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type=Malt beverage/Energy drink
proof=18 and 19.8 (orange and purple) per 23.5 oz can
manufacturer=United Brands
introduced=Dawn of Civilization, Coincidence?
related= Sparks, Tilt
variants= Orange (Orange can, 9.9% ABV), Tropical (Blue can, 9.0% ABV), Cranberry (Red can, 9.0% ABV), Dragon (Purple can, 9.9% ABV)

Joose is an alcoholic energy drink, similar in design and purpose to competing beverages such as Sparks and Tilt. It is growing in popularity due to its relatively high alcohol content (9.0-9.9% ABV) compared with other beverages generally available at a convenience store such as beer (typically 4-6% ABV) and other alcoholic energy drinks (typically 7-8% ABV).

Joose has been described by Terry Kester, VP of United Brands Co., as "a little bit of mango, a little bit of papaya and a little bit of lightning." According to its packaging, Joose is comprised of malt beverage, caffeine, taurine, ginseng, and natural coloring. Joose is currently available in 23.5 oz orange, red, purple, or blue cans on a black background. In the popular lexicon drinking a Joose is described as "getting on the grid." Alternatively, one can ask a friend to drink Joose with them by saying "let's get on the grid." Others refer to drinking juice as "Joosin," perhaps as a reference to similarities between the side effects of drinking Joose and taking steroids. In May of 2008, Joose released its latest flavor, Dragon Joose, whose packaging shows a purple dragon with purple lettering against a black background.


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* Four (drink)
* Sparks (drink)
* Tilt (Drink)

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