Bullet (disambiguation)

Bullet (disambiguation)

Bullet may refer to:
* bullet, a metal projectile used in a gun
* bullet (typography) (•), a solid typographic symbol; called a bullet point in the United Kingdom
* Bullet (comic), a British comic published during the 1970s
* Bullet (comics), a Marvel Comics character
* Bullet (software), an open sourced physics engine
* Bullet, Switzerland, a municipality in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland
* bullet loan, a noncallable regular coupon paying debt instrument with a single repayment of principal on the maturity date.
* bullet train, an aerodynamically-designed rail vehicle built with speed in mind
* "Bullet", a superhero in the game "Freedom Force"
* "Bullet", a dog belonging to the singer and actor Roy Rogers


* The Brisbane Bullets, a professional basketball team competing in Australia's National Basketball League
* The Washington Wizards were formerly known as "The Bullets"
* "Bullet" Bob Armstrong (also known simply as "The Bullet") is a professional wrestler
* Buckeye Bullet, an electric land speed vehicle designed and created by students atThe Ohio State University
* Bullet (mascot), the name of the mascot of the sports teams at Oklahoma State University-Stillwater.
* bullet pass, a low and fast pass in American football
* bullet, a first place win in yacht racing


* On music charts, a "bullet" indicates if a song has increased in ranking
* Bullet (band), a band who had a hit single in 1972 with "White Lies, Blue Eyes"
* Bullet for My Valentine, a metalcore band from Wales whose name is frequently shortened to "Bullet"
* Bullet Records, a record label
* "Bullet" (album), the debut EP by punk rock band The Misfits
* "Bullet" (song), a song by Finnish rock band The Rasmus
* "Bullets" (song), a song by British indie band Editors, on the album "The Back Room"
* "Bullets" (song), a song by the American band Creed, on the album "Weathered"


* "Bullet", a 1996 film starring Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur
* "Bullitt" (pronounced identically), a 1968 action film starring Steve McQueen
* Bullet is a nickname for a common spring-type clothes-pin (C47) used as a utility tool in filmmaking.


* A Fender Bullet electric guitar or Fender Bullet Bass
* A range of motorcycles from Royal Enfield
* A mountain biking shoe from SIDI
* A wristwatch from Oakley, Inc.
* A Smokey Mountain Grill smoker from Weber

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