List of Doctor Who - Battles in Time Comic Stories

List of Doctor Who - Battles in Time Comic Stories

Doctor Who - Battles in Time is a fortnightly magazine and card game based on the British television series Doctor Who, each issue containing a four page comic story. Occasionally these are stand-alone stories but more often they fit into story arc over many issues.

'Growing Terror' (Issues 1 - 6)

Written by Stephen Cole

(Features Tenth Doctor and Rose - Set between "The Christmas Invasion" and "Army of Ghosts")

1. Growing Terror :The story begins when the TARDIS materialises in a forest, which the Doctor identifies as being done by remote control. The Doctor and Rose meet Lute and Coffa, who were both on Platform One when the world ended. Lute and Coffa tell them that they have learned that everybody who was at the party is slowly disappearing, one by one. Before they can explain more, their biogrove is invaded by Montodon Slemm, who has come to sell the intelligent trees (the forcefield was lowered to allow the TARDIS in). The Doctor and Rose push Slemm and his partner, Snip-7, into a patch of super-evolved Space Dandelions, which causes Slemm's (who is a cyborg) circuits to malfunction. But when they return to the TARDIS, they find that Coffa and Lute have disappeared.

2. Hyperstar Rising :Next, the TARDIS materialises in a hyperfilm studio on planet Woldyhool (in the hope of finding Cal 'Sparkplug' Macnannovich), where a giant monster has been eating everything on the set. When the Doctor discovers that it is a Bajunx from the Isop Galaxy, he immobilizes it with shadow puppets (he realises that the Bajunx is a baby because it has no spikes). The baby's parent is found, and the TARDIS leaves.

3. Death Race Five Billion :The Doctor and Rose head to a clifftop race, where the H-500 is being tested (it contains prototype hyposlip technology). A giant spaceship appears and abducts the H-500 and The Doctor. Rose and a mechanic borrow a faulty racer to head towards the ship. Inside, the Doctor finds that the driver of the H-500 is dealing with Rakkonoids, and is planning to sell the H-500 for a lot of money. Rose crashes through the wall of the ship, which gives enough time for the Doctor to seal the Rakkonoids in a chamber onboard. The mechanic which accompanies Rose mentions that the Brothers Hop-Pyleen have disappeared, as well.

4. The Macrobe Menace :The TARDIS arrives in the reading dome of the University of Rago Rago Five Six Rago, where all of the books are datadisks. Rose tries a mindlink, but is infected by the Macrobes. The Macrobes have been lurking in the digital realm for years, and can infect humans using the mindlinks. With the help of the head librarian, the Doctor manages to shut the Macro-Zombies down by downloading boring books. When the Macrobes are forced back into the digital realm, the Doctor disconnects it. He finds a clue as to why the guests have been disappearing in a book.

5. The Hunt of Doom :The TARDIS arrives on Gameworld Gamma (owned by Mr and Mrs Pakoo) when the Doctor searches for Lectra-Energy leaks, like the book said to. On Gameworld Gamma, the Birds of Prey hunt down humans for entertainment. When the Doctor and Rose rescue some of the prey, The Doctor drops his psychic paper, and is chased into the jungle by the huntsmen. When one picks up the psychic paper and thinks that the Doctor is the personal assistant of President Kraakraa, the Doctor tells him to send the prey home and to ban the hunt. Mr and Mrs Pakoo disappear in the onslaught.

6. Reunion of Fear :The TARDIS is vibrated by Lectra-Energy beams, and Rose is abducted by a strange figure. She appears in a room with Lute, Coffa, Cal, The Brothers Hop-Pyleen, Mr and Mrs Pakoo and the Scholars. Lute reveals that the Elth of Balhoon has been kidnapping the guests, as he believes them to be responsible for the Moxx's death. When Rose asks Elth why he took her and not the Doctor, the Elth says that the man that she was travelling with does not resemble the Doctor. Because he has regenerated, the Doctor infiltrates the Elth's base and frees the prisoners. When the Elth starts to cry, the other guests comfort him and start honouring the Moxx. The Doctor and Rose leave in the TARDIS.

'The Gluttonoid Menace' (Issue 7)

Written by Jason Loborik

(Features the Tenth Doctor and Rose - Set between "The Christmas Invasion" and "Army of Ghosts")

7. The Gluttonoid Menace :The Doctor tries out the TARDIS food machine, but it's faulty. He takes the TARDIS to Phijax IV, which has 'The Best All-Night Steak Joints in the Universe'. The TARDIS arrives in an arena, where the losers are fed to a giant purple monster called the Gluttonoid. When the Doctor and Rose win the match, the Gluttonoid demands to eat Rose. The Doctor activated the Gluttonoid's hovering mechanism, and feeds it some of the TARDIS food pills, causing it to explode. They escape by the parachuting down to the ground with the Doctor's umbrella.

'The Power of the Cybermen' (Issues 8 - 11)

Written by Stephen Cole

(Features the Tenth Doctor - Set between "The Runaway Bride" and "Smith and Jones")

8. The Power of the Cybermen :The Doctor takes the TARDIS to Centuria, an Earth Colony planet. On the beach, he is captured by a Cyberman. The Doctor wonders how the Cybermen can be here when he sent them into the void a thousand years ago. The Cybermen load people into a van to be taken for upgrading. In the van, The Doctor meets an undercover investigator Jayne Kadett, who was tracking down an interplanetary into-thief. The thief stole files from the Torchwood archive and used them to build his own Cybermen and planned to sell them as soldiers, but he was turned into a Cyber-Drone. When the van arrives, The Doctor and Kadett fight their way into the factory, where the Doctor uses the Sonic Screwdriver to overload the systems and destroy the factory. When a dying Cyberman contacts a 'Main Unit' by radio, it leads the Doctor to believe that the Cybermen may have infested the entire planet.

9. Drones of Doom :The Doctor and Kadett take an airship to Azlon, Centuria's most sparse continent. The robot conductor starts talking like a Cyberman and fires at the Doctor and Kadett, but the Doctor uses a highly-reflective seat to bounce back its laser. The Cybermen have been broadcasting a hypnotic signal to take all the humans into Azlon towards an airship for upgrading. The Doctor and Kadett hide the conductor under a parka jacket and pretend to be hypnotized as they head towards the airship. Here, they discover that the Cybermen have been only half-upgrading people to turn them into Cyber-Drones. The Doctor destroys the hypnotic beam with his sonic screwdriver, and all of the drones regain their free will (presumably, they have not been issued with emotional inhibitors). The reprogrammed conductor opens fire on the Cybermen, but is destroyed. Its laser ruptures the airship's fuel banks, and it explodes. In the ruins, the Doctor and Kadett find a map.

10. Enemy Mine :Following the map, the Doctor and Kadett take the TARDIS to Centuria's Arctic Zone. There, they are attacked by a Cyber-Drone, who suddenly realises that they're not working for the Cybermen. The Drone says that his name is Homaj, who used to work in the Cyber-mines, where they're mining Hargstones, which have thousands of industrial uses. They are attacked by an Ice Serpent, which the Cybermen delete. Homaj escapes, and the Doctor and Kadett are taken to the mines. The Doctor hits a piece of machinery so Kadett can steal some explosives, and when a Cyberman swipes at him, he uncovers an Ice Serpent nest. The Doctor and Kadett escape the mines, where they find Homaj at the entrance. He snatches the explosives and detonates them, destroying himself and the mines. A Cybership is taking the Hargstones to Centuria Central, so the Doctor and Kadett follow it in the TARDIS.

11. Time of the Cybermen :The Doctor and Kadett walk out of the TARDIS into a green area of parkland, the Doctor quickly notices that none of the people around him are moving. Kadett, affected by this too, also becomes unable to move. The Doctor then notices a whirring noise, looking up he sees three Cybermen in a hovering vehicle demanding he must be deleted. He realises the Cybermen must be using the Hargstones to power a stasis machine affecting the humans. Pointing his sonic screwdriver up towards the Cybermens vehicle he disrupts their engines making them crash. Two of the Cybermen, surviving the crash, check the unharmed vehicle to salvage parts of their deceased partner and decide to take the parts back to their base, hiding in with the salvaged parts the Doctor travels with them to the Cybermens base. The base is built upon a destroyed bank where the Cybermen had stolen more Hargstone. Revealing himself the Cybermen threaten to delete the Doctor, avoiding their laser shots the Doctor states if he doesn't find the Stasis machine soon he too will freeze. He runs towards the security vault. Aiming their guns at him the Cybermen inform the Doctor he wont make it in due to its protection with destructor rays. Redirecting the rays the Doctor destroys the machine and destroys the Cybermen. Later, the Doctor explains how he destroyed the Cybermen to Kadett, they say their goodbyes and he leaves on his own in the TARDIS. Kadett waves goodbye to the Doctor unaware a Cyberman is rising from the ground.

'Beneath the Skin' (Issues 12 - 15)

Written by Stephen Cole

(Features the Tenth Doctor - Set between "The Runaway Bride" and "Smith and Jones")

12. Beneath the Skin :The Tardis is forced down onto an unknown planet, the Doctor walks out of the TARDIS to find many other vehicles have been forced down too. A group of green aliens called 'Tragellans' spot the Doctor and his hit with a ray gun making him unable to move. The Doctor informs the aliens that he'd been pulled down too and it was not him who pulled them down. An alien plants the flag in the ground making the planet part of their empire, a green oil spurts out of the ground as the flag goes in. The doctor watches as large monsters he described as 'Oil Barons' made of rock rise form the soil to attack the aliens, during this the Doctor is picked up by them still unable to move. The Tragellans shoot at the Oil Barans, an Oil Baron throws the Doctor making him hit a spaceship, this gives him a shock making him able to move again. The Doctor explains shooting will make it worse as they run away. Making it to a sample gatherer the Doctor finds that its not oil but blood, and the Barons are actually antibodies protecting the living planet. The Doctor makes a graft for the skin of the planet where the flag made a wound and the Tragellans are chased away then the antibodies sink back into the ground. The Doctor returns to his TARDIS to find it too has sunk into the ground leaving just a hole.

13. The Sky Below :The Doctor travels down the hole with an anti-grav pack on his back, at the bottom he finds a sea with dark coloured aliens coming to attack the Doctor. One of them is eaten by a much large green snakeshaped antibody as it comes out of the sea to attack the Doctor. Using a fuel cell from his anti-grav pack and his sonic screwdriver he attacks and stops it. Floating, the Doctor watches the native aliens group on an island of scrap metal, he lands on the island and there they explain that their ancestors crashed on the planet years ago, they had a problem of having nowhere to hide and they still struggle to live. The Doctor spots his TARDIS on top of the spaceship debris, a native alien tells the Doctor that due to the lack of scrap metal they have to live close together making it easy for the anitbodies to attack. The snake-shaped antibody comes up through the island to attack the Doctor, the Doctor ends up in the antibodies mouth as it rises through the air up to the skin of the planet. The islanders, using the snake as a ladder, make it to the surface. The Doctor slides down the snake to find the TARDIS has been taken.

14. Beyond the Sea :With the help of a native called Kul, him and the Doctor journey into the Sea of plasma on aquabikes, they come across some antibodies in the shape of giant eyes. Unable to go round the antibodies they go straight through one damaging it temporarily. The Doctor falls off his bike and clings to Kul's making them crash through the bottom of the sea into an airlock of an old spaceship. The Doctor realised this is where the ancestors of the natives must have fled from. Cleaning robots appear from the ship spraying them with disinfectant. An antibody's tentacle breaks through the metal of the ship leaving a hole for the plasma to seep through. Opening a door with the sonic screwdriver he they go into the systems centre, inside the Doctor increases the anti-aquatic mass making the antibodies swim away. Later on Kul and the Doctor try and find out more about his people, the Doctor finds the info-banks have been drained dry by the planets nerve endings. The Doctor realises the planet wants knowledge and that's why it took the TARDIS.

15. Lonely Planet :Kul and the Doctor make there way down to the Brain of the planet, reaching the bottom of the nerve they meet large purple antibodies moving in on them to attack. The Doctor sees the TARDIS ingrown with the veins of the planet. The Doctor fights the antibodies off Kul then uses his sonic screwdriver to stop them receiving impulses to kill Kul and himself. Veins from the planet reach out and grab the Doctor, the planet starts to speak to the Doctor through his mind. The planet tells the Doctor that the antibodies are driving people away from it and that its lonely and wants information, it took the TARDIS because it sings, has a soul and the antibodies don't mind it. The Doctor tells the planet that he too is lonely and needs the TARDIS he suggests the planet could communicate with Kuls' people instead. Behind the Doctor the antibodies merge together to make one larger antibody smacking Kul to the ground leaving a hole. The Doctor puts his sonic screwdriver to the hole and does some surgery to the nerve root ganglia making the antibodies less aggressive. Kul asks for the knowledge of where his people come from that the planet took from the ship, the Doctor leaves the planet and Kul knowing the planet will now be able to make friends.

'Plague Panic' (Issue 16)

Written by Claire Lister

(Features the Tenth Doctor - Set between "The Runaway Bride" and "Smith and Jones")

16. Plague Panic:The Doctor Lands in 1348 and leaves the TARDIS complaining that he landed where the Black Death started. A man with a birds mask on bumps into him, he takes it off and explains that he's a doctor wearing a mask for medical reasons and warns him of the people coming towards them by telling him they have a plague. The Doctor and the man turn around to find plagued people coming to touch them, they run away into the woods. Two children in the woods tell them to get away thinking the man with a birds mask on is evil. The Doctor reassures them there not evil and checks them for the plague to find there perfectly well. The children tell the Doctor the people are ill because they upset some fairies, knowing fairies don't exist he asks them to show him where they live. The children take them to what they think is a fairy nest, the Doctor explains it's a trans-galactic tour bus for the zeerover race. The Doctor wonders how there so far from home and since there a race that heals others why there making people sick. The Doctor turns around to find the man being held down by plagued people a Zeerover jumps from the plagued man to his body. The Doctor takes the children and runs off to hide in a tree, from there he asks the zeerover what they are doing on earth. The Zeerovers explain they ran out of fuel and landed there, the air is poisonous to them so they use human bodies as hosts but they unfortunately are getting sick. Knowing his unaffected by these creatures he tells them he can give them a cure if they make a deal with him. The Doctor gets some bits and bobs from the TARDIS to fix there tour bus, after fixing it they agree to leave, getting back into the TARDIS waving he sets off as the zeerovers head home.

'Exhausting Evil' (Issue 17)

Written by Claire Lister

(Features the Tenth Doctor and Martha - Set between "The Lazarus Experiment" and "Utopia")

17. Exhausting Evil:Martha Leaves the TARDIS with the Doctor. A homeless man interrupts them speaking rubbish. The Doctor hears a buzzing noise and turns around to see what it is, then they are picked up by two flying frogs and put on their back. They tell the Doctor their race is called the Ranfo, the Doctor says he has never heard of them and Martha tells the Doctor she can't hear any buzzing. The Doctor explains how this planet used to be beautiful but now is on the brink of collapse. The Ranfo land in an area full of more Ranfo and listen to their leader preaching that they'll have to go to war with the city dwellers in order to survive, the Doctor speaks up and tells the leader a war would devastate an already weak planet. The Ranfo leader informs the Doctor the city dwellers are using high powered cars producing toxic clouds and ruining their lives. The Doctor realises that the buzzing noise no-one else can hear is a brainwashing beam telling people to not mind pollution. They follow the noise to find giant robotic flies sending out the signal and the homeless man they saw earlier dressed in a suit, knowing he has been found out he admits up to sending out the signals so he could sell more of his cars and spying on them. He then orders the robotic flies to attack them, a Ranfo damages one and the Doctor takes it inside with Martha getting away. He points his sonic screwdriver at the fly and since the flies are on a shared network disorients the others stopping the brainwashing. Getting back into the TARDIS they see the guilty man being taken away by police.

'Wrath of the Warrior' (Issues 18 - 21)

Written by Stephen Cole

(Features the Tenth Doctor and Martha - Set between ""The Lazarus Experiment" and "Utopia")

18. Wrath of the Warrior:A giant alien warrior rampages through a supermarket pushing things over and squeezing bottles, the Doctor and Martha land inside the supermarket to pick up some milk, the Doctor is picked up and threatened by the warrior. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver making a camera fall on the warriors head, the Doctor is let go and the warrior falls on the floor. Martha and the Doctor try and calm the man down, but just get pushed into a trolley. The warrior chases them outside and the police arrive, they continue to chase until the Doctor and Martha are trapped in a corner, the warrior explains his one of the three great warrior kings banished from the planet Norsum. Martha, holding the warriors crystal threatens to break it if he does not drop his sword. The Doctor looks at the crystal and the warrior explains its his only link to his homeworld called the Crystal of Seeing. They run from the police back into the supermarket and Martha leads the warrior into the TARDIS, the Doctor takes some milk and leaves money running to join them. The warrior tells them they have to save his brothers then punish Angboda for banishing them.

19. The Screaming Prison:The Doctor and Martha agree to help Thaur fight back against his enemies, they land on an unnamed 'planetoid' and Martha opens the door to see Thaur's friend, Vulsturg the great, tied up. Thaur runs to free him and some flying green rocks come towards him screaming, unable to stand the noise the Doctor fiddles with some hearing aids, reversing their function. They put the hearing aids on and become unable to hear the screaming, they attack the rocks and free Vulsturg. A large green screaming monster comes up from behind them, unable to hurt it the Doctor removes Martha and Thaur's hearing aids and put them in the monsters ears with his, he reversed the hearing aid's matrix making the noise unbearable for the monster, knocking it out. They all run back into the TARDIS and the warriors explain there are more of them to save.

"Plot Incomplete"

'Head Start' (Issues 22 - 25)

Written by Mike Tucker

(Features the Tenth Doctor and Martha - Set between ""The Lazarus Experiment" and "Utopia")

22. Head Start:The Doctor and Martha pick up a distress signal from a man called 'Professor Dinsdale' and rush to help, the TARDIS materialises and The Doctor leaves trying to find where the signal was coming from. Martha points out the large head shaped rock coming out of the ground. Whilst they look around, unknown to them, a spikey green monster watches them on a television screen. 'Professor Dinsdale' rushes out of his spaceship thanking The Doctor and Martha for coming, he informs them that his team found an ancient burial mound but it had been booby-trapped. The Doctor uses his Sonic Screwdriver on the door and the forcefeild surrounding it burns away, they enter the mound to see an empty room with a gun called a vortex cannon in it. Whilst The Doctor explains to Martha that the gun is ran on 'Treed Crystals' which have now decayed, Professor Dinsdale merges into a spikey green monster and grabs the gun from his hands. The Monster explains he is close to obtaining new 'Treed Crystals' and they were just using them to get inside the mound. The Monster runs from the building setting off an alarm system, The Doctor and Martha escape to find the giant heads have come out of the ground with their bodies chasing the Monster's spaceship and almost manage to stop them. The Doctor runs into the TARDIS heading for the planet 'Garvrath' (the only place 'Treed Crystals' occur), wanting to get there before the Mosters' did.

23. Jewel of the Vile:The Doctor and Martha sit in a cinema watching the premier of 'Starquake' the Doctor explains thats he bought tickets to see the actress 'Honey Vox' who has the best example of a 'Treed Crystal' on the planet. Outside the cinema a bouncer stops Martha from getting near the star, The Doctor gets on a hover-bike planning to outrun the paparazzi and follow the actresses car."Plot Incomplete"

'The Millennium Blag' (Issues 26 - 29)

Written by Stephen Cole

(Features the Tenth Doctor and Martha - Set between ""The Lazarus Experiment" and "Utopia")

'House Pests' (Issue 30)

Written by Jason Loborik

(Features the Tenth Doctor and Martha - Set between ""The Lazarus Experiment" and "Utopia")

'Minor Trouble' (Issues 31 - 33)

Written by Claire Lister

(Features the Tenth Doctor and Martha - Set between ""The Lazarus Experiment" and "Utopia")

'The Diamonds of Sartor' (Issues 34 - 36)

Written by Jason Loborik

(Features the Tenth Doctor - set between "Voyage of the Damned" and "Partners in Crime")

'Blooms of Doom' (Issue 37)

Written by Kieran Grant

(Features the Tenth Doctor - set between "Voyage of the Damned" and "Partners in Crime")

'Dusty Death' (Issues 38 - 41)

Written by Stephen Cole

(Features the Tenth Doctor - set between "Voyage of the Damned" and "Partners in Crime")

'Any Old Iron' (43 - 44)

Written by: Kieran Grant

(Features the Tenth Doctor and Donna between 'Partners in Crime' and 'Journey's End')

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