Pearce (surname)

Pearce (surname)

Pearce is a surname, and may refer to:

* Adam Pearce, American professional wrestler
* Alex Pearce (born 1988), Scottish footballer
* Alexander Pearce (1790 - 1824), famed escapee from Macquarie Harbour Penal
* Alice Pearce (1917 - 1966), American actress
* Allan Pearce, New Zealand soccer player
* Brad Pearce, American tennis player
* Bryan Pearce (born 1929), painter
* Charles Pearce, British physician
* Charles E. M. Pearce, mathematician
* Charles Sprague Pearce (1851 - 1914), American painter
* Chris Pearce (born 1963), Australian politician
* Colin Pearce, Australian rugby league referee
* Daniel Pearce, British engineer
* Darius J Pearce, Jersey Politician
* Dave Pearce, British dance music DJ
* David Pearce (boxer), British boxer
* David Pearce (economist), British economist
* David Pearce (philosopher), British philosopher
* Dickey Pearce, early baseball player who started with the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1856
* Donn Pearce (born 1928), author of "Cool Hand Luke"
* Douglas Pearce, English folk musician Douglas P
* Edgar Pearce, convicted of the Mardi Gras bombings
* Edward Lovett Pearce, Irish architect
* Sir Eric Pearce, Australian television presenter
* Frank Pearce, executive with Blizzard Entertainment
* George Pearce, Australian politician
* George Hamilton Pearce, American Catholic Archbishop
* Guy Pearce (born 1967), Australian actor
* Helen Pearce, British actress
* Howard Pearce (born 1949), the Governor of the Falkland Islands
* Ian Pearce, a footballer playing for Fulham Football Club in London, England
* Jacqueline Pearce (born 1943), British actress
* James Pearce (1805 – 1862), American politician
* Jeff Pearce, Canadian musician
* Jonathan Pearce, British sports commentator
* Joseph Pearce (born 1961), English-born writer
* Joseph Chilton Pearce, American writer
* Lennard Pearce (1915 - 1984), British actor
* Mary Vivian Pearce, actress
* Michael Pearce (born 1965), English-born artist
* Philippa Pearce (1920-2006), English writer for children
* Reylene Pearce, Australian actress
* Richard Pearce, American film director and producer
* Robert A Pearce, current Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wales, Lampeter
* Steve Pearce (born 1947), American politician representing New Mexico
* Stuart Pearce (born 1962), English football coach
* Suzie Muirhead, New Zealand field hockey player was known as Suzie Pearce until she married
* Sydney Pearce, Australian rugby league player
* Wayne Pearce, captain of the Rugby League Club Balmain Tigers from 1982 to 1990

Fictional characters:
* Harry Pearce, character from "Spooks"
* Melissa Pearce, character from "Parasite Eve"

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