Dichelyne alatae

Dichelyne alatae
Dichelyne alatae
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Nematoda
Class: Secernentea
Order: Spirurida
Genus: Dichelyne
Species: D. alatae
Binomial name
Dichelyne alatae
De & Maity, 1995

Dichelyne alatae is a species of nematode, described on the basis of the worms recovered from the intestine of the whiting, Sillaginopsis panijus from the estuary of the Hooghly River at Kalyani, West Bengal, India. Dichelyne alatae is unique in having a small body size, deirids posterior to the oesophagus, short and wide caudal alae at the level of cloacal opening, unequal, alate spicules, a shield-shaped gubernaculum, a different number of caudal papillae and a conical tail with spines in its distal region.[1]


  1. ^ De, N.C..; Maity, R.N. (1995), "A new nematode, Dichelyne alatae sp. n. (Cucullanidae), from Sillaginopsis panijus (Pisces) of West Bengal, India.", Folia Parasitologica 42 (3): 220–226, PMID 8774775 

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