible speed (As it took Eligor less than a hour to reach Clover when Happy caught up with him in mere seconds with Natsu in tow) This is also the only kind of transportation that does not make Natsu sick. When asked why, Natsu got angry and exclaimed that Happy was a friend, not a means of transportation, ironically Natsu later gets sick when Gray gives him a piggyback ride when he's injured. He's very close to Natsu and becomes friends with Lucy quickly. The three form a team at the start of the manga. Happy is a full-fledged member of Fairy Tail, and has a member stamp on his back. It is not yet revealed if talking animals are common in the Fairy Tail manga world, or if Happy is a mage that's simply been transformed into a cat. It's also unknown if Happy even though being a mage and a member of Fairy Tail, can use his magic offensively or not.

Happy has a very cheerful nature. Even when facing danger, he maintains a smile. Along with Lucy, he is one of the saner members of Fairy Tail and often acts as the mediator between Natsu and Gray.

Happy's original name was going to be named Freyr, after a Norse god. But Hiro Mashima felt it didn't fit him, so he change the name to Happy to fit the character. [FairyTail, Volume 2, Page 190]

Gray Fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster (グレイ・フルバスター "Gurei Furubasutā") is a member of the Fairy Tail guild. He is an 18 year-old ice mage, practicing ice alchemy, the art of molding ice. Due to his training history, he is most comfortable in little clothing and often forgets to wear clothes or quickly takes it off, thus often being accused of being an exhibitionist(He takes off his clothes because Ur made him do it as one of her training and now it's a force of habit). He and Natsu have a friendly rivalry, and can often be seen fighting one another. Lucy believes the nature of his magic is the reason that he and Natsu constantly bicker. His member stamp is on the right side of his chest.

Much of Gray's history is revealed during the Garuna Island arc. Gray teams with Happy, Lucy and Natsu on an S-Class Mission after being sent to retrieve the trio by the Master. Despite finding the trio and engaging Natsu in a fight to bring them back to the guild house, he quickly succumbs to his curiosity and pursues the mission. The primary antagonist during this arc is Reitei Leon, who is revealed to be Gray's former peer and a student of Gray's teacher, Ur, a powerful ice mage and one who Siegrain claims would be a Ten Great Holy Mage if she were still alive. Ur took in Gray as her student and child after finding him in a destroyed town. Gray's parents and entire town was leveled by the demon Deliora. As result, Gray accepts the training in order to eventually avenge his parents. During this training, Gray picks up his unusual habit of undressing in public.

However, due to Gray's obstinacy, he chooses to prematurely challenge Deliora, leading to Ur's self-sacrifice in order to encase Deliora and protect Gray and Leon. Gray seems to have inherited this similar selfless personality, shown during his two attempts to use Iced Shell (a move which turns the caster into ice) on Leon and Deliora to protect his team.

Gray's adeptness and strength as an ice mage is quickly shown in the story. During the Lullaby of Death arc, he teams with Natsu and Erza to defeat the demon awakened from the evil spirit from the Lullaby of Death. Members of the League praise his quickness at molding ice. Later in the story, he defeats Jubia, one of the Elemental Four of Phantom Lord. This victory may have been partly influenced by Jubia's liking to Gray. Jubia comments on Gray's skill, shocked that he was able to freeze both her boiling water and the rain. After Phantom Lord's defeat, Jubia begins to secretly spy on/stalk Gray, bringing a packed lunch for Gray while he and the guild are rebuilding the headquarters.

After Loke's identity had been revealed, Gray and his friends went on a holiday trip, in which Jubia secretly spied on (read: stalk) him. She even 'admired' Gray's courage to take off his pants and underwear in the sea. She then took her approach to Gray, discussing joining Fairy Tail when she was attacked by a mysterious assailant. Jubia joins forces with Gray and the others in a rescue mission for Ezra afterward, seemingly an ally to the team now.

It is currently unknown if he is aware that Ur had a daughter, or that she hates her mother

In certain panels, Gray's necklaces looks quite similar to the Rave Stone which is a crucial part of another one of Mashima's stories, "Rave Master." Mashima has stated he doesn't remember the name.

Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet (エルザ・スカーレット, "Eruza Sukāretto")is commonly known as "Erza," but sometimes romanized as Elsa, (Italian for "hilt" or "sword's hilt," but also a very common Italian name) is a very strong, 19 year-old sword mage in Fairy Tail and constantly wears an armored suit. She was named after the author's short story character "Eru". [Fairy Tail Volume 2, Page 190] She is the strongest woman in Fairy Tail and her mage ranking is an S-Class. She's one of the four strongest mages allowed on the second floor, where the most dangerous missions are posted. Erza is a very strict person, often criticizing the bad behavior and habits of the other guild members, causing most members to apologize for fear that they might invoke her wrath. Because of this, she is widely regarded as being Fairy Tail's 'Enforcer' although such a thing has not been made official. She is also impatient, liking people who answer her questions quickly. Despite her strict demeanor, she does have her soft spots, such as keeping her skin nice and soft and loving strawberry cake. Her member stamp is on her left upper arm.

Erza uses exquip, a type of magic that swaps weapons and armor at will. She is noted for her ability to exquip quickly and is the only sword mage capable of reequipping armor while fighting, earning her the nickname "Titania Erza." Her strength is so great that even strong mages such as Natsu and Gray fear her; this fear immediately ceases their bickering in her presence. Despite her great strength, she recruits Natsu and Gray for the mission against Eisenwald. Mirajane claims that this team is the strongest in the Fairy Tail guild; however, this does not imply that Gray, Natsu and Erza are the strongest in Fairy Tail, but merely that their combined powers make them the 'strongest team' that Fairy Tail has available. Happy makes a comment that Erza's magic is "very pretty" because it causes her opponent's blood goes spurting everywhere.

Her strength is repeatedly discussed throughout the manga, and she has defeated several Fairy Tail members in one-on-one combat, including Gray, Natsu, and Loke. After the Lullaby arc, she agrees to seriously fight Natsu again to test her own power; however, the fight is interrupted by her arrest, which turns out to be simply a formality in response to the Guild Masters' meeting site being destroyed by the defeated Lullaby. When Natsu, after barging in on the hearing and upsetting everyone, realizes later that their fight wasn't finished, he decides to continue it on the spot, to which Erza responds by knocking him across the room in one blow. Mist Gun showed up at that moment and everyone went to sleep, so it's unsure if Natsu was knocked out by Erza or Mist Gun's sleep magic. During this time, it is revealed that she has some relationship or past history with Siegrain, told by the young mage to not discuss a particular incident. Following the encounter, she claims that Siegrain is "evil".

During the Garuna Island arc, despite being sent to forcefully retrieve Happy, Gray, Lucy, and Natsu, she joins them to complete the S-Class mission after being convinced by Gray's decisive stand against her. It is with her help that they complete the mission due not only to her superior power but also her quick and understanding mind when she figured out the truth of the entire matter within a matter of moments (despite falling into a makeshift trap set by Lucy beforehand).

Although it hasn't been fully explored, it is implied that Natsu, Erza, and Gray are all very close to each other. While staying over at Lucy's house, Erza revealed that the three of them used to take showers together, much to the boys' embarrassment. It is later revealed that Erza, Natsu, and Gray have all been part of Fairy Tail ever since they were children. Erza seems to be an "older sister" of sorts to both of them, being the only person in Fairy Tail able to quell their near-constant bickering with just her name spoken out-loud to them. Despite their fear of her strength, they both care very deeply for Ezra and all three will go through near-impossible lengths for each other without a second thought. She seems to hold a particularly strong 'affection' for Natsu, although her way of showing it is partly the reason why Natsu's afraid of her half the time (hugging him too hard or knocking him unconscious so he can be at peace while traveling). Even so, she's very proud of both of them and considers them her 'team' - including Lucy and Happy as well.

Like most Fairy Tail members, she shows great loyalty and dedication to Makarov (whom she constantly addresses as 'Master') and the guild. She pushed herself past her limit in the war against the Phantom Lord Guild, fighting against many of its more powerful members, even after she exhausted herself blocking a shot from the Phantom's Jupiter Cannon. She also became the de facto leader when Makarov had to be treated when his magic was absorbed.

Erza is shown to love stage acting, though her stage fright makes her stammer and mix the words up. She likes using her Exquip not only to equip armor but to dress herself up as well. Using Exquip's 'memory' feature, she can swap in and out of clothes that she has put on and 'saved' to her magic's memory. This is probably why she seems to love taking huge amounts of luggage with her when she travels. She is also great at gambling.

The current arc is dedicated to Erza and her past. As she was winning a gambling game in a hotel casino, several people appeared who seemed to know her. Accusing Erza as a traitor, they revealed they are her childhood friends. A fight ensued and after knocking out Gray, Natsu, Lucy and Jubia, they managed to capture Erza and Happy. They planned to take the unconscious Erza to a mysterious character named Jeral in the Tower of Paradise who intends to use Erza as a sacrifice for the feared R-project.

As the story progressed, it was revealed that before Erza joined Fairy Tail, she was a child laborer who helped construct the Tower of Paradise. That was also where she met Jeral when he was still a young boy. When she and her friends tried to rebel, the guards captured Jeral and Erza attempted to save him by rallying the other slaves. When one of the older slaves was killed in the battle, a distraught Erza's magic awakened, killing all the guards.

When Erza eventually found Jeral, his personality had permanently changed because he was now under the influence of the demon/mage Zeref. Jeral decided he would use the slaves to complete the Tower of Paradise in order to resurrect Zeref. He allowed Erza to escape and threatened that if she told anyone, he would kill her friends and the others who remained at the Tower.

Upon her return and meeting up with both her old and new comrades, she heads to the final showdown against Jeral, who then tricks her into staying at the tower long enough for the AEtherion to fall and combine with the tower. Natsu, however, saves her before her body could be broken down by the AEtherion. After Natsu defeats Jeral, she attempts to stop the AEtherion from going wild by using her own body to fuse with the magic. As she does this, Erza, believing she died, overlooks a vision of the guild members who attends her funeral. Standing before a magnificent statue, the Mage Council honors Erza as one of the Ten Great Holy Mages for her deed. Natsu interrupts the service, yelling at everyone that she is alive. Erza breaks down as Natsu is wrestled to the ground despite his loud protests, realizing that her decision, rather than keeping her friends alive and happy only serves to make them incredibly sad. She then regains consciousness in Natsu's arms far from where the tower once stood, finding herself to be alive despite everything. Her level of power has been revealed as roughly on par with the Ten Great Holy Mages, as one of such power is needed as an ingredient to Jeral's plan to resurrect Zeref. Even Jose, leader of the Phantom Lord Guild, acknowledged Ezra's power, commenting that no other mage has stood against him for as long as she, despite her injuries and exhausted state.

Armor Types
*The Knight: an armor stance Erza uses to face multiple opponents. Erza becomes surrounded by many swords which can be thrown at her opponents. This form first appears in the Lullaby arc.
*Black Winged Armor: an armor which increases the destructive power of her attacks. In this form, she only uses one sword and grows the wings of a bat. This form first appears when fighting the demon of the flute.
*Fire Empress Armor: flame-resistant armor which lowers the destructive power of flame attacks by 50%. In this form, she has no armor on her shoulders and more on her limbs. The boots resemble dragon's feet. This form first appears during her duel against Natsu.
*The Giant's Armor: in this stance, Erza is able to increase the strength of her throwing power. First shown in Garuna Island arc.
*Herculean Armor: the ultimate, high-level defensive stance. In this form, Erza is able to withstand the magic fired by the Phantom Lord's cannon, Jupiter.
*Heart Kreuz Armor: her normal, casual armor, which is custom-made. Her sword is also made by Heart Kreuz. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 034 Page 19, Erza's custom-made sword is displayed]

*Purgatory Armor: her strongest armor as she said "none has seen this armor and live to tell the tale, witness it and despair." It was never put to good use as it crumbled due to Ikaruga's sword.


Makarov (マカロフ "Makarofu"), is the "Master" of the guild. He is eighty-eight years old and is also one of the Ten Great Holy Mages. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 047 Page 13, Gray says Makarov is one of the ten holy great mages.] Makarov shows extreme dislike for the Council and all the rules they try to impose on guilds. He frequently attempts to balance reprimands from the council and the eccentricity of his guild. He encourages Fairy Tail to do what they feel is right, but he has shown some concern that Natsu, Erza, and Gray will someday level a whole town. His magical abilities include Titan magic, giving him the ability to grow his body parts gigantic and his body into a giant sized version of himself, and can control various other forms of magic including fire, ice and wind, which give him an immense magical power. The members of his guild affectionately refer to him as "Ji-san" or grandpa. Makarov also sees all of his guild members as his own children and will do anything to protect them. He has a perverted side, shown when he states he wishes to be smashed by Lucy's breasts and subsequently spanks her many times as a punishment.

When the Fairy Tail guild building was attacked by Phantom Lord, he didn't seem to care and shrugged off the situation, noting that Guild wars are forbidden. However, after the Shadow Gear team was ambushed in the night by Phantom Lord and crucified to a tree, he leads a full frontal attack against Phantom Lord. However, Makarov, distracted and upset, is ambushed by Aria from Phantom Lord, causing him to lose his magic and forcing the Fairy Tail guild to retreat. Erza noted that they wouldn't be able to defeat Jose without Makarov, and Polyushko noted that Makarov didn't think over the attack and rushed into things without considering his age, calling him a fool for acting this way. After recovering, Makarov returns and defeated Jose with his "Fairy Law," a powerful spell that only defeats those he considers his enemy. Afterwards, Aria attempts to attack him again, but Makarov easily dispatches him, showing Aria's previous victory was a fluke due to Makarov losing his focus.

Given his advanced age, he considers retirement, but considers Luxus as too uncaring, Gildartz impossible for some unknown reason, Mist gun too reclusive, and Erza as too young and brash to succeed him as guild master. After hearing the damages made by the team Erza-Lucy-Gray-Natsu-Happy from Mirajane, he cried that it's impossible to retire by now.

Hiro Mashima stated in a Behind the name segment in Volume 2, that he wanted Makarov to have a name that sounded Russian.


Mirajane (ミラジェーン "Mirajēn") is the cover girl or drawing point of Fairy Tail. She is 19 years old, a former S-class water and transformation mage, and the older sister of Elfman. When Mirajane was an S-class mage, she was known as "The Demon", with a piercing stare visible from beneath her hair bangs. However, due to a past incident involving the death of her younger sister, Lisana, Mirajane somehow lost much of her magical ability and her will to fight. Given the recent event of Elfman regaining and controlling his lost abilities and Mirajane's increased confidence, Mirajane may someday regain her abilities and move forward with her life.

Mirajane plays a motherly role within the guild, and is often seen running the bar at the guild hall. She has rarely been shown to be in a bad mood, and can tolerate all of the guild's eccentricities. However, there have been a couple events that have disturbed Mirajane so much so that she temporarily displays traits of her old self, including her discovery of Luxus's failure to prevent the stealing of an S-Class job by Natsu, Happy and Lucy, and her later anger and disappointment with Luxus again following the destruction of the guild building.

Along with running a bar, Mirajane shows great talent not only in modeling, but playing guitar and singing. She is much beloved not only among the Fairy Tail members but also many outside the guild.

Mirajane got her name from a online video game Hiro Mashima was playing while he created her. [FairyTail, Volume 2, Page 190]


Elfman (エルフマン "Erufuman") is an 18 year-old mage. He is one of the physically stronger Fairy Tail mages, exhibiting the ability called "Take Over," which allows him to absorb the power of monsters he defeated into his right arm, earning him the nickname "Beast Arm Elfman." His member stamp is on his neck.

His skill is among the top level in Fairy Tail; however, due to past events, he is no longer able to use Take Over to transform his entire body. It is revealed that in the past, an error occurred with his full-body transformation, leading him to lose control over his actions. Lisana, his younger sister and former member of Fairy Tail, sacrificed her life to break his concentration and help Elfman regain sanity. As a result, his most recent attempts at full-body Take Over induces a flashback of his sister, breaking his concentration and causing the spell to fade. This event has also caused Elfman's heart to lock shut.

During the attack on Fairy Guild by Phantom Lord, Mirajane is taken hostage while pretending to be Lucy. Elfman, determined to overcome this setback and keep his vow to "never see his sister's tears" helped him regain the ability of full-body Take Over, helping him defeat Sol, a member of the Elemental 4. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 055 Page 13, Elfman begins to successfully cast full body takeover]

It seems both he and his sister Mirajane were badly hurt in the past due to their younger sister, Lisana, dying. It's said that Elfman's heart is locked shut because of what happened to Lisana. Mirajane is very concerned for Elfman when she found out he went with Gray to help out Natsu in the Phantom Lord guild building, though Cana feels that he will be fine.

Elfman is an enthusiastic character, seemingly obsessed with manliness and regularly spouting (sometimes nonsensical) speeches about manhood, and what it is to be and act like a man.


Lisana was the younger sister of both Elfman and Mirajane, and was also a member of Fairy Tail, though the nature of her magic is unknown. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 055 Page 15, Lisana's Fairy Tail tattoo is visible] Her member stamp was on her upper left shoulder.

It is also very possible that Lisana, Elfman and Mirajane operated in a three man group similar to Shadow Gear. She lost her life while trying to revert Elfman after his full-body Take Over went awry. He quickly lost control of himself and went on a rampage. Lisana gave her life trying to calm him down and stop his rampage. How she actually was able to do this is unknown. The mental and emotional trauma that Elfman and Mirajane both experienced after Lisana's death crippled their powers considerably. Mirajane lost her S-class rank and has not fought since. Elfman suffered major emotional damage and was incapable to cast his full body takeover spell for some time. When he did try casting it, a flashback to Lisana caused him to lose concentration.

Macao Convault

Macao Convault is one of the older mages of the Fairy Tail Guild, being 36. He uses a special flame, the purple flare, which cannot be blown off by wind or water. He's also very skilled in transformation magic, an ability which can even deceive an equal expert such as Mirajane. He's divorced and dates a younger girl. It's said that he's very popular among young girls and he even had Cana Alberona falling for him in the past. He has one son, Romeo.

In order to stop the bullying of his son, Macao traveled alone to the Hakobe Mountain to defeat the Vulcan monsters. He managed to defeat 19 of the monsters but was defeated by the 20th and had his body taken over by it. After a week passed with Macao still missing, Romeo begged Makarov to go up and search for his father, but Makarov felt that Macao's pride deserved more time. Natsu, Happy, and Lucy traveled to Hakobe mountains to search for Macao and defeated the 20th Vulcan, forcefully transforming him back to Macao.


Loke (ロキ "Roki") is a member of the Fairy Tail guild. He is very flirtatious with attractive women, being top ranked "Mage you want to have as your boyfriend". He attempts to flirt with Lucy but after finding out that she's a Stellar Spirit mage, he quickly stops his advances. Mirajane said that something must have happened to him with a similar female Stellar Spirit mage. She also mentioned that Loke once tried to flirt with Erza, but nearly got himself killed because of it. His weapon is a magical ring and is skilled in "hand-to-hand" combat.

He seems to have an interest in Lucy, despite his fear and is the one who searched for Lucy's lost keys and subsequently saves Lucy from bandits.

After his sudden departure from Fairy Tail, Lucy discovers that Loke is a Stellar Spirit, Leo the Lion. His master was the famous Karen Lilica, who was a member of Blue Pegasus. Since her death three years ago, he has remained in the human world, unable to return to the Spirit World because he was exiled for killing his own summoner. He reveals that prolonged stay by a Stellar Spirit in the human world leads to death.

Although he says he killed Karen he did not kill her himself. Karen was abusive, vain, and arrogant towards her other Zodiac Stellar Spirit, the timid and kind Aries. One day she was about to punish Aries by forcing her to remain in the Real World for seven straight days, something that would probably kill her. Sick of Karen's apparently frequent tantrums, Loki summoned himself in Aries' place and refused to go back to the Spirit World until Karen broke both their pacts and left her house. However Karen died on a mission before she could release them. This was because she couldn't summon any other spirits while he was already summoned and thus he blamed himself for her death.

However, although Loke had given up hope and was more than willing to die, Lucy managed to convince the Stellar Spirit King to revoke his exile. Loke is now one of Lucy's Stellar Spirits. He promised to be Lucy's backbone, and returned to the spirit world to recover. With him, Lucy now has half the Gold keys.

After recovering, Loke is seen flirting with Lucy and being nice and friendly to everybody. He declared that he has abandoned his old ways, flirting with only Lucy now. He has also self-proclaimed himself to be Lucy's knight in shiny armor.

Before Lucy got annoyed and sent him back to spirit world, he give Lucy's team tickets to a fancy hotel he had planned to take his girlfriends to. Since he can no longer stay long in the real world, he wants Lucy's team to go because he wants to thank them for all the help they've given him.

Cana Alberona

Cana Alberona (カナ・アルベローナ "Kana Aruberōna") is a member of the Fairy Tail guild. Her member stamp is on the lower left portion of her abdomen.

She is an attractive woman with a short temper who seems to use a type of card magic. Not much else is known about her magic, but it has been shown that she can use it to track people and for fortune telling. She is always shown drinking some kind of alcohol, usually a giant barrel of ale. It is mentioned that she has a pure heart. She is one of the original members of Fairy Tail and has been part of it since she was a child, she was also shown to have been in the guild since Erza joined. She is one of the leading figures of Fairy Tail, commanding the guild in the fight against Phantom Lord.

She was once in love with Macao Convault.


In addition to Erza Scarlet, there are three other mages (not including Makarov) capable of taking on S-Class missions and have access to the second floor of the Fairy Tail guild. They are, Mist Gun, Luxus, and Gildartz, commonly referred to as 'That Geezer.' When explaining the concept to Lucy, Mirajane stated that there were five who can access the top floor. This may be due to Mirajane herself technically being qualified, although currently retired.

Luxus Dreher

Luxus Dreher is a 23-year-old mage who uses lightning-based attacks and various other types of magic in Fairy Tail. He is one of the strongest mage candidates in Fairy Tail and is an S-Class mage, along with Erza, Mist Gun, and Gildartz. Like many members of the guild, Luxus has been a part of Fairy Tail since he was a child, given that he is also Makarov's grandson. As a result, he is considered and feared as a very likely candidate to succeed Makarov as guild master.

Luxus claims to be the strongest member of Fairy Tail. He wears a pair of magic spiked headphones ("sound-pot") and is often seen smoking a cigar. Luxus also has a mysterious scar that runs down the right side of his face. Luxus seems to care very little about his fellow guildmates. When asked to come back and assist them in the fight against the Phantom Lord guild, he laughed and refused. Luxus went on to say that Makarov was at fault for starting the fight in the first place, and that Makarov should hurry up and retire so that he could become the new leader. Luxus showed a lecherous side to his personality as he said that he'd agree to come back and help if Lucy promised to become his girl. He also tried to get Cana to strip for him if they wanted his help. In chapter 107 it reveals when he was younger, he didn't have a scar and he was a truly kind boy.

While he is a likely candidate to succeed Makarov, Makarov believes Luxus's intentions are not yet right. Luxus states that when he inherits leadership of Fairy Tail, he will eliminate all the weak members to create the strongest guild in the country. But when Makarov thought about his succession he assumed that his mentality was a problem, so it was not really possible. He appears to have had the scar on his face at a young age, as it's seen in Erza's flashback. He can also make his body transform into lightning and quickly travel to another spot as it's shown when Natsu attempted to punch him.


Gildartz is a mage of Fairy Tail whose current existence is unknown. He is most commonly referred to as "That Old Guy". He is one of only four Fairy Tail members (not including Makarov) who are allowed to go on the second floor of the building and accept S-class missions. Lucy assumes that Gildartz is the second strongest mage in Fairy Tail after the master Makarov. "Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 024 Page 17, Lucy's Fairy Tail ranking chart] Lucy has never met Gildartz so her ranking is based on her own assumptions rather than facts. This is proven true when Happy stated in chapter 106, that Luxus is second in strength only to Gildartz. Though Happy comes up with names of other mages who might be able to challenge Luxus, Gildartz was the one Happy thought of first and had no doubt in ranking.

When Makarov was thinking about his succession he stated that was impossible.

Mist Gun

He is another one of the S-classed mages who puts everyone to sleep every time he comes to the guild mainly because he hates to be seen. Makarov is the only person who is left unaffected by his magic but it still makes him tired. Luxus states that he has seen his face as well. Mist Gun carries a mysterious staff that has not been expanded upon yet. He has a bandit type mask covering the bottom half of his face and a cap covering the top with only a slit being shown between his eyes.Unlike Luxus, he assisted greatly in the Phantom Lord battle, although without being seen. He was not considered as Makarov's replacement due to his overly-reclusive nature.

hadow Gear

Shadow Gear is the "back-bone" team within the Fairy Tail guild consisting of Levi, Jet and Droy.

Levi McGarden

Levi McGarden is a 17 year-old mage, first introduced as wanting to accept the mission to retrieve the book Daybreak from the Duke of Everlu's mansion, though Makarov advised her not to take it because the quest was likely to become complicated. In the Fairy Tail guild, she's in a team called Shadow Gear, along with childhood friends Jet and Droy. Her magic is called "Solid Script" which allows her to make words solid and then throw the words at her opponent. For instance, if the word fire were to be thrown at her opponent the victim would feel as if he were hit by a fireball. Levi is very talented in the field of languages and can even translate several ancient languages. She and Lucy quickly became friends through their mutual love for books. Levi read the novel that Lucy is working on and is the only person who has done so. Along with her fellow Shadow Gear Members, she was found badly beaten in "Crucifixion" style on a tree, with the symbol of Phantom Lord branded on her stomach. Beacuse of the incident she hides whenever she sees Gazille, it is unknown if she still fears him after he save her from Luxus.


Sarusuke, better known as Jet, is an 18 year-old member of Fairy Tail and is on the team, Shadow Gear. His magic is called High Speed, which is also called God's Leg. This magic makes him the fastest person in the guild. He has a crush on Levi, but got rejected in 2 seconds. He is the one who convinces Lucy to allow others to read her book. He, along with Levi and Droy, were ambushed by Phantom Lord and crucified to a tree. He and Droy attack Gazille after he joined the guild because he was the one that destroy the old one and crucified them, when Luxus joins them he realize that Gazille never fought back.


Droy is an 18 year-old member of Fairy Tail and is a member of the team, Shadow Gear. His magic deals with rapid growing plants that he can control. He wears something on his chest that's called Live Coal, which are basically tiny containers for his seeds. Droy is a childhood friend of Levi and Jet. He also has a crush on Levi, and got rejected in 1 second. He and Jet attack Gazille after he joined the guild because he was the one that crucified Shadow Gear.


Raijinshū is a team of "Luxus Bodyguards" within the Fairy Tail guild consisting of Fried, Evergreen and Bixlow.

Fried Justine

Fried Justine is a 20 year-old member of Fairy Tail and the self-proclaimed captain of the team, Raijinshū. Only few people know what kind of magic he uses.

Members Who Belonged To Other Guilds

Gazille Reitfox

Gazille, nicknamed the Iron Dragon, uses the same lost "Dragon Slayer" magic as Natsu does, though his magic seems to deal not with fire, but with iron. Erza says Gazille is also a Dragon Slayer. Gazille is also noted to be the most formidable of the Phantom Lord guild after Jose Pola. He led the attack on Fairy Tail and the large iron rods protruding through the walls of the building seem to be his handiwork. Gazille's magic seems to deal with producing multi-sized iron rods as well as changing parts of his body into iron. He doesn't seem to care at all about Fairy Tail, and seems to think that Phantom Lord is a stronger and more worthwhile guild. Gazille bears his Phantom Lord symbol marked at the top off his right shoulder (note the same place were Natsu has his Fairy Tail emblem). Both Natsu and Gazille begin their fight with each other once the Elemental Four are defeated. At first being equal in strength, Gazille gains the upper hand after eating some metal and thrashes Natsu a bit. However after seeing the Fairy Tail building crumble, and with a little help from Lucy's Stellar Spirit, Sagittarius, Natsu turns the tables and knocks Gazille straight through the Phantom Lord's building, demolishing it in half and defeating him. Similar to how Natsu learned his "Fire Dragon Slayer" from the dragon Igneel, Gazille learned his "Metal Dragon Slayer" from the dragon Metalicana. Both Igneel and Metalica disappeared seven years prior to the beginning of the series on July 7th in the year of 777.

Upon returing from saving Erza and destroying the Tower Of Paradise, Gazille is seen at the Fairy Tail guild as a new member along with Jubia. He seems to have no remorse for destroying Fairy Tail's old building, only joining for work, saying "One Guild is as good as the next", telling Natsu he has no intention of being friends with him. When asked why Gazille joined, Jubia stated "Gazille always seems so lonely, Jubia couldn't bear to just leave him", but also added quickly that she doesn't like him. Master Makarov wants to use this opprotunity to guide Gazille onto a more proper path in both life and magic but agrees when Ezra suggests that they 'keep an eye' on him due to his nature.Despite saying that he doesn't want to make friends, he tries in his own way to do so. So far he has sung an off-key solo (after binding Mirajane and Lucy with metal cuffs to do so) and not fought back when attacked by Shadow Gear and then Luxus and even went so far as to save Levi in an attempt to show that he wanted to be friends.

Jubia Loxar

Jubia made up 1/4th of the Phantom Lord's elite group: Element 4. She was sent by the guild master, Jose, along with Sol, to capture Lucy and bring her back to Jose safely. Her magic seems to pertain to water as she is able to control rain and other large bodies of water. In addition, her body seems to be formed from the rain that surrounds her, leaving her intact and able to reform herself after taking damage. Her nickname is "Jubia of the Sea". When she becomes angry she gains the ability to control hot water. Jubia often refers to herself in the third person. Jubia has developed a crush on Gray, and due to a misunderstanding, views Lucy as her rival in love. After having been defeated by Gray, the rain above her finally cleared up; something she thought was beautiful.

After their fight, her deep infatuation with Gray continues; secretly following him wherever he goes. In the current arc, she mentions to Gray that she is now an independent mage once more, but Gray notes that she has probably has her eyes set on Fairy Tail. She is quite willing to do anything for him. During the Tower of Paradise arc she becomes friends with Lucy and preforms a Unison Raid with her. After the tower is destroyed she has officially become a member of Fairy Tail, with the Master's full blessing.

She and Gazille are the only Phantom members to be shown after the Phantom Guild arc (aside from the Chp. 64 Omake). The Spanish word "lluvia", which is pronounced like her name, means rain.

Minor Members

Reedus Johnner

Reedus Johnner is a 27 year-old mage with an unusually round body and a witch hat. He uses picto magic, but he can only use it in conjunction with his body. For that reason, he asked Makarov to enlarge his body because in the past he used to be very thin. With his picto magic he can draw something on his large stomach and once the drawing is complete, it materializes in front of him. During the attack of the Phantom Lord, he was responsible for protecting Lucy, but he was defeated by Gazille and Lucy was captured.

Nav Lazaro

Not much is known about Nav Lazaro besides the fact that his magic deals with Animal Possession in which he can confine an animals spirit within himself and then use that spirit to aid him in battle. He is well-known to linger around the bulletin board, very rarely taking actual missions.

Arzack Cornell

Arzack is originally from the west. He came to Fairy Tail as an immigrant and joined up. His magic is classified as "Guns Magic". As the name implies, he loads his gun and fires magic bullets which never miss. Arzack has a crush on another member of the guild named Visca, but he is too shy to confess to her. Loke jokingly implied that if Arzack doesn't confess then he would. Arzack now sees Loke as his rival, but since Loke is Leo the Lion and Lucy's key, he doesn't interfere.

Visca Moulin

Visca, much like Arzack, is originally from the west. Also just like Arzack her magic deals with guns. She can exquip various guns from a stock in a different space, much like what Erza does with her magic. Visca admires Erza, most likely because of the similarities in their magic style and how Erza is the most powerful female in the guild. Visca planned to confess her love to Arzack, but then Fairy Tail was attacked by Phantom Lord so she didn't get a chance to do it.

Visitor Echo

Uses the magic known as dance. While dancing it increases an allies attack and can decrease a foe's, it only works within a ten meter radius. He has always loved dancing, and is often seen in the guild dancing. His goal is to save up enough money to study abroad in the holy land of Dance, "Minstrel". He always wear the same suit, for he has 100 copies of it.

Wakaba Mine

He is a 36-year-old veteran mage who battles by forming smoke into different shapes. He and Macau are good drinking buddies and rivals, being the same age. He also has a wife, but is usually hanging around the guild flirting, even when he's got no work to do.

Warren Rackow

Not much is known about him, but he was featured on a cover page. His magic is telepathy, and is capable of reading his opponent's mind during battle.

Max Alose

A 17-year-old mage who specializes in sand-based magic. His magic is called Sandstorm. He loves just talking to people and often finds himself in large crowds. He is not that good with alcohol but always seems to find himself getting caught up in the mood of the place, drinks himself silly and finds himself in a real state afterwards. Nobody knows it but he never really had any friends as a kid, and his new socialite personality is a reaction to that.After the Tower of Paradise arc, he's seen working on a gift shop on the guild.

Rob Ojii

An old man who taught Erza magic when she was a girl working on the Tower of Paradise. He said that he gave up on using magic, but he believed that Erza could do better than he did. When he died Erza saw his Fairy Tail tattoo on his back and that's what inspired her to join the guild. His magic is currently unknown. Both Makarov and Polyushko seem to know him.

Lucky Ollietta

Lucky, an 18-year-old mage who uses wood-based magic, can instantly reshape wood into a form of her choice. Due to this ability, she helped a lot with the rebuilding of the Fairy Tail Guild after it was vandalized by the Phantom Lord Guild. She likes glasses and wears them herself, and she has a dislike for perverts. Lucky also has funny ways of expressing herself, for example she refers to getting a haircut as "chopping hair", eating as "feeding your stomach", and sleeping as "whittling away the defenseless hours". ["Fairy Tail Manga" - Chapter 096 Page 1]


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