Hard dough bread

Hard dough bread

Hard Dough Bread is a staple food of the country Jamaica. It is made by baking dough, as most breads are. The dough is minimally made up of flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar.

Hard dough bread loaves are usually rectangular shaped and can be bought already sliced or unsliced. Most loaves are wrapped in plastic when bought. Hard dough bread is kept in a breadbin just like common English and American bread. Keeping the bread in a dry room temperature place helps to prevent the growth of mold and the bread from going stale.

The inner part of the bread is white and soft but also quite tough (hard dough). The outer layer of the bread is light brown and called the crust.


Hard dough bread has the same uses as traditional Western bread, although the bread itself is sweeter. It can be eaten alone or with various other spreads such as butter, cheese or jam. Hard dough bread can be dipped into liquids, a common one being hot chocolate. Two slices of hard dough bread can be put together with a large range of toppings to make a sandwich. Many people prefer to use hard dough bread for sandwiches involving fried, greasy foods such as plantain and egg as the bread does not become soggy and break apart, unlike traditional Western bread.

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